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TRAIL 1 - South Street and Market St continued

After The Rule, walk further up South St and on the left hand side, ignoring two lanes/roads off to the left, you will reach The Criterion.

Retrace your steps back to the last corner, taking time to visit the bookshop on the corner, turn right up Church St to reach Market St. To your right across Market St is The Central. Now, walking down the right hand side of the street there is The Keys Bar. At the cross raods The Vic is diagonally opposite. Further along Market St, on the next corner is The Blue Stane our last pub. Turning right takes you to the bus station.

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The Criterion is a small but well formed bar. There are a couple of booths at the window and some seating outside. Lovely back bar. Food served. Squashes in two TVs. Music on several nights.
CAMRA Godd Beer Guide 2013

Have a pint here
Real ale : Flying Scotsman; Deuchers Over The Bar (all Caledonian)
Bitter : John Smiths
Lager : ThreeHop Lager; Fosters; 1664
Cider :Strongbow Guinness

The Central is a Taylor-Walker pub in the town centre. There is an island bar with a variety of seating around the sides. Food served and outside seating. Discounts for CAMRA members, students and servicemen. TVs in three of the corners.
CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013
Have a pint here
Real ale : Lia fail; Claverhouse; Old Peculiar; Crystal (by Houston); Slainte; Deauchers; Bitter and Twisted
Bitter : Bellhaven Best
Lager : Tennent’s; Carling; Schiehallion; Peroni; Stella
Cider :Thistly Cross; Aspall Guinness

As visited regularly by DCI Gilchrist, the fictional St Andrews detective in the books by T. F. (Frank) Muir.

The Keys is a small bright local bar. Standing room at bar with seating around sides. Seating outside on pavement. The locals recognise a stranger.

Have half pint here

Bitter : John Smith, Tartan; MeEwan’s Export; McEwan’s 80/-
Lager : Tennent’s; Heverlee; Carlsberg
Cider :Strongbow Guinness

The Ghibli is a model of car made by which manufacturer?

Vic , looking like a cinema, advertises pub, kitchen and social club. The stairs take you to a landing with the pub/kitchen to the left and social club to the right. The pub is a large, high ceiling room with lots of large wooden tables. The feeling is of medieval banqueting hall
10 till 2am all days. Social club attracts queues of students.
Have a pint here
Real ale : an Eden Brewery brew :
Bitter : Joker; Caledonian Best
Lager : Staroperaman; Red Stripe; Peroni; Heverlee; Tennent’s;
Cider :Magners ; Addlestones Guinness

The Blue Stane is a basement bar stretching along several buildings. Large seating area inside door with bar and narrower seating area to the right. It opens out again after the bar for pool table. Six TVs shows commitment to sports though food service is a cornerstone of the bar. Food smells can dominate the air.
Have a half pint here
Bitter : Bellhaven Best, McEwans Export
Lager : Heineken; Stella; Tennent’s; Coors Light
Cider :Strongbow Guinness

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Drink and Music
Josh Thompson
Cold beer with your name on it

Trail 2.

From the bus station turn right to get to trail 1 or left to try trail 2.

TRAIL 2 Around the Hotels and North St
Turning left up City Road (A915) and at the roundabout turn right onto North St and the Dunvegan Hotel is across the street on the next corner. Walk up North St and discover Playfairs at the Ardgowan Hotel then further on from that (still on the left side of North St) is Greyfriars Hotel with Ogstons Hotel right next to it. Just on from here, crossing the small road called Murray Place, is Rascals (above the cinema).
Now, backtrack to Murray Place and walk right down to the end where The Russell Hotel is on the corner. Leaving here turn left and walk in the direction of the beach and golf course. This will take you by The Golf Hotel, currently being renovated, and Scores Hotel. At the foot of the hill on the corner underneath an impressive building is Hams Hame.
From here walk across to the golf course and down the side of it, on Links Crescent is Rusacks Hotel with The One Under Bar under it. (walk around it for entrance). On a good day (and the time) you could walk along Links Crescent and turn righ onto Station Road and walk to The Old Course Hotel which has The Jigger Inn beside it.
Otherwise, from The One Under, return to the road and turn right. Across the road, near the corner is 1 Golf Place and right next door to this is The Dunvegan Hotel where Trail 2 started. You should now be able to find your way back to the bus station.

Dunvegan Hotel is a popular hotel with golfers and the room is dominated by pictures, even on the ceiling, of famous visitors.

have a pint here
Bitter : Bellhaven Best; John Smiths; St Andrews
Lager : Tennent’s; Carlsberg; Bud
Cider Guinness

“I feel sorry for people who don't drink. When they wake up in the morning, that's as good as they're going to feel all day.

  Frank Sinatra

Playfairs at The Ardgowan Hotel. The restuarant is under the hotel while the bar is to the left in Pilmour Hotel and is unfortunately closed November to March. There is outside seating for a drink.
Restuarant serves:
Bitter : Bellhaven Best; Playfairs Ale
Lager : Tennent’s; Peroni
Cider : Strongbow Guinness

Greyfriars Hotel has a bar which is narrow at entrance, but widens out as the wooden counter curves around and the room opens up eventually leading to large dining area.

Have one here
Real ale : Shipwreck; Clock Brew; 19th Brew Blonde (all by Eden)
Bitter : Caledonian Best; Bitter and Twisted; Innes and Gunn
Lager : Tennent’s; Peroni; Heverlee; Hoegarden
Cider :Somerby Guiness

Ogstons Hotel has a small bar through the main doors. It has several booths, each a small TV as well as two large TV screens. Restuarant is through to the right and there is the Lizard Lounge club downstairs.

Have a half pint here.

Bitter : Bellhaven Best
Lager : Staroperaman; Carlsberg; San Miguel
Cider :Symonds Guiness

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