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Glasgow - West End

Hillhead to Kelvinhall


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Curler’s  Rest has two entrance door with both taking you into a large room with low ceiling. There is seating either side of the doors and on the side walls for a short distance. Half way in the room changes shape and the servery is along the right hand wall. Half way up the servery there are stairs opposite the counter going upstairs and the main room opens out after this and has a dining room feel to it. The low ceiling, subdued lighting and dark wood furniture combine to give a relaxing atmosphere. Food served

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Real ale:       Deuchers;  Christopher (Great Heck);  Jack Black; Running With Sceptres (lager); No Rest For Dancers (both Lost and Grounded)

Heavy;        Launitas PA;  Joker IPA

Lager:         Veltins;  Schiellhalion;   Peroni;  Estrella                          Guinness

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Oran Mor   is a very successful converted church. There are two restaurants (John Muir and a brasserie); live music and Victorian bar. It is famous for lunchtime “pie, a pint and a play”.

The servery a long oval in the middle of the room. There are small booth like areas with tables down the left hand wall. To the right of the servery is a double row of tables down the room and more tables against the left wall.  The seating/tables are broken into small areas and booths.

Lighting is subdued and with the furniture, counter and gantry being dark wood the large room has a an intimate feel with great use being made of stained glass.

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Real ale:     Deuchers;  Ascalon (Everads);  Gold Oran Mor;  Dark Oran Mor

Heavy:       Caledonia Best;  Gladeye

Lager:        Tennent’s;   Heverlee;  Drygate Pilsner13 Hop house;  Menabrea;  Heineken

Cider:         Magners

Tennent’s Bar is a large high ceiling square room on a corner spot. The square room is dominated by a large three-sided bar coming off of the back wall. This servery is in turn dominated by 12 real ale pumps and beers are cheaply priced. The room is light due to the high windows.  Seating is around the walls on three sides.  there is a couple of tall tables in middle of room. Plenty of room for stools around counter and for standing close to bar. Dark wood to half-way up wall then windows or light green paint. Food. Basement bar with DJ

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Real ale:      The Rev James;  St peter’s Golden Ale; Bass (£2.80);   Doombar; Tribute; London Pride; Pedigree; Deuchers;

                 Jarl;  Landlord; Bellhaven 80/-;  Bitter & twisted; Siren Half Mast

Heavy:        Punk IPA;  Tennent’s Special

Lager:         Stella;  Carling;  Peroni; Tennent’s

Cider:          Magners          Guinness

BeGin is the bar-diner of The Hilton. There is a small balcony for limited seating outside and then the entrance takes you to a large rectangular room with the square servery coming off the right-hand wall at the very end. Opposite the counter are two tall tables and a large TV screen. The main area contains round and small tables for dining. Stools are around the servery and free salty snacks are offered. The ceiling is low and so is the lighting, though during the daylight hours a lot of light comes in the front window.

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Heavy:      Goose IPA;  Honker’s Ale;   312 Goose Island

Lager:       Stella;  Tennent’s;   Leffe;  Blue Point Toasted Lager


Bar Soba  is  a pan-Asian food and drink place. A square room and a smaller square bar in the right hand corner. Normal dining tables along window side and on side wall. Tall tables in middle of room.  Bright and airy from large windows it is a sister pub to one in Merchant city, Edinburgh and Leeds.

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Heavy/PA:     Blue Moon;  Chieftain (Franciscan Well)

Lager:     Staroperaman;  Asali;  Cobra;  Coors;

Cider: Rekorderlig

Glasgow West End trail - Hillhead subway to Kelvin Hall subway (blue icons)

Take the subway from anywhere and alight at Hillhead. Turn right and almost next door  is the The Curler's Rest. Walk up and away from the subway to find the Oran Mor at the traffic lights. Cross over and walk down to BeGin. Continue walking down Byres Road and find Tennents. Cross over and walk down to Bar Soba and then further down to The Hill. Cross immediately over the road to The Aragon. Continue to walk down and find the entrance door to The Record Factory. At the bottom of byres road and across the street is The Three Judges. Walk along to the subway and opposite it is The Bag O'Nails. Cross over to Kelvinhall Subway

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The TEN Glasgow trails in the centre of the city and THREE in the West End consist of:


Three trails exploring 3 of the main streets in the city centre HOPE St;  RENFIELD St and WEST NILE St


Two trails are around Squares GEORGE SQUARE and  the OLD FRUIT MARKET in Merchant City.


Another five trails take in : QUEEN St & GLASSFORD St,  Around THE TRONGATE,   JAMAICA St/ST ENOCH, BATH St and WATERLOO St & BOTTOM of HOPE St


The pubs on the trails are shown on the map below.

All of the trails are near both Glasgow Central station and Queen St station so are easily accessed by public transport.




SUBWAY CRAWL  - 15 subway stops and their closest bars