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Whitby -East side con' t

Whitby is a large town on the Yorkshire coast 18 miles North of Scarborough. Access is by road on the A171 from Middlesbrough  or Scarborough, or by rail from Middlesbrough  Buses come from many parts of Yorkshire.

Other places to visit on the coast include Staithes, Robin Hood Bay, Filley and Bridlington


The Black Horse is one of Tetley’s Heritage Inns. It has a small tradition bar at front with some tables. At the left of the bar is the rear door and the entrance to the back lounge.

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Good Beer Guide (CAMRA)

One of CAMRA’s inventory of historic pub interiors

Real ale: Farthing Mild (Flipside); Blonde Ambition; Black Rhantas

Bitter: Tetley’s Imperial; Tetley’s Freeflow

Lager: Staroperaman; Carling; Coors

Cider: Thatcher’s Gold Guinness

The Duke of York is stuck in a corner at foot of 199 steps. However, small entrance opens to larger pub. It has three distinct areas, one to the left of bar, all looking over the river. It makes the most of small size with terrific views and food.

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Good Pub Guide

Real ale: Golden Pippin (Copper Dragon); Spitfire; Black Sheep; Abott;

Bitter: John

Lager: Carling; Coors; Peroni

Cider: Strongbow; Thatcher’s Gold Guinness

The Board Inn has three interconnected areas up stairs and a downstairs restaurant. At the entrance a corridor takes you past the back of the bar to a back room overlooking the river. Turning left at entrance takes you to the bar with a front lounge room off of it. The bar area then joins the back room.  All rooms have padded benches around the wall with tables and stools. A warm feel too from red material and black wood.  Not an unsurprising marine decor, given the views over the river.

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Real ale:              Double Cross; XB; Old Peculiar (all Theakstons); Deuchars

Bitter: John Smith; Tetley’s

Lager: Coors; Carling; 1664; Fosters

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

White Horse & Griffin is more a restaurant with a narrow old bar for customers. However, it does welcome drinkers and their dogs in. One table at door then a dozen high stools and shelves on either side.

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Real ale: EPA (Marstons); Landlord (Timothy Taylor)

Lager:             Becks


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There are four pub crawls illustrated for Whitby involving 35 drinking establishments. Several pubs feature in more than one crawl.

All journeys start from the Station Square which is next to the Bus station and railway station and supermarket car park.

1.   East side of the river (yellow icons)

2.   Around the main town Blue icons)

3.  Along the West front - includes some cafe/bistro styles (green icons)

4.  Up the town (blue icons)

1. The East side of the river Esk con't

Leaving The Endeavour walk straight ahead into the cobbled street. On the right-hand side find The White Horse & Griffin followed by The Black Horse. Continue up to the end of the street where The Board Inn and The Duke of York are side by side. Going back down Church St there is a steep narrow alley running to the shore just as the road widens out. Down this is The Whitby Friendship Rowing Club. Continuing down the road turn left at the Market Square clock tower (just before The Black Horse) and the Abbey Wharf is in front of you.

Leaving here go along the lane and you return to The Dolphin.

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Whitby pubs -

None to stay away from.

Lots have some kind of outside seating – some attractively to the front, while others may have benches in a backyard with white walls.

Quite a few have two doors on different streets.

Most pubs do food.

Lots of pubs are dog friendly and not just because they have outside seating.

Service is always polite.

Background music tends to be from 1960 to the turn of the century.

Quite a few are actually small (or boutique) hotels.

There is not a lot of premium lager – lager lads have to make do with the well promoted brands.

Abbey Wharf is a very large bar on the second floor of a building entered from the Shambles and  with the length of the room overlooking the harbour. The entrance does not to the pub justice. Upstairs is a fish restaurant and pub in a giant of a room with a bar round to the right.  There is a balcony running the length of the room with sliding glass doors onto it on which the sun shines until late evening. The sloping roof is also glass so a lot of light gets into the room. There is also a smaller upstairs mezzanine overlooking the main hall. There is a mixture of seating and heights of tables spread around the room. Even on an afternoon there is a DJ and dance floor. It is very busy and very popular, however, there is lots of seating and the bar is well staffed

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Real ale:      Atlantic ; Rockpool ; Doombar (all Sharps); Black Death; Abbey Blonde (both Whitby Brewery);

                  Strongarm (Camerons); Hobgoblin; Help for Heroes (Marstons)

Craft:           Blue Moon

Bitter:          Caffreys

Lager:          Carling; Coors; Grolsch; Sharps’ Pilsner

Cider:       Carling Cider Guinness

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The Whitby Friendly Rowing Club is down a narrow lane off of Church St. There is usually a board proclaiming its existence. Down this very narrow and steep lane there is a small flight of stairs to the right (if you hit the water you have gone to far) leading to the club door. The bar is found on the left and is one room with servery against right hand wall and the opposite wall being windows overlooking the harbour. There are small round tables along the window side and some stools along the bar counter. There is also a beer garden.

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Real ale;     Black Sheep

Bitter:         John Smiths;  Tetley’s

Lager:        Carling;  Coors

Cider:         Strongbow                          Guinness