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The towns and villages highlighted on this web site have a wide variety of pubs and beers in them.  All of the places are great to visit, whether for a day or longer,  and most have tourist attractions for all of the family. Map of places visited.


There is a large variety of pubs throughout the different towns shown below. Some you may wish never to visit again but even discovering these can be interesting. There are pubs that you would not take your wife into. While some you could not take your girlfriend into. A few you would not take either into. However, most of the pubs are very pleasant.


Most websites of pubs/hotels/inns etc have loads of info on food and accommodation, and even wine, but neglect to mention beer, other than some generic terminology of 'fine ales'. Hopefully this site will give some information on the beer.

You do not have to visit all of the pubs on one day. The largest place would be a challenge for this. They can be crawled over various lengths of time from one day to a week depending on your time and other commitments.

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This web site is to concentrate on pubs and their beers. Many drinking places have web sites which tell of their comfortableness, food and accommodation yet totally ignore what beer is sold. This is to redress the balance, though if the pub has a web site there is a link to it.


While many pub visitors much prefer pubs to serve real ales it has to be recognised that not all pubs in a town will sell them. No real ale is not a reason for ignoring a pub. It may be a reason for not returning. Vexed questions arise. If a pub sells real ale can it be a bad pub ? Is one without real ale automatically a pub not worth visiting?  (see BOOKS)

If you wish to visit all of the pubs in an area you cannot pick and choose. If you only want to visit pubs that sell real ale you may miss out on an interesting experience.

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Pubs and beer never stand still. They open and close; change staff and owners; change beer and decoration at a rate that it is impossible for a web site (or me) to keep up with. Therefore I apologise for changes that have occurred since last visited.

In particular the real ales available will change in many of the pubs regularly (I hope).

Click on photos to enlarge; click place name  to visit the pubs.

The thoughts on the pubs are purely a personal opinion. Fortunately, we do not all like the same things.


If it is any help, my personal perspective tends to be from as close to the bar as I can get, rather than sitting in a corner.

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Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.                        Benjamin Franklin

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Craig Stevenson & John Mackay have written several books on pub crawls in Scotland using their free bus pass as much as possible.

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