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Whitstable is a small (pop 32,000) seaside town in Kent. It is easily accessed by train from London and bus from Canterbury.
Whitstable has remained free from the usual High street chains with lots of local shops. Its attraction for tourists has resulted in many small restaurants and cafes. It still has book, toys and record shops still exist as well as many small attractive boutiques. There are lots of craft and gift shops to be visited.
Whitstable is famous for oysters which have been collected since Roman times. Many of the pubs and restaurants specialise in seafood dishes. There is an annual Oyster Festival.
The beach is pebbles rather than sand and stretches away on both sides of the harbour. Whitstable has several groups of colourful beach huts in use. Simply Whitstable Places of interest


Whitstable is a Shepherd Neame town this brewery having almost half the pubs (7/18) visited by the web site. These offer a very similar drinks range which reduces the variety available in town.

Not as many pubs offer food, especially in the evening, as you would expect in a beach tourist town. This may be due to the number of small restaurants in the town.

Dogs are very welcome in lots of the pubs.

There are two trails described for Whitstable. The first takes in the High St while the second is along the front of the town.
For the High St bus (from Caterbury) or train would do to start the trail at the railway bridge going into town.
For the second a bus to Harbour St would be best. Using the train would not take much longer it is just that you would walk past most of the High St pubs on the way to the start of the trail and may be tempted to stop.

TRAIL 1 – 9 pubs (red icons)

This trail can be joined by walking into Whitstable from the train station or alighting the bus when it has passed under the railway bridge.
Just after the tunnel is The East Kent. Then down Oxford St, staying on the left hand side, to reach Wetherspoons’ Peter Cushing. Continue down to the next crossroads and veer left down Middle Wall. On this road there is The Whitstable Wall Tavern at the car park and further on The Smack.
Leave The Smack and continue walking down and turn right along Terry’s lane at the end of the road. This takes you to the High St where The Duke of Cumberland looms large on the junction.
Leaving here walk UP the High St to find, on the right, firstly The Royal Naval Reserve and then The Black Dog micro pub. Cross over the road and continue walking up the High St to reach The Ship Centurian and then on to The Coach and Horses.
Up from here you can find the roundabout, where a left turn takes you back to the station or a bus stop to return to Canterbury.
Of course bus travellers could visit all of the pubs on the way down to the coast and get a return bus from Harbour St (to the right of The Duke of Cumberland).

There’s a Tear in My Beer
Hank Williams jnr

The East Kent (Shepherd Neame) still has a lot of the tradition pub design. There is an island centre bar serving lounge and bar. A snug, now coffee room, to the right; lounge straight on and a bar to the left. The bar area curves around to the right meeting the lounge and continuing out to the decked terrace. Thai food is offered and music is on at weekends.
Have a pint here

Real ale : Master Brew; Spitfire;
Lager :Oranjeboom; Hurlimann; Asali
Cider :Strongbow Guinness

Name the last footballer to win the Golden Boot in both Scotland and England?

The Peter Cushing is a Wetherspoons’ pub. It is a converted old cinema and named after the actor Peter Cushing who lived in Whitstable. Unlike many Wetherspoons is one big room with no sections or raised areas splitting it up. Although the biggest pub in Whitstable it has only a small beer ‘garden’. The cinema foyer has some old film equipment. There are lots of large mirrors and pictures on the wall
Have a pint here

Real ale : Ruddles Best; Deuchers; Abott; Wantsum (Fortitude) Wildcat; Meanies Platinum Blond Ale; Good Health
Bitter :John Smith
Lager :Carlsberg; Carling; Stella; Tuborg; Fosters; 1664
Cider :Strongbow; Stowford Press Guinness

It does not matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you have plenty of glasses.

The Wall Tavern is a large weather board pub by the Middle wall car park. It has some seating and tables at the front and a large beer garden at rear. The entrance takes you to a big room with a long bare bar. Pumps are at in the right corner of the bar and locals stand in the way of reaching them. Further on, down a ramp. Is another large square room used for functions and darts and food when busy. Tables get piled up here when not used for seating. Further on is a large beer garden.
Have a half pint here
Real ale :London Pride (off)
Bitter :Greene King Smooth
Lager :Carlsberg; Carling; Fosters; 1664; Becks; San Miguel
Cider :Strongbow; Rosie’s Pig; Henry Westons

The Smack (Shepherd Neame) is a small two roomed pub on Middle Wall. Each entrance takes you into a room with the attractive bar with stools. Through from this on the right is a larger back sitting room with sofa area and small stage. There is often live music ...There is seating outside at the front. There is also a beer garden, with covered pool table and alfresco lounge area as well as usual picnic tables, through from the back room. The roof of the bar has copies of newspapers stuck on it.
Have a pint here
Real ale :Whitstable Bay Pale Ale; Master Brew; Goldings Ale
Lager :Oranjeboom
Cider :Strongbow

The Duke of Cumberland (Shepherd Neame) is one of the biggest pubs in Whitstable. The building is at the junction which splits the High St. It is narrow at the main door but widens out to a large pub. Though locals around bar keep passing places narrow. Seating in main room is raised a little. Beyond the bar room is another large room with lots of tables and a skylight. Outside from here is a large courtyard from the coaching inn days now used as the beer garden. Offers food but this is not always available. Music often on at weekends.Above the front door is a sign advertising Billiards and Garage! Around the main room is a collection of old radios and office equipment.
Have a pint here

Real ale : Whitstable Bay pale Ale; No 18 (Yard); Master Brew;
Bishops Finger; Goldings Ale; Spitfire; 4 4 2
Lager :Oranjeboom; Hurlimann; Asahi; Whitstable Bay Blonde
Cider :Thatchers

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