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Whitby - the West front

Whitby is a large town on the Yorkshire coast 18 miles North of Scarborough. A fishing port at the mouth of the river Esk. It also has a large tourism industry with lots of hotels, B & B and self catering available. Always a big increase in people at weekend with day trips and special event weekends such as Regatta, Northern Soul, 60's, Goth (two) and Pirates.

The town also has connections with Dracula (hence the Goth weekends) and Captain James Cook. There is also an impressive Abbey on the headland. There is a long beach for the children and lots of fishing and boat trips.


The bulk of the town with station, main road, pier, beach and shops are on the west side of the river while marina and touristy shops are on the other side connected by an opening bridge to let boats out.


The Jolly Sailors in a Sam Smith pub. Bar to the right and lounge to the left with dining room upstairs. Both rooms are perfectly nice. Outside patio to right.

Have a pint here.


Real ale: Old brewery Bitter

Bitter: Sovereign;

Lager: Pure Brewed Organic Lager; Double Four Lager; Taddy Lager; Alpine Lager

The Ship can be entered from front or rear door, or just walked through. There is some seating outside on the harbour side. The entrance here has a small lounge room to the right. The corridor takes you to a small main bar with some seating and bar stools. Further on it opens out to have three tables then the rear door. Folk music evenings.

Have a pint here.

Real ale:              Old Golden Hen; Greene King IPA

Bitter: John Smith; Tetley’s Smoothflow

Lager: Carling; San Miguel; Coors

Cider: Rosie Guinness

The Moon and Sixpence

A Brasserie on harbour front, with thin row of outside seating on promenade. Cocktails, food, coffee, wine etc,

Have a half pint.


Bitter: Black Sheep Bitter

Lager: Stella 4; Dormunder Union Pilsner

Cider: Guinness


The Bridge is a bar/restaurant. The restaurant is upstairs and there is a small bar downstairs.

Half pint here

Real ale: two pumps – neither on

Bitter: Marston’s creamflow

Lager: Fosters; Stella

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

For the more local remarks from a local and up to date on new openings visit the Infamous Whitby Town Pub Guide

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If you don't drink how else will your friends know that you love them at 2am?

  seaside notice


What is Kensington gore?




Whitby was one  of The Times' top 30 best places for a second home and one of the best places by the sea to live in  in Britain 2013


There are four pub crawls illustrated for Whitby involving 31 drinking establishments. Several pubs feature in more than one crawl.

All journeys start from the Station Square which is next to the Bus station and railway station and supermarket car park.

1.   East side of the river  (Yellow icons)

2.   Around the main town  (blue icons)

3.  Along the West front - some bar/bistos/wine bars along here (green icons)

4.  Up the town   (red icons)

3. Along the West front

Make your way to the river and walk past the swing bridge. Soon on the left is The Bridge. This is quickly followed by The Buck (leave for return) and The Jolly Sailors. Continue along the riverside (no cars) to The Moon and Sixpence, followed by The Ship and The Marine. After here is The Pier Inn then along to Harry's.

Return past The Pier and staying on the road there is The Star. Follow the road round to The Buck. Move on towards the bridge and up a lane opposite this is The Golden Lion

trail 3 continued


Hobson's choice

Whitby pubs -

None to stay away from.

Lots have some kind of outside seating – some attractively to the front, while others may be benches in a backyard with white walls.

Most pubs do food.

Lots of pubs are dog friendly and not just because they have outside seating.

Service is always polite.

Background music tends to be from 1960 to the turn of the century.

Quite a few are actually small (or boutique) hotels.

There is not a lot of premium lager – lager lads have to make do with the well promoted brands.