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Seend is a small village in Wiltshire which the A361 runs through on its way to Devises. Only one pub, the Bell, is in the centre of the village. The rest are close to the canal and therefore better approached on the A365 from Melksham to Devises.  At the road closer to Devises is the Three Magpies pub at Sells Green. While at the road closer to Melksham is a sign post to the Barge Inn, which is on the canal.

The major brewery for the area is Wadworths which has a brewery in Devises.

All of the pubs in Seend sell Wadworths beers.

The pubs are quite far apart. The Three Magpies is easiest to start at being found on the A365. 25 minutes walk along the canal leads you to the Barge Inn, a few minutes from this is the Brewery Tap. A further 20 minutes into the village is The Bell and 20 minutes further on through the village returns you to The Three Magpies.

Comfortable long bar/lounge


Extensive menu in restaurnt area and also in the lounge.


Has a nice local feel.

Good Pub Guide 2013

Have several pints here.


Real Ales: Wadworths Horizon, 6X and Henry's



(01380) 828389

Sells Green, SN12 6RN Melksham

To: The Three Magpies

Very picturesque pub right on the canal. Excellent outside seating by the canal.

Excellent food in restaurant area and lounge. In the evening food does take over. It is why people travel to it.

Good Pub Guide 2013


You cannot help but stay for a few.


real ales: Horizon, Henry's IPA and 6X (all Wadworths)



(01380) 828230 - Seend Cleeve, SN12 6QB Melksham.

To: The Barge Inn To: The Bell


In centre of the village. Local look inside and restaurant off to the side.


Closed - converting to flats

A fourth pub, The Brewery Inn does exist in Seend just up  the road from the Barge Inn. Unfortunately it was closed at visit Looks a pleasant country Inn. It is advertised on the bridge at the canal, however, unfortunately through this bridge can be seen The Barge Inn which will attract all but the hardened traveller  - shame.

Now open, althouigh closed Monday and Tuesday, and only in evening Wednesday and Thursday. Offers food

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