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The Saint (formerly West Port) Bar and Kitchen  

Review for West Port - has five rooms on four floors. There is the main bar area with tall tables to the right. Down a few steps is a soft seating area. Through from the bar are two seating areas both up a few steps. Straight on are booths with TVs while to the right are two rooms which are used for dining early in the evening. Cocktails flow all night.

There is also a beer garden

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Real al      : Clock Brew (by Eden); Deuchers

Bitter          : Caledonian Best; Bitter and Twisted

Lager        : Schiehallion; Havenlee; Tennent’s

Cider         :Magners                           Guinness

From the bus station turn right to get to trail 1 or left to try trail 2.


TRAIL 1 - South Street and Market St.

Turning right down City Road (A915) go through the first roundabout and discover the Whey Pat Tavern on the corner of the next round about. From here cross the road and go through the ruined city gates and there is The Saint (formerly West Port) Bar and Kitchen on the right. Across the road is Rogue (formerly Drouthy Neebors). On the same side further up is the St Andrews Brewing Co.


Still wandering up South St turn left at Bell St and Aikman's and The Cellar Bar is on the left-hand side. Turn back onto South St again and across the road is The Rule. Walk further up South St and on the left-hand side, ignoring two lanes/roads off to the left, you will reach The Criterion.


Retrace your steps back to the last corner, taking time to visit the bookshop on the corner, turn right up Church St to reach Market St. To your right across Market St is The Central. Now, walking down the right-hand side of the street there is The Keys Bar. At the cross roads the Vic is diagonally opposite. Further along Market St, on the next corner is The Blue Stane our last pub. Turning right takes you to the bus station.

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Rogue (formerly Drouthy Neebors)

Now a "classic cocktail bar"

Aikmans and Cellar bar   has a small bar upstairs offering beer and food. Downstairs is the Cellar which has a wide variety of live music.




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Real ale   : Misty Law (Kelburn) ; Red MacGregor; Wilson’s 80/-

Bitter         : Bellhaven Best

Lager       : Kozel; Duvel; Weihendstephen

Cider         :Aspall                           Guinness

St Andrews Brewing Co opened their pub in November 2013. It sells  real ale (many from their own brewery) and craft keg beers. Basically, it is a long thin venue with bar at top right. There is seating to right inside door with a log burning fire on the left wall. Opposite the bar the seating is stools with glass topped wooden barrels as tables. At end of bar is another log burning fire and some comfy seats. Upstairs there is a beer hall. Accompanying all this is a Tapaz menu

Have a pint here (well actual it is 2/3 of a pint - reflected in price)


real ale        :Wee Blonde; St Andrews IPA; Fife Gold; Ringmaster (Magic Rock);

                       Sleepless (Red Willow); Adnams

Craft ale      :The Kernal Brown Ale; Lagunitas; Burning Sky; Campenhells; Kernel Galaxy Ale

The Rule is a large dining pub. The size of the front is misleading as it opens to a large space before becoming a long bar. There is lots of standing area, however it is a dining pub and it widens out even further to seating. There is further seating upstairs overlooking the open area in front of the bar.


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Real ale   : Deuchers –worst tasted ever

Bitter         : Bitter and Twisted; Caledonian Best

Lager        : Stella; San Miguel; Tennent’s; the Rule Lager

Cider         :Magners                           Guinness


Which groups Greatest Hits album from 1976 was the first to be award Platinum Album status?


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St. Andrews is a University town in the Kingdom of Fife on the east Coast of Scotland. It is a small town, about 17,000 folk, of whom a third are St Andrews University students. St Andrews University is the oldest in Scotland and third oldest in Britain.

St Andrews is also famous as the home of golf. The course is the most common venue for the British Open Championship. It is from here that golf, in most countries, is ruled.

The town has a ruined castle and a cathedral. St Andrews has two miles of sandy beach and an aquarium on the shore. The main town is runs along three streets - North Street, Market St and South St with several short roads connecting them.


Most pubs or hotels have some outside seating along the pavement but only a few have a beer garden.


The staff found behind the bars are the most pleasant and helpful of any town we have visited.


The local real ales are from Eden Brewery and St Andrews Brewing Co.


Most pubs and hotels offer food.

Whey Pat  Tavern has a large L shaped room as the bar with a lounge to the back. Bar is basic; linoleum and darts.

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013

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Real ale   : Lia fail; deuchers; Abbot; Greene King IPA; Landlord;

                    Old Speckled Hen

Bitter         : Bellhaven Best; McEwans

Lager        : Tennent’s; Stella; Carling

Cider         :Blackthorn                           Guinness

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Drink and Music


Kris Kristopherson - Sunday Morning Going Down

Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.                        Benjamin Franklin


England & France; 116 years

St Andrews was one of The Times' top 30 best places by the sea to live   in Britain 2013