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York -about Fossgate 1


Ye Old Shambles Tavern is a very small pub. The front shop door off of the famous Shambles takes you to a small room with a serving counter and room for four people at bar,  Happily there is a, not much, bigger room through the back which faces the market area. This to has a small servery.  Enthusiastic barman. Front bar not for the XXXL size

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Real ale :      Yorkshire Blackout:  E.P. (Revolution);  Shambles Tavern Ale

Lager;   Jorvik

Cider:    Waddlegoose Lane

The Three Tuns is an old ale house. The view from outside suggests it has moved a little over the years. Inside the floor slopes upwards a little taking you to the counter. While the outside looks its over 200 years old the interior does not have this feel despite beams. There is seating either side of the entrance with the servery taking up the middle of the left hand wall. Seating runs up the right hand side and pub opens out  at back.

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Real ale : Cumberland Ale (Jennings);  Burton Bitter;  New World; Pedigree (all Marstons); Boon Doogle (Ringwood)

Lager:     Urquell; Carling;  Peroni

Cider:    Thatchers gold; Strongbow Dark Fruits Guinness

Sutlers  is a long thin bar room. Some seating by corner door and then you are onto the long wooden counter.Opposite counter are stools and small shelve running along the window. There is then a dining area down a few steps. Upstairs is cocktail bar and small rooms.

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Real ale : Cream (Roosters):  Snow Eater (Brass castle):   McConnell’s;  Wild swan (both Thornbridge); Kaala

Bitter:  Neck Oil (Beavertown )  ; Anchor steam beer  ;  Pilot Vienna Ale

Lager:  Vedett;  ; Amstel;  Sagres;  Birra Moretti ; Schneiderwesse

Fruit beer:  Timmermans Strawberry

Cider:    Symonds            Yorkshire Blackout Porter

Pavement Vaults is a corner modern pub. There is only a small part to the main road with most off the bar running down the street. There is a drinking area at main entrance with L shaped bar serving here and down to left opposite the large windows. Beyond this the bar opens out to a large dining area. Stairs at either end take to the vault part of name. Shny and trendy is what you pay for.

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Real ale :  Birds and Bees (Williams Bros); Devils Rest IPA (Burning Sky) ; Oatmeal Stout; (Bad Seed); Glog; Oz Bomb (Arbor);  Landlord

Bitter: Neck Oil (Beaver Town)  ;  Rock, Roots and Reggae;  JHB (Oakham)

Lager: Bernard 

Belgium Fruit Beer:   Fruli

CiderAspall Suffolk Cider

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There are five pub crawls illustrated for York involving 39 drinking establishments. Several pubs feature in more than one crawl.

All journeys start from the Minster which is the tallest place in York

1.   Around The Minster.

2.   In the middle lanes

3.   Down Stonegate

4.   Around King's Square

5.   About Fossgate

trail 5 continued

York is a walled city in North Yorkshire. The city was founded by the Romans and has been an important part of British history ever since. The city became a major trading and religious centre. Eventually chocolate and railways became the major industries in York, though they have now declined. At present the biggest employers are in service industries.

York is easily reached by road or train and has many attractions for tourists. Cars can easily be parked for a week while attractions, shops, cafes restaurants and bars keep a visitor occupied.

Places to visit

York Minster a medieval cathedral while Clifford’s Tower is most of what remains of York castle.

Jorvic centre celebrates the Viking influence on York

National Railway Museum brings us more into the present past.


York is a place where many people enjoy a pub crawl as it is full of interesting bars.


Almost all pubs do food.


Lots have outside seating.


Most have some sort of courtyard to the rear for smoking if not sunbathing.


Several have room top terraces.


York CAMRA offers a map identifying real ale pubs.


Steve Bastables gives his take on many pubs in York

Trail 5  Fossgate area (Blue icons) 9 pubs

From the front door of the Minster walk along the right hand side  and half way along turn down to the right and then quick left to enter High Petergate. Walk down Petergate to reach an open part called Kings Square. The right hand side of kings square is the entrance to The Shambles. Wander down here and there is Ye Old Shambles Tavern (looking like a shop front) on the right,

At the end of The Shambles turn right along the road and at the next crossroads is The Pavement Vaults. Continuing along the raid you were on brings The Three Tuns.

Returning past The Pavement Vaults and opposite where you left the Shambles is The Golden Fleece. The next corner along has Sutlers on one corner and The Terrace on the other. Walking down The Fossgate between these two pubs is on  the right The Bluebell and opposite The Hop and further down The Fossgate Social


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Drink and Music


Sailor -

 A Glass of Champagne

Golden Fleece has a small frontage but stretches back a distance. Initial entrance is to a bar area with wooden floor and large wooden tables. This is quite dark as not much light gets to the servery from the window. Through to the right, and curving round is a lounge/dining room which then leads onto a beer garden.

Another of the most haunted pubs in York. There is a skeleton in the garden and also one sitting at far end the the lounge/dining room bar.

Featured in Pint To Pint, The Telegraph's crawl around Britain's best pubs

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Real ale :      TheakstonsBest Bitter;  Old Peculiar:  Hobgoblin;  Landlord;  Golden Pippin (Copper Dragon)

Bitter: John Smiths

Lager:           Organic Helles (Freedom);  Carling:  1664

Cider:           Strongbow

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