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The Golden Bee is a Wetherspoons pub with usual variety of seating areas and food and staff training on the coffee machine.

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real ale    : Ruddles, Abbot, Mad goose (Purity), Brakeaspere 99,

bitter         :John smith

lager         :Amstel, Heineken, Coors Light, Carlsberg, Stella,

cider         :Hogan's                                                    Guinness

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I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety

Shakespeare    Henry V

The Encore is a smart lounge offering restaurant upstairs and bit of a bar diner downstairs. Attracts after workers in early evening.  Expensive - though has champagne offers! There are lots of intimate tables and the lights go down at 9pm.

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real ale    :Doombar, Purity UBU

bitter         :

lager         :Amstel, San Miguel, Carling, Peroni, Pilsner Urquell

cider         :Aspall                                                   Guinness

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The Red Lion is on the corner by the bridge over the canal. The Pen & Parchment is across the canal from The Red Lion. Still keeping on the left follow the road and cross the bridge over the river Avon. At the end of the bridge on the right is The Bear (part of Swan's Nest Hotel). When leaving the Bear walk along the main road and turn right. Continue along a few minutes to The Old Tramway.

Return to The Bear and walk to down the river and after the car parks find the Riverbank cafe/bar. Return from this by using the pedestrian bridge to cross the river.

While crossing this bridge you can see the outside seating of Cox's Yard across the river. Turn into it at the end of the bridge. The next building after Cox's yard and the statues, opposite The Red Lion, is The Encore.

Walk down the road parallel  to the river and first right brings you to Sheep St. Half way along this is The Golden Bee on the right and across the road from it is The Rose and Crown.

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The Riverbank is a modernised cafe/bar hoping to benefit fronmcustomers sitting outside and watching the boats on river. Bit more of a young place in the evening.


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bitter         :Tetley's

lager         :San Miguel, Carlsberg

cider         : Thatchers                                                   Guinness

Cox's Yard is an ex-timber merchants and takes up a lot of space. there is seating for 300 outside at the river. It has a coffee shop, ice cream parlour and the attic theatre. The bar is a like a small barn with seating down one side. Upstairs is a function suite where bands play.

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real ale    :Pure Gold (Purity), Bombardier

bitter         :

lager         :Estrella, Red Stripe, Fosters, Erdinger

cider         :Stowford Press                                                  Guinness

The Bear is the lounge of the Swan's Nest Hotel. It is not very clear that  the building at the end of the bridge is a pub. However, it is a lovely hotel lounge swerving good food and plenty of ales. It is a local for many of the people in the area. Mixture of seating table styles. Never be tempted to miss this because it is over the bridge - does not add much distance at all.

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Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

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real ale    :  Peaky Blinder Pale Ale (Sadlers);  Bear Best Bitter, Old Hookey, Mauler (Ringwood) 

                  Butty Bach (Wye Valley), Purity Gold;  Doombar,

lager         :Lawless;  Longhorn;  Estrella;  Galatia, Becks,  Stella

cider         : Stowford Press; Strongbow                                                   Guinness;  Sadler's Peaky Blinder

The Pen & Parchment is a Greene King pub offering beer and food. Tables and chairs all around room including in a raised section. Good sized outside seating area close to canal and road. Quite bright inside with lighting and light coloured wood.

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real ale    :Old Speckled Hen, Greene king IPA, Abbot;  

                Blonde Star (Silhill)

lager        :Carling, Stella, becks, Fosters



Which ship sent the first SOS?





Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar

Real Ale Trail (2)

A ten visit journey would again start at the (1) White Swan Hotel  but then continue along Wood St to the roundabout and go down the High St towards (23)The Garrick. Leaving here continue down to (20)The Town House and then further down to (18) The West End. Return up to town but turn to the right to go towards the river. Take the first left and walk parallel to the river to (16) The Dirty Duck.  Continue up to the town and take second left (Sheep St) to find (13) The Rose and Crown. Back down Sheep St and cross the grass to go to the canal boats. Take the bridge over to (8) The Bear. After here return by either bridge and vist (11) The Encore on the corner at the start of the town centre. Continue up to the town and at the roundabout go right along Union St. Turn left at the end and walk up to (4)The One Elm. Leave here and cross over roundabout to go down Windsor St to the (27) Old Thatched Tavern

Drink and Music


Wishbone Ash -

Lady Whisky

The Red Lion is a Table Table pub from Whitbread with many 'own space' areas for dining. The main entrance is at the corner of the pub. The servery is straight in front. Several seating/dining areas to the left and a small and larger seating' to right. this larger room has doors onto the extensive side beer garden along the side of the canal. There is outside seating directly in front of the pub (facing the road) and a lot more round to the right along-side the canal.

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real ale      :Hobgoblin;  Hobgoblin Gold;  Atlantic (Sharp)

bitter         :Tetley's

lager         :Carling, San Miguel Stella, Becks

cider         : Strongbow;  Thatcher's Gold                         Guinness

The Old Tramway. Through the door in the middle has a short corridor to take you to the middle of a large room allowing two side areas around to the right and left. decor is stylish brown wood with green paint and stripped back brick.  Beams in the low ceilings and dark green heavy curtains give a comfortable opulent atmosphere. Servery is at the diagonal in the far right corner. Some tall tables near servery for hanging around the bar and TV. There is seating at tables around each side. lots of outside seating and car park to the rear of building

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Real ale:     Stratford Gold;  Purity;  London Pride

keg bitter:   Tetley's

Lager:         San Miguel;  1664

Cider:         Cheddar Valley;  Stowford         Guinness