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Drouthy Neebours is a busy evening pub decorated with tiled flooring, wood. There is lots of slate about; used on stair to the slightly raised area and topping the small walls. Hopefully the real ale does not always taste as it did on this visit.


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Real ale          :Bellhave IPA

bitter/heavy    : Bellhaven Best

Lager              : Tennent's, Peroni,  Stella, Carling

Cider               : Strongbow                               Guinness+cold

Claymores is an old fashioned drinking pub with a cheerful host. Seating is at a premium in a busy bar. Can be very noisy with TV, music and customers all competing for attention


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bitter/heavy    : Bellhaven Best, McEwan's Export

Lager              : Tennent's, Carling,

Cider               : Strongbow                               Guinness

No 2 Baker Street is probably the best in the city centre for sitting in and having a drink. It has at least four real ales and a good atmosphere. The seating area is sectioned off by walls breaking up the openness and making it quite cozy.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)


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real ale          : Ossian, Abbot, Old Engine Oil (Harviston) Landlord,

                              Bellhaven 80/-

bitter/heavy    : Bellhaven Best

Lager              : Tennent's,   Stella, Carling, Hoeggarden

Cider              : Strongbow                               Guinness

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I exercise extreme self control: I never drink anything stronger than gin before breakfast.

W C Fields

Stirling is really a lager city. There are few pubs serving real ale.

Start at Morrison's Cold Beer Co then cross the road and up the pedestrian area opposite. At the top of this on the right-hand corner is No 2 Baker St. Across the road from this pub is Drouthy Neighbours and a walk up the hill to the castle brings you to The Portcullis Hotel. Come down from the castle and turn left, opposite direction from how you came up, and continue downhill to find the Settle Inn.

Nicky Tams is a very popular bar, especially with people who were students. It was a bank 100 years ago (long before Wetherspoons) . It is quite small inside at the front of the bar. There is room through and upstairs. They manage to squeeze everyone in even if it is on the stairs. There is always something on offer such as music and quizzes as well as food.

As you leave the sign above the door reads 'enter grim reality'

Visited by The Auldest Boozers in Toon

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bitter/heavy    : John Smiths, McEwan 80/-

Lager              : Heineken, 1664, Fosters, Tennent's  

Cider              : Strongbow                               Guinness


What are the only two countries whose name starts with an 'A' but do not end with an 'A' ?



Portcullis Hotel is a quiet but very pleasant lounge bar. Lunch and early evening tables are taken over by diners. It is a nice relaxing bar to sit at and has a beer garden. Has not bought into lots of TVs.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)


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Real ale         : Red McGregor, Avalanche

bitter/heavy    :Bellhaven Best, Ember 80/-

Lager              : Tennent's +ice, Stella, Staropramen

Cider              : Blackthorn                               Guinness+cold

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Cape views itself as the number 1 student destination. Students seem to like noise, cocktails and lager.  However, there are several different areas to sit in, including upstairs.


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bitter/heavy    :  John Smith

Lager              : Tennent's,  Grolsch, Carling, Fosters

Cider              : Strongbow                               Guinness

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From the pizza place that was the Rob Roy walk back to the Cross Keys and go up Queen Street. At the top of this road, across the street and to the left is The Settle Inn and then just beyond it is Whistlebinkies.

After Whistlebinkies continue up St Mary's Wynd and turn right at Broad Street walking up to the castle. Just before the castle there is The Portcullis hotel to visit. This is as high as we need go.

Make your way back town Broad Street turning right towards the town. Lower down the hill (Baker St) you will find in quick succession Nicky Tams, Drouthy Neighbours, then across the street) Claymores followed by No 2 Baker Street and across the pedestrian  area Sportsters.

Leave Sportsters and cross the road walking around the sharp corner and find Cape opposite you.



Harry S Trueman

Sportsters, as the name suggests is a sports bar. A good example of the species. TVs, including giant, everywhere.  It is also a diner with food and lots of lager. Some booths as well as variety of table styles.   American pool. Some outside seating.


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bitter/heavy    : John Smith

Lager              : Fosters, Amstel, Tennent's, Stella

Cider               : Strongbow                               Guinness

Whistlebinkies is set out over three levels with the bar on the middle landing. The beer garden is off of the main bar area.  Restaurant area with highly recommended food.


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bitter/heavy    : Bellhaven Best

Lager              : Asahi, Tennent's  

                          Blue Moon (Belgium style)

                           Profanity stout (Williams Bros of Alloa)

Cider              : Strongbow                               Guinness

The Settle Inn, the oldest pub in Stirling- est. 1773. Enter into a beamed and low ceiling chamber with the bar to the right. Opposite the bar is seating around a open fire. More seating through the back. The bar area is dark with sudden bursts of light as the door opens regularly

Visited by The Auldest Boozers in Toon

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Real ale         : Bitter and Twisted; Black Gold; Caledonian Best

bitter/heavy    :

Lager              : Tennent's, Stella,

Cider              : Magners                               Guinness+cold

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