Whitby is a large town on the Yorkshire coast 18 miles North of Scarborough. A fishing port at the mouth of the river Esk. It also has a large tourism industry with lots of hotels, B & B and self catering available. Always a big increase in people at weekend with day trips and special event weekends such as Regatta, Northern Soul, 60's, Goth (two) and Pirates.
The town also has connections with Dracula (hence the Goth weekends) and Captain James Cook. There is also an impressive Abbey on the headland. There is a long beach for the children and lots of fishing and boat trips.

The bulk of the town with station, main road, pier, beach and shops are on the west side of the river while marina and touristy shops are on the other side connected by an opening bridge to let boats out.

Which mammal, apart from humans, has been responsible for more human deaths than any other ?

Whitby was one of The Times' top 30 best places for a second home and one of the best places by the sea to live in in Britain 2013

There are four pub crawls illustrated for Whitby involving 31 drinking establishments. Several pubs featurein more than one crawl.
All journeys start from the Station Square which is next to the Bus station and railway station and supermarket car park.
1. East side of the river (yellow icons)
2. Around the main town (blue icons)
3. Along the West front - includes several bar/bistros/cafes (green icons)
4. Up the town (red icons)

2. Around the main town

From Station Square, directly opposite the bus station is the bar of The George Hotel. Leaving here, there is a walk to the next pub. Walk up Windsor terrace which is the raod between the bus station and the railway station. When it splits take the right hand side which leads to North Rd (a steep hill). Take the third left - 1st is Esk Ter. then Park Ter then go down the road with no name(!). If you reach Elgin Ter you have missed it. At the end of this 3rd road is First In Last Out.
Retrace your steps to the bus station, cross over the road and walk around the corner from The George, and up the hill that is Brunswick St. At the top is The Little Angel.Walk down the to the right (Flowergate) from here and take a lane round to the right at the bottom of the hill. On this lane is The Golden Lion. On leaving The Golden Lion continue down the lane towards the river and curve round to the right keeping on the main road, not the pedestrian area to The Angel Hotel On leaving here go up the lane to the right of the building (actualy where the Hotel entrance is). Walk right, along the pedestrianised area (Baxtergate) to find The Black Swan then backtrack a little and beyond, to The Plough to the left, and then The Whitby Way (formerly The Wellington) further along on a corner and then opposite it is JK's
Come out of here and walk down towards the station. Walk into the station and discover the micro pub, The Waiting Room. Cross over the road and walk on to reach The Station Inn.

It takes only one drink to get me drunk. The trouble is, I can't remember if it's the thirteenth or the fourteenth.

  George Burns

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The George Hotel is a large hotel opposite the station , although the front door of the hotel is around the other side of the building. The entrance opposite the station has a pool room to left and main bar to the right with a curving servery. Beyond the main bar and up some steps is a large seating area at the main entrance to hotel . there is a fake castle style about the inside which seems to work.
Have a pint(s) here
Real ale: Doombar; Atlantic; Rockpool (all Sharps)
Lager: Coors; Becks; Sharps’ Pilsner; Carling
Cider: Thatchers Guinness

Drink and Music

Lucinda Williams - Drunken Angel


The Waiting Room is a micro pub in a room in the station. As you walk in te station the pub is on the left. The servery is in the far right corner with a couch and low table to the right of door. The left side has a couple of tall tables and a large long table to left of door.
have a pint(s) here
Real ale: Bunker 241 (Taylor); Hello Darkness Porter (Scarborough); Mill Bitter (Mill Valley); Golden Beast (Lytham); Misfit (Brass Castle); Sessions Pale Ale(Brown Cow Brewery)

First In Last Out is a bit off of the beaten track but still worth searching out. It is a two roomed pub with some outside seating. The entrance takes you straight to the corner bar. The room widens to the right after the bar. To the left of the bar is a small room with some tables and stools.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Cumberland; Golden Sheep
Bitter: Tetley’s Smoothflow; John Smith
Lager: Coors; Carling; Grolsch

The Little Angel is a low ceiling corner pub. The entrance passage takes you to a large bar to the right with main bar then ahead. The bar counter is immediately upon you and it also serves the right hand bar. There are two main bar areas one to the right and the other to the left. The right hand one is dark and comfortable. Straight on from the left hand side is a patio garden spluit into two areas one of which has a TV
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Jorvic (Rudgate); Help for Heroes (Marstons); Roosters (Yankee); Bad Kitty (Brass castle);
Falcon Ale (Lacons); Channels Irish Stout; Doombar; Workie Ticket (Mordue)
Lager: Carling; 1664; Fosters; Becks
Cider: Strongbow; Weston twist Guinness

Golden Lion is one of the smallest pubs in Whitby . The main entrance leads to a small room on the right and a relatively larger room further on at the end of the short corridor. Real ale pumps are in the further room.
Have one here
Real ale: Bombardier (Wells); Black sheep; Golden Sheep
Bitter: John Smith; Tetley’s Imperial
Lager: Coors; Fosters
Cider: Carling Cider Guinness

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