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Whitstable - Coast  1/2



Trail 2 – Coast - 9 pubs (blue Icons)


Bus travellers get off the bus at the junction at the end of High St (recognised as the large Duke of Cumberland, from trail 1, pub is here).

Walking down the left-hand side of The Duke of Cumberland brings you to the corner pub The Prince Albert. Leave here and left at the exit and walk up the narrow Red Lion Lane and turn left onto Harbour St. Half way along on the right is a small pedestrian only walkway. Walk up this and The Fountain is on the next corner. Leave and turn left to continue along a pedestrian area to The New Inn on the next corner. From here circle round to the right and find The Quayside (leave for return journey) on the next corner. Pubs on three corners of the rectangle.

Turn right, walking away from the shops, walking past the harbour, fish market, garage and bowling then turn left down towards the beach. On the left is The Waterfront and fractionally further on the right is The Savoy. Leaving here continue along Beach Walk to The Hotel Continental.

You now need to return all the way back to The Quayside. When leaving here cross over and turn left along the road parallel to Harbour St and against the traffic. This takes you back to The Prince Albert where you turn right towards the beach and find Pearson’s Arms.

Now walk onto the beach and turn left and walk along to The Old Neptune – yes that building on the beach.

A return to Harbour St via Pearson’s Arms, Prince Albert or The Duke of Cumberland takes you back to the bus stop.

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Ten Pin Bowling


The New Inn (Shepherd Neame) is a very neat little corner pub. It is long (on the pedestrian side) and thin (on the road side) with a small snug off to the right behind the bar. The bar is to the right of the pub with a long seating area up to the left. Entertainment and pub food. There is outside seating in the pedestrian area beside it. It is a shame tourists miss it.

Coins are stuck to the ceiling. This was when seafarers left money to buy drinks for those who could not afford one.

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2016

Have a pint here

Real ale       : Whitstable Pale Ale; Master Brew; Goldings Ale

Lager          :Oranjeboom; Hurlimann

Cider           :Thatchers Gold

Waterfront has an upstairs bar with a large balcony, with lots of tables, overlooking the beach with terrific views Whitstable shore and setting sun. It is a big room with lots of seating. Serves food

Have a pint on the balcony.


Real ale       : London Gold (Youngs); Take Courage

Bitter          :John Smith

Lager          :Carlsberg; Fosters; 1664

Cider           : Guinness


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Whitstable is a Shepherd Neame town as it has almost half the pubs (8/18) visited by the web site. These offer a very similar drinks range which reduces the variety available in town.


Not as many pubs offer food, especially in the evening, as you would expect in a beach tourist town. This may be due to the number of small restaurants in the town.


Dogs are very welcome in lots of the pubs.

There are two trails described for Whitstable. The first takes in the High St while the second is along the front of the town.

For the High St bus (from Canterbury) or train would do to start the trail at the railway bridge going into town.

For the second a bus to Harbour St would be best. Using the train would not take much longer it is just that you would walk past most of the High St pubs on the way to the start of the trail and may be tempted to stop.

The Prince Albert  is an attractive long thin bar with tradition tables and chairs. There is a cushioned cocktail patio and sun trap. It offers cocktails and food. A really welcoming pub.

Have a pint here.

Real ale       : Master Brew; Goldings Ale; Summer days

Lager          :Hoegarden; Stella Black; Bud; Becks

Cider           :Thatcher Gold

The Fountain is another corner pub. Being off of the tourist track by a matter of metres, it does not open till 3pm (12pm Weekends). A scrubbed wood bar with seating to the left hand-side around the corner window. Pool table to the right.


Have a half pint here.


Real ale       :off

Lager          :1664; Becks; Kirin Ichiban; Esterella

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The Savoy, again an upstairs bar. However, this has a tiny balcony, but still with the view of the beach. It is more a sports bar with lots of TVs and three pool tables. Snooker downstairs.

Have a half pint

Bitter          :John Smith

Lager          :Coors Light; Fosters; Carling

Cider           :Strongbow Guinness

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Drink and Music


Harry Chapin - Better Place To Be

Whitstable is a small (pop 32,000) seaside town in Kent. It is easily accessed by train from London and bus from Canterbury.  

The town has remained free from the usual High street chains with lots of local shops. Its attraction for tourists has resulted in many small restaurants and cafes. It still has book, toys and record shops still exist as well as many small attractive boutiques. There are lots of craft and gift shops to be visited.

Whitstable is famous for oysters which have been collected since Roman times. Many of the pubs and restaurants specialise in seafood dishes. There is an annual Oyster Festival.

The beach is pebbles rather than sand and stretches away on both sides of the harbour. The beach has several groups of colourful beach huts in use.

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