Map of places

Three to try in .......


The entrance to The Shakespeare is found down a lane off of the high street (many of the pubs in Kendal are found in 'yards') then up some stairs. It is a cosy pub, offering lunch time food, with an old feel to it - Inn since 1858. CAMRA (Westmorland) pub of the season.


Have a couple here


real ale    : Tiger (Everads), London Pride, Directors, Flying Dutchman, Two Hoots, Old Peculiar

Botter        : John Smiths

Lager        : 1664, Fosters

Cider         : Strongbow          Guinness

The Rainbow is entered down an alley and up the stairs. Carpeted seating area to the left, bar ahead and side bar, with pool, to right. Patio is off of the bar area. Trying to ofefr everything with one serving area.


Have one here


real ale    : Landlord, Hobgobblin

Botter        : John Smiths

Lager        : Carling, Carlsberg, Stella

Cider         : Strongbow          Guinness 

Hidden down another alley , with no frontage to the main street, is The White Hart. There is some outsdie heating in the alley. Tall seating and pool to right, more comfy seats to left


Have one here


real ale    :  Old Stockport, Robinsons Double Hop, Hartley's Cumbria Way

Botter        : John Smiths

Lager        : Grlosch, Carling, Carlsberg,


Cider         : Magners, Strongbow


In some places, larger towns mainly, only a few pubs  have been visited and it seems a shame to ignore perfectly fine hostelries because of this. Therefore, as the title says, here are some to see during a quick visit.