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The Lamplighter is a large hotel with a terraced are with lots of seating overlooking the road. The lounge is through the hotel entrance and then to the left. The servery is at the far right of the room. There is a mixture of comfy chairs and sofas with mainly dining height tables.

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Real ale    : Cumberland

Lager        : Amstel;  Birra Moretti

cider          : Symmonds                                  

The Gray Walls Hotel has a long servery with banquette seating and dining height tables opposite it. There is also a small room to the right of bar looking more like a dining area. On beyond the long bar and round to the right the room opens out with more seating and some couches. There is also raised areas, with windows giving a view, one of which has a pool table in it. Dogs are welcome. Extensive outdoor seating area.

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Real ale   : Hansome Blonde;  Hansome Hound;  Handsome Top Knot

Lager       : Kozel; Budweisser;  Bud Light;  Birra Moretti;  San Miguel

cider         : Lilley Rubarb Cider;   Strongbow  :  Magners                                                      Guinness

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I like to have a martini,

Two at the very most.

After three I'm under the table.

After four I'm under the host.


    Dorothy Parker

 Windermere town is the station stop for Lake Windermere. It is, however a few miles to the lake. The town on the lake where the cruises go from is actually Bowness on Windermere.

Walking down from the station takes you to the main shopping centre of the town. Follow the road along side the shops and it then widens out, going down hill, to Bowness on Windemere and eventually to the lake.

Bowness on Windemere has more shops, restaurants and pubs.

Windermere Hotel is a large old hotel set above the town. Going in the main entrance and turn to the right to the dining room/bar. There is a small servery in the corner with room set for dining (including cutlery and napkins laid out.

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Bitter:    Tetley Smooth

Lager:    Carlsberg;  Angelo Poretti




Florence Nightingale



Whisky and drambuie make what cocktail?


Brown Sugar is a very attractive cafe bar restaurant at the intersection of the one-way system. It has outside seating by the roads, then an inside area with the servery and an upstairs as well. As you would expect on ay-junction the room widens to the back where there are stairs going up. The room is bright as there are windows on both sides and front. Dining height tables in middle of room with different styles of seating, with stools and shelves at sides. Dogs are welcome.

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Craft:      All Day IPA (Founders)

Lager:     Estrella

cider:      Friels     Guinness

Bowness pubs

Most of the pubs are found in the centre of the town with only one a walk away.

Come out of the road from the station and turn right up the main road and cross over to the large hotel called The Windemere. Leaving here stay in the hotel grounds and walk on past the hotel to find its pub called Orrest Head Bar. Walk down the hill to the main road and cross it  and continue down until you can turn left.

Along this road on the right is Grey Walls and across from that is The Lamplighter. Continue in towards the town and at the apex of the Y-junction is the cafe-bar Brown Sugar. Leave and go along the left hand street in the direction of traffic and cross over and at the next corner find the cafe-bar The Pig. Just along from The Pig turn left up Birch St to the new Cantina

It is then a 10 minute walk to The Brookside


Return and walk back past The Pig and opposite Brown Sugar Cafe is The Queens. Round the corner from here is The Crafty Baa and next door to it The Pie and Pint and then up to the right is The Elleray Hotel. Further up to the right is the road to the station.

The local brews on sale in pubs were from Hawkshead Brewery, Coniston Brewery and Winster,

Drink and Music


Kip Moore -

Beer Money

Orrest Head Bar is a lounge bar in the grounds of The Windermere Hotel. It has an outside decking patio with seating and windows forming the front wall. The entrance is at the left and takes you into a large tiled and wooden floored rectangular room with the servery against the far wall. There are stools along the counter. Most tables are dinging height with a variety of styles of seating and there are some barrels acting as tall tables. There is a large fireplace on the left wall. TVs are above serevery and next to fireplace. A lot of light floods into the room with walls and high ceiling pained dark blue above the seating.

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Real ale:    three pumps but only Hawkshead Pale on

Bitter:        Tetley’s Smooth

Lager:        Carlsberg;  Angelo Poretti

Cider:         Bad Apple

Keswick pubs Ambleside pubs more Windermere pubs

SHERLOCK's doggie pubs


Lots of these in Windermere and favourites are The Crafty Baa,  The Elleray Hotel, The Brookside Inn,  The Queens and Grey Walls. The Pie and Pint is good for a bit of pie but small to curl up in.