Whitby is a large town on the Yorkshire coast 18 miles North of Scarborough. A fishing port at the mouth of the river Esk. It also has a large tourism industry with lots of hotels, B & B and self catering available. Always a big increase in people at weekend with day trips and special event weekends such as Regatta, Northern Soul, 60's, Goth (two) and Pirates.
The town also has connections with Dracula (hence the Goth weekends) and Captain James Cook. There is also an impressive Abbey on the headland. There is a long beach for the children and lots of fishing and boat trips.

The bulk of the town with station, main road, pier, beach and shops are on the west side of the river while marina and touristy shops are on the other side connected by an opening bridge to let boats out.

Whitby was one of The Times' top 30 best places for a second home and one of the best places by the sea to live in in Britain 2013

Whitby pubs -
None to stay away from.
Lots have some kind of outside seating – some attractively to the front, while others may be benches in a backyard with white walls.
Most pubs do food.
Lots of pubs are dog friendly and not just because they have outside seating.
Service is always polite.
Background music tends to be from 1960 to the turn of the century.
Quite a few are actually small (or boutique) hotels.
There is not a lot of premium lager – lager lads have to make do with the well promoted brands.

There are four pub crawls illustrated for Whitby involving 35 drinking establishments. Several pubs feature in more than one crawl.
All journeys start from the Station Square which is next to the Bus station and the railway station and a supermarket car park.
1. East side of the river .
2. Around the main town
3. Along the West front - includes some cafe/bistros style
4. Up the town

1. The East side of the river Esk

Make your way to the river and cross over the swing bridge where The Dolphin is situated. Turn right after The Dolphin and walk round the lane. On the lane is The Green Dragon micro pub. Continue round to the main road and, staying on the river, side the next building along is The Fleece. Continue walking away from the town to reach The Middle Earth Tavern across the road.Now return to the town reaching The Endeavour before the road curves over the bridge.
Leaving here walk straight ahead into the cobbled street. On the right hand side find The White Horse & Griffin followed by The Black Horse. Continue up to the end of the street where The Board Inn and The Duke of York are side by side. Returning down the road turn left at the Market Square clock tower (just before The Black Horse) and the Abbey Wharf is in front of you.
Leaving here go along the lane and you return to The Dolphin.

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The Dolphin is set at the end of the bridge connecting east and west Whitby. The outside seating is very popular. Inside the bar is to the right and the room wanders all the way round, up a few steps to a large room overlooking river, then back down to entrance area.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Seven deadly Sins (Scarborough);Saltwick Nab(Whitby);
Landlord; Black Sheep; Strongarm (Camerons); River
Catcher (Jarrow)
Lager: Carlsberg; Carling; Peroni
Cider: Guinness

Sherlock's favourite pubs for dogs

One of the best towns for dog friendliness - lots of pubs let me in. Shops and cafes are welcoming. Lots of water bowls around the town.

The Fleece is best for cuddles and meeting other dogs. The Little Angel Inn is good for dozing in. The Endeavour is very welcoming as is The Black Horse and the George Hotel. The Abbey Wharf and The Granby allow humans to eat with me.

There is a Sherlock’s cafe (no relation) which welcomes dogs.

You don't buy beer, you just rent it..."

The Green Dragon is an off-sales shop for bottled ale which also opens as a micro pub at the weekend.

The Fleece has two doors but only the right is open. However, once in there are two rooms. To the left is a cosy square snug and along the corridor is a long lounge with bar to the left (with pool table to right). Off of this room is an outside patio balcony overlooking the river and catching the sun until it goes down. Positively dog friendly
Have a pint here
Real ale: Wainwright Golden; Saltwick Nab (Whitby); Moorehouse
Bitter: John Smith; Shipyard
Lager: Carling, Amstel; Birra Moretti
Cider: Thatcher's Gold Guinness

Drink and Music

Robbie Williams
One More for my Baby



Middle Earth Tavern has a downstairs bar and upstairs fancier lounge with views overlooking the river and marina. Downstairs windows are much smaller and view is blocked a outside patio seating. Down stairs the bar is straight in front with large benches and tables to the left. A spiral stair case takes you to upstairs bar and high tables and stools at windows. Stripped back to brick in places
Have a pint here
Real ale: Golden Pippin (Copper Dragon); Theakstons black
Bitter: John Smiths
Lager: Fosters; Carling
Cider: Guinness

The Endeavour is a large one roomed pub with two distinct seating areas. The front has the bar and a lot of standing area with tables and seating around the wall. The rear portion has seating around the side and more smaller tables in middle of room. Slim outside area beyond this.
Only snacks but dog friendly.
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA)
Have a pint here
Real ale: Deuchars; Sons of Hilda; Double Maxim; Hobgoblin
Craft: 13 guns
Bitter: Tetley’s
Lager: Stella; Birra Moretti
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

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