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The Schooler Inn has seating to either side of the bar with small round tables and further seating a few steps up on the left. It has a nautical theme around the walls. There are a couple of small TVs. Dogs welcomed. Sells both John Smith and Samuel Smith bitter!!!

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bitter:             John Smith; Black Sheep;  Bombardier ; Samuel Smiths Sovereign  Schooner      

lager:             Bud;  Carling;

Cider:             Bellhaven Black

The Olde Ship Inn is the busiest pub in town. It has a small bar to the right of the entrance with dining rooms beyond this. The small bar serves a L-shaped room. For its size the counter has a tremendous  amount of real ale on display. Non-real ale beers are actually harder to see as there are small shelves (for passing pints over on) covering their badges. Although small and busy there is no problem being served as there are plenty of barmen. Captains bar, a lounge with a small service counter of off the corridor to the right. More seating at end of corridor

The pub has a nautical theme all over the walls and hanging from the roof

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2016.

Has a regionally important historic interior

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real ale :      Nel’s Best; Theakston’s Best; Ruddles County; Directors;  Pilgrim’s Way (Acton); Seahouses Pale Ale (Acton);

                    Old Speckled Hen; Black Sheep; Ball Park; Farne Island (Hadrians Border)

bitter:           John Smiths;  Exhibition;  Best Scotch

lager:          Sageres;  1664;  Fosters

Cider:         Strongbow;  Henry Weston

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It was a woman who drove me to drink and I forgot to thank her.


WC Fields 

Seahouses is a village on the Northumberland coast easily accessed from the A1 it is south of Berwick-on-Tweed and North of Alnwick.


From the harbour there are boat trips to the Farne Islands. Close by is Bamburgh Castle set in the picturesque village of Bamburgh.

Also, within easy access is Holy Isle (Lindisfarne).



This part of the Northumberland coast is designated an area of outstanding beauty and has a variety of wildlife - especially birds. The area also has many historic castles

The Bamburgh  Castle Inn is a  hotel overlooking the harbour at Seahouses.

The bar serves a large dining area. Dogs welcome.

Beer Garden.


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real ale :      Farne Island;  Tyneside Blonde (both Hadrians Border);

                     Black Sheep

bitter:           Tetleys Smooth Flow

lager:           San Miguel

Cider:          Somersby                 Guinness


How many rode into the valley of death in Tennyson's poem?



The pubtrail is a circular route starting at the main car park and bus stop beside a roundabout close to the harbour.


Walk down towards the harbour to The Olde Ship on the right and then The Bambrugh Castle Inn on the left. Leaving here walk down to the harbour and turn right. As this road leaves the harbour on the right-hand corner is the Black swan Inn. Right next door to it is The Schooner Inn.

Walk right up to the top of this road and cross over the main road. Slightly along to the right is The Links Hotel.

Leaving here walk along to roundabout and turn right. This will take you back to where you started and possibly another visit to The Olde Ship.

Real Ale Trail


Four out of the five pubs sell real ale. The exception is The Schooner


The Links Hotel is the most modern, decor wise, pub in Seahouses. It has a formal restaurant and dining in the long bar. There is a large Tv and pool table at the end of the bar. Pool is not allowed until food has finished being served. Service is excellent.

Bar does not open until 6pm.

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real ale :         Black Sheep;  Velo Pale Ale

bitter:              Theakstons Best; John Smith

lager:              Stella;  Bitburger; Fosters

Cider:             Strongbow                      Guinness


David Hockney