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Morgan’s is the cafe-bar and bar dining of The Exchange Hotel and  restaurant. There is outside seating on the large corner pavement. It is attractively and brightly decorated with a wooden floor and servery. The spacious bar area has a mixture of bar stools, couches and tall tables as well as plenty of standing space. This opens out to a bar dining area.

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Real Ale : Shropshire Gold


Lager:          Estrella; Carling; Grolsch; Kozel;  Coor’s Light

Cider :          Stowford press Guinness

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It does not matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you have plenty of glasses.

The Armoury (Brunning & Price) is a former late 18th century armoury and then a bakery. It is an impressively large building both in area and volume. The large arched windows let in lots of light. The servery and standing to drink area is in front of the entrance. To the right and left are large tabled areas for eating.

Food and service is up to the chain’s usual high standard,

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Real Ale:    Cheshire Cat (Weetwood); The Golden arrow (Longden); Oracle (Salopian); Off The Rails

                    (Stonehouse); Shropshire Lad (Wood’s); Brunning & Price Original Bitter; KPA (Stonehouse) ;

                    Arizona (Phoenix); Mojo ( Monty’s)

Lager:          Becks; Carling; Lowenbrua

Cider: Rosie pig ; Stowford press; Aspall Guinness

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On leaving the car park of The Shrewsbury Hotel cross over the main road at the bridge to keep walking along the river. In quick succession are The Waterfront and The Armoury. Cutting back there is a pathway between These two pubs. Walking up the brings you to Montgomery's Tower.


Section 2 Up to the town.  (yellow icons)

Coming out of Montgomery's Tower cross the road and turn left at the corner. Walk up the left hand side of this road until you reach The Bellstone on the corner of a lane. Leaving here walk up to the next corner and visit Morgan's.

On exit turn to the right and follow the road around and up a slight hill (St John's Hill) and turn into Cross hill on the left. Walk up this narrow road and on the corner will be The Coach and Horses.(Go in by the door on the corner.)

Coming out of here walk along to the left where two buildings down is The Admiral Benbow (on next page)

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Bellstone is a large modern pub on two levels and the Bellstone boutique hotel above it. A relaxing seating area with low tables at the front.  Then a short flight of stairs leads up to a large room and a the very shiny L-shaped bar. This serves a room with upholstered group seating around side the  and a restaurant area. The decor is black seating, light wood floor and steel .


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Lager: Brooklyn Lager; Blue Moon; Peroni; Coors

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

The Coach and Horses , dating from 1861, is a corner pub with a restaurant. The corner door takes you into a small triangular bar with fireplace and 5 tables. A screen pulls down in front of fireplace wall to show TV events. Round to the left is a small hexagonal snug. Down a short passage, which connects to the side entrance,  and to the right is the lounge. The lounge has a large restaurant stretching off to the left. The chef reached the quarter finals of masterchef.


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Real ale:   Oracle (Salopian); Ow Do (Six Bells Brewery); Twisted Spire (Hobsons); Rye IPA (Slaters)

Lager:       Stella, Stella Black; Becks

Cider: Sweeney Mountain; Rekorderlig; Thatchers Guinness

Montgomery’s Tower is a large Lloyd’s No 1with two very distinct serving and drinking areas. Both areas have a variety of seating and table heights. The right hand side is smaller and darker with the large servery straight ahead. This side is quieter during the day. This is because the left hand has picture windows down both sides of the building making it much lighter and attractive. The servery here is round to the right. Off of this area is a small patio.

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Real Ale: Shropshire lad; Shropshire Gold; Doombar; Post Horn (Coach House); Double Header; End of days (Blackwater)

Bitter:  John Smith; Devil’s Backbone

Lager:   Tuborg; Carlsberg; 1664; Stella

Cider: Stowford press; Guinness

Local Breweries


Salopian  67 Mytton Oak Rd, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, SY3 8UQ


Stonehouse Oswestry, Shropshire, SY10 9ES


Three Tuns


Ironbridge & Wrekin Brewery




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Leonard Cohen - Closing Time

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The Waterfront has a large frontage with a balcony containing tables and chairs either side of the large doorway. Inside it is one large squarish room with a high ornate ceiling. It is the bar -restaurant part of a complex which includes the night club called Bonds. The Waterfront has tiled area at the servery but the main area is a wooden floor with tables and chairs. The wall opposite the servery has large bookcases decorating the wall and several booths for sitting in. As a food place with a carvery it had a lingering smell of food.

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Real Ale :  Tribute; Atlantic (sharps); Doombar; Darwin’s Origin; Lemon Dream (both Salopian); Shropshire

                   Hills beauty (Wood’s)

Lager:        Carling; Peroni; Sharp’s pilsner

Cider:          Aspall;  Stowford Press Guinness

Section 2 - Up to the Town

A fine beer may be judged with only one sip, but it’s better to be thoroughly sure.


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