Stirling is a city in central Scotland strategically placed on the border between Highlands and Lowlands of Scotland. The city has an impressive castle which was build to defend the crossing over the river Forth. As a result there is a lot of history around the city, from batlles to buildings.
It is a compact city of about 35,000 people and has a large student population, about 12,000, from the University of Stirling.
Places of interest include: Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, Stirling Old Jail, Church of the Holy Rood, Argyles Lodging, Banockburn and Smith Museum and Art Gallery

The city centre has many restuarants, cafes, pubs and small shops as well as the major chains associeted with a city. In the evening the bars are well aware of the large student population as prospective customers.

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 Strling was a disappointment regarding the amount and quality of real ale on sale, however it is blessed with lots of pubs to choose from. There are several small local corner boozer style pubs full of locals. There are also some large bars catering diners and TV sports fans. There are country themed bars to choose from - Scottish Bothy, Irish and Australian. All of these must attract their fair share of the 12,000 student population. Poor students and lots of competition does keep prices keen.

Leave the station, cross the road at the roundabout and walk straight ahead up a short hill into the city centre. Turn right along the main road past a few shops and look to the right hand corner of the pedestrian area across the street to start at Katie's Bar which has the look of a cafe.
 Out of the window you should be able to see your second stop, the old post office, which is now Morrisions Cold Beer Co. Leaving Morrisons turn right continue down this road to find Molly Malones an Irish themed bar. After this return up to Barnton St to the main street and continue along it. You will see The Albion on the other side of the street. Keep walking along after leaving The Albion and the street opens up and you come to The Cross Keys.
Further along on the oppiste side of the street is The Rob Roy.

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Stirling was one of The Times' top 30 best places to live if you are single in Britain 2014

Katie's Bar and Bistro looks like a cafe from the outside and also from the inside with traditional wee cafe tables and chairs. It also has a low serving counter in keeping with this theme. However the customers are pub customers. There is a pool area through the back.

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Heavy/bitter : Caffrey's, John Smith
Lager : Stella, Carling, Amstel, Fosters, Tennents
Cider : Strongbow Guinness

Morrisons Cold Beer Co is in the old Post Office building.Shiny and bright, It is a large open plan building - the largest pub in Stirling. Giant TV screen plus lots of large ones. Claims 40+ draught products. Outdoor seating in front of building and at side.
Chandeliers from Stella glasses!
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real ale :Bellhaven IPA
bitter :Caffrey's, Tartan, McEwan's
lager :Tennent's, Stella, Coors, San Miguel, Red Stripe, 1664,
  Kirin Ichiban, Asahi, Carling, Hoeggarden, Peroni,
  Staropramen, Fustenberg
cider : Strongbow, Apsall Suffolk Guinness+cold

Molly Malones, which in recent years has been called O'Neil's and Niall's. Now owned by Bellhaven the Irish theme continues. It is a very popular bar . It has a low ceiling and a curved bar serving various seating areas, although standing at the bar is the favourite. Music at weekends.
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bitter :Bellhaven Best, Caffreys
lager :Tennent's, Stella, Carling, Peroni, San MIguel, Harp

cider : Strongbow Guinness+cold

The Curly Coo (formerly The Albion) is Stirling's only Whisky Bar. It has just started selling real ale as well. This is a lovely one roomed pub. The bar serves on three sides giving plenty of seating around it. There are padded settles around the side of the room with small tables and barrels.
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real ale :Dark Island
bitter/heavy : Caledonia Best; Bitter & Twisted
Lager : Tennent's; Schiehallion
Cider : Strongbow , Magner's Golden Guinness


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Cross Keys is a small local mainly for standing but with some small tables. Not all beers on! Deals offered via neon cut out stars. Up small flight of stairs to darts and then to another bar (closed) with pool.
Happy host behind bar.
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bitter/heavy : Tartan, McEwan's Export and 70/-
Lager : Tennent's
Cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Rob Roy has a large bare bar entered at the corner and a smaller lounge entered from just around the corner. Lounge and bar meet inside where the lounge is slightly lower. The bar has a small stage area where singers are advertised as performing on Saturdays.

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bitter/heavy : John Smiths; McEwan's
Lager : Tennent's; Carling
Cider : Strongbow

CLOSED - Pizza shop.

Drink and Music

John Lee Hooker -
One Bourbon, One Scotch and One Beer

What's in a name?

  The Cross Keys

Symbol of Peter the first pope and who, as St Peter, has the keys of the gate to heaven

see 'All About Pub Signs'
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