Whitstable - Coast 2/2


Whitstable is a Shepherd Neame town as they have almost half the pubs (7/18) visited by the web site. These offer a very similar drinks range which reduces the variety available in town.

Not as many pubs offer food, especially in the evening, as you would expect in a beach tourist town. This may be due to the number of small restaurants in the town.

Dogs are very welcome in lots of the pubs.

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.

Dr Johnson

13 is considerd an unlucky number in Britain. What is the unlucky number in Italy?

There are two trails described for Whitstable. The first takes in the High St while the second is along the front of the town.
For the High St bus (from Caterbury) or train would do to start the trail at the railway bridge going into town.
For the second a bus to Harbour St would be best. Using the train would not take much longer it is just that you would walk past most of the High St pubs on the way to the start of the trail and may be tempted to stop.

Trail 2 – Coast - 9 pubs

Leaving THe Savoy continue along Beach Walk to The Hotel Continental.
You now need to return all the way back to The Quayside. When leaving here cross over and turn left along the road parallel to Harbour St and against the traffic. This takes you back to The Prince Albert where you turn right towards the beach and find Pearson’s Arms.
Now walk onto the beach and turn left and walk along to The Old Neptune – yes that building on the beach.
A return to Harbour St via Pearson’s Arms, Prince Albert or The Duke of Cumberland takes you back to the bus stop.

Continental Hotel is a large hotel by the across from the beach. It is owned by the Whitstable Oyster Co whic halso owns The Whitstable Brewery and serves only its beers. It has a long narrow outside seating space. Inside there is a large room furnished with couches and cane chairs. Through from this is two very large rooms used as the restaurant – one is also the open kitchen. Menus on wall behind bar and open kitchen. The high ceilings and large windows make it a very light and airy place. Food and service are both good.
Have a pint here (two, if a couch and the ambience swallow you)

Real ale : Whitstable India Pale ale (from barrel on bar)
Keg : Wheat beer; Raspberry Wheat beer;
Lager :Kentish lager; Pilsner
Cider :Strongbow Oyster stout ; Guinness

The Quayside (Brakspear) is a large almost square room with a long bar on the right hand side watching over a lot of standing room with dining style tables beyond. Afternoon and evening food. There is some outside seating by pavement.
Have a pint here because the beer is different

Real ale : Brakspear Bitter; Brakspear Hooray Henley; Boon
Doggle (Ringwood)
Lager :Amstel; Fosters; 1664
Cider :Strongbow Guinness

Pearson’s Arms is a weather board pub/restaurant just off of the beach. The bar is just inside the door. The room which is split in two by a central chimney, has a variety of styles of seating. Further on there is more seating downstairs (used for dining after 5pm) and a restaurant upstairs. The pub is a few steps from the beach and sells drink for the beach in plastic glasses.
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013 (not 2016)
Good Pub Guide 2013

Have a pint here.

Real ale :Wainwright; Landlord; Seasider (Gadds)
Lager :Bud; Coors Light; Peroni
Cider :Aspall; Stowford Press Guinness

The Old Neptune (Shepherd Neame) is a weather board pub which, although surrounded by a flood protection wall, is definitely on the beach. Lots of picnic tables on the beach around it - plastic glasses for those drinking outside. The bar, which has a surprising slope,(the whole building is twisted) serves into a narrow drinking area with stools and a shelf for glasses. To the left of this is a large room divided in two by a chimney wall. Food 12-4.
Good Pub Guide 2013
Featured in Pete Brown's book The Pub
Have a pint here

Real ale :Harvey’s Sussex Best; Goldings Ale; Whitstable Bay Pale Ale; Summer Solstice
Lager :Fosters; Hurlimann
Cider :Thatchers Gold; Strongbow Whitstable Bay Oyster Stout; Guinness


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