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Map and first page of pubs in Stratford-upon-Avon

Opposite The Golden Bee is The Rose and Crown. Return to the river and continue along to the theatre. At the far end of the theatre is The Swan Theatre bar. Across the road is the Arden Hotel and further down the road is The Black Swan better known as the Dirty Duck.
After the Dirty Duck there is a 5-10 minute walk parallel to the water which goes left past the Holy Trinity church. At the church turn right along College Lane and keep walking as this becomes Sanctus Street, then Sanctus Road and a brifge over a main road. At the end of this there is The Salmon Tail. After this we return along Sabctus Road and Street turning up to the left at Bull St. (If you get back along College Lane you mised Bull St). On Bull St is The New Bull'S Head (formerly The West End). Pubs will return to being close together.
Leaving here and walking up Bull St to return to the town you take a slight turn to the right but continue up Church St to Find The Windmill on the right and then The Town House on the left.The Falcon Hotel is across the corner from here and is the first of three really old buildings to house pubs. On the opposite side of the road further up is The Shakespeare Hotel. Continue towards the town and at the next cross roads diagonally opposite, a few steps up the High Street brings The Garrick.
Leaving The Garrick return to the cross roads and go along Ely Street, where half way along there are The Keys and Kitchen (formerly The Cross Keys) and Queen's Head opposite each other . At the end of Ely St turn righ and walk up to the Lamplighter. Crossing the road and going up to the corner brings you to the Old Thatch Tavern and you will recognise The Swan Hotel, where you started, opposite.
The station is now up to the left.

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The Rose & Crown looks very traditional from outside but once inside the first sign you see is one explaining how to order food. However, the second sign is the real ales on that day. It is perfect example of a place being built long to avoid the tax levied on size of front. Seating area followed by long bar followed by more tables and then entrance to beer garden .
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real ale :Courage best bitter, Directors, Bombardier, EPA
bitter :John Smiths
lager :Stella, Carling,
cider Guinness

Swan Theatre bar is open to the public although only a blackboard outside indicates this. Therefore apart from showtimes it is empty.
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real ale :Purity UBU
lager :Stella

How many American billions make up a British billion?

The Arden Hotel has a large patio area outside. this leads to a dining area with bar and through to lounge.

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real ale :Hooky bitter, Purity UBU
lager :Leffe, Hoegarden, Becks, Lawenbrau

The Dirty Duck or as it was know, the Black swan, is a Greene King pub. It has a reputation as a haunt for actors from the theatres. A large square bar serves customers in three different locations. There is a bar throug a door (hard to make out) immediately to the right when entering. The large lounge leads through to more seating and then out to garden. There is a pleasant balcony to the front and customers even make use of the seating on the pavement
Good Pub Guide 2013
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real ale :Dirty mallard, Greene King IPA, Speckled hen
lager :Esperella, Fosters, stella, carling,

The Salmon Tail is a relatively modern pub build at a junction and far from the tourists. It is tringular in shape (fish tail!). A small beer garden at the apex unfortunately caught between two roads. The door from the garden leads to a small lounge and then through to more comfortable seating on the right. Further on is a long bar at the base.
CAMRA Pub of season:Spring 2012
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real ale :Tribute Cornish PA, Hoohy bitter
bitter :
lager :Carling, Stella, Stella 4,
cider : Strongbow, Thatchers Heritage Guinness

The West End is also isolated from the tourist route and as such acts as a community pub selling fruit and veg; cards and stamps, bread and cakes as well as beer and offering food.
seating and dining at front. bar curves around to open into large lounge which then leads to outdoor seating. Lounge is dominated by pool table.
Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)
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real ale :Landlord, Millard's Musket (Uphampton), Golden Best (Timothy Taylor), Cooker Hoop, Doombar
bitter :Worthingtons
lager :Grolsch, Carlsberg, Becks
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Windmill (Greene King) almost reaches the tourists. It is a large open lounge with plenty of standing around the bar. Claims to be the oldest bar having a continuous licensed from 1600
Good Pub Guide 2013
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real ale :Greene King IPA, Abbot, Doombar
bitter :Bodingtons
lager :Carling, Estrella, Becks, San Miguel
cider :Stowford Press Guinness

Dost thou think because thou art virtuous there shall be no more cakes and ale.
Twelth Night

Town House (Mr & Mrs Smith) is a hotel and restuarnt but do not be put off. The lounge is not merely for awaiting a place in restuarant. It is a small intimate bar space with stools and some low and tall tables. Music is plyed on piano in early evening and accoustic showcase on a Sunday. Further comfortable Library bar through from front bar.
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real ale :Windrush Ale (cotswalds), That (Teme)
bitter :Tetleys
lager :Carlsberg, staropraman
cider : Old English Guinness

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Drink and Music

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Strange Brew

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