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York -Fossgate 2


The Terrace is a large corner bar with, of course a terrace to the rear. There is a large servery along the far wall with curved booths or tall tables along the opposite wall at windows overlooking the street scene. Far end and left has tables and chairs in middle of room. Lots of TVs for watching sport and sporting stuff on walls.

Real ale :  John Smith;  Doombar;  Landlord;  Leeds PA

Bitter:      John Smith

Lager:     Coors;  Stella;  Carling

The Fossgate Social is a small cafe-bar with the emphasis on cafe serving beer. The beer is served in schooners (2/3rd pint). Small tables and chairs either side of shop door with bar further in on right hand wall. Some lower seating and low tables further on and then to a courtyard. Coffee, cakes and sandwiches

Have a schooner.

Bitter: I Love You Will You Marry Me (Thornbridge);  Jaipur; Camden Pale Ale;  Dirty Stop Out Stout;  Hell

Lager: Brooklyn

The Hop is an Osett Brewery pub and Pizzeria. The centre door leads to the main bar area with a little seating either side of the door and the curved bar counter bar counter on the left. The ceiling is high and ornate with purple uplighting and large yellow shades on the main lighting. Beyond this the pub opens out to a large hall area with a glass ceiling and a small stage in middle of the right wall and a small pizza kitchen at the far end. The hall is full of a variety of styles of tables.

CAMRA Good Beer Guide   -2016

Have a pint or two here.

Real ale : Big Red; Excelsior;  Silver King;  Blonde; White Rat (all

             Ossett);   ;  Lunatic;  Yorkshire Sparkle (Treboom ); Kaala

Bitter:       Shipyard PA; Galaxia;  Mahou;  Blue moon

Lager:       Brooklyn;  Sharp’s Pilsner; Coors;  San Miguel; Grolsch

Cider:     Stowford Press

The Bluebell is a very small yet hugely popular two roomed bar. Entrance takes you to a corridor with first a bar then later a snug off of it. There is also standing, with one little fold down seat, in the corridor. The small front bar has a couple of tables and benches with coal fire. Back room is served via a hatch. Large groups of people are refused entry and mobile phone calls are not allowed.

Has an entry in Yorkshire's Real Heritage Pubs

CAMRA Good Beer Guide   -2016

Have a pint or two

Real ale : Crafty Choclatier (Ainstey)  Kelham Best;  Farmers Blond;  Ruby Mild;  Cogburn (Roosters);  Premiant IPA (Acorn); Landlord

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York is a palce where many people enjoy a pub crawl as it is full of interesting bars.


Almost all pubs do food.


Lots have outside seating.


Most have some sort of courtyard to the rear for smoking if not sunbathing.


Several have room top terraces.


York CAMRA offers a map identifying real ale pubs.


Steve Bastables gives his take on many pubs in York


There are five pub crawls illustrated for York involving 39 drinking establishments. Several pubs feature in more than one crawl.

All journeys start from the Minster which is the tallest place in York

1.   Around The Minster.

2.   In the middle lanes

3.   Down Stonegate

4.   Around King's Square

5.   About Fossgate

Trail 5  Fossgate area (Blue icons) 9 pubs

From the front door of the Minster walk along the right-hand side and half-way along turn down to the right and then quick left to enter High Petergate. Walk down Petergate to reach an open part called Kings Square. The right hand side of kings square is the entrance to The Shambles. Wander down here and there is Ye Old Shambles Tavern (looking like a shop front) on the right,

At the end of The Shambles turn right along the road and at the next crossroads is The Pavement Vaults. Continuing along the road you were on brings The Three Tuns.

Returning past The Pavement Vaults and opposite where you left the Shambles is The Golden Fleece. The next corner along has Sutlers, now The Fossgate Tap, on one corner and The Terrace on the other. Walking down The Fossgate between these two pubs is on the right The Bluebell and opposite The Hop and further down The Fossgate Social

There are plenty of luxuries; alcohol is the only one I can afford. 



What town, important to CAMRA, did the Romans call Verlamium?



Drink and Music


Kris Kristopherson - Sunday Morning Going Down