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The Ship, looking for a new master

The Castle Tavern is owned by The Richmond Brewing Company. It has a small frontage with door on the left, however, it goes back far. The entrance opens into a long thin room. there is some seating immediately by the window and off to the right there are steps down to a small side room. The servery then starts on the right hand wall and stretches up half of the pub. Opposite the servery is banquette seating with tables. Beyond the servery the room opens out and there are some tall tables. This is then followed, down a step, by banquette seating with tables on either side leading to fireplace on back wall. The start of the pub up to the servery is quite dark with low ceiling, dark wood and small windows. The rear area is lighter with olive and dark green walls. Richmond Brewing beers are £2.50

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real ale: Black Sheep;  Wainwright Golden; Richmond Pale Ale;  Gun Dog

keg:      John Smiths

lager:    Stella;  Carling;  Fosters

cider:    Richmond’s;  Magners dark Fruit                     Guinness

Number 29 Alehouse and Gin Bar is a micropub with a shop style window overlooking the junction. The single room has the small servery at the end, banquette seating down the left side, tables and chairs down the right and a shelve table with stools along the window. Tapas, wine and gin are also on the menu. The room has very clean sharp lines and a large mirror. The servery has a wooden counter and facia.

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Real ale:   Falconer;  Semer Water (both Wensleydale brewery);  Rudgate Ruby Mild

Keg:           Shipyard

Lager:        Estrella;  Konig Ludwig Weissbier

Ralph Fitz Randall  is the Wetherspoons’ pub in the town. It is a large pub with three distinct drinking areas. To the left of the entrance is a large room with dining tables and chairs and large TV. Further down from the entrance and down some stairs is the room with the servery along the left wall. This has mainly tall tables opposite the counter. Further on and down some more stairs and overlooked by the middle area is the largest room, overlooked by the middle area, it has booths down the right hand side and mainly dining height tables in the rest of the room. The outside patio is off of this room to the left.

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real ale: Dreadnought;  JD Boss Hogg (Wadworth); Bellhave Barn Dance; Ruby Celebration Ale; Doom Bar; Ruddles; Saltaire Cascade; Saltaire Amarillo

keg:      John Smiths

lager:    Fosters;  Carling;  Staroperamen

cider:    Strongbow;  Strongbow Dark Fruit                     Guinness

Richmondshire Cricket Club billed as the “social hub of Richmond” with “the best beer garden in town”. A lovely open ground with a large attractive clubhouse at top. The entrance to club house takes to a large red room with a servery along left wall. There is also an entrance to another large room between entrance door and servery which has a small serving counter. The room to the left is large with seats and tables round the sides and a large space in the middle. The red room is more of a lounge with banquette seating around sides with tables and chairs in the middle of the right hand side and a pool table in the centre of the right hand side. Both rooms are decorated with pictures of cricket. Further on through from the red room are more rooms including a large function room. Outside of the club house is a large patio areas which has lots of wooden tables.

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Keg bitter:  John Smith;  Theakston’s Best;  Tetley’s

Lager:          Carlsberg;  Tuborg;  San Miguel

Cider:           Somersby;  Kopparberg Blac

Richmond Market Place from the Castle



Drink and Music


Alcohol by Brad Paisley

If you drink don't drive. Don't even putt.

Dean Martin

Retracing your steps back from The Holly tree Inn takes you back to the Market square and across on the other side of the square is The Castle Tavern. Go down the Market place and turn left and just as you reach the next junction is the micropub Number 29.

Continue along this road and at the end of it is The Ship which is currently closed. From the ship go up the stairs to the road and turn left walking down to the Ralph Fitz Randal. Rather than risk The Ship being closed you could walk up the junction after No. 29 (Dundas St) and turn left at the roundabout to find the Ralph Fitz Randal (Wetherspoons). Leaving here and looking across the next roundabout there is The Turf Hotel.

Up from The Turf is The Fleece which is now a hotel. However, following the road round on and passed the junction on the left is The Richmondshire Cricket Club. Walk back down to the main road and continue along to the right (Victoria Rd), turning left at the junction and left again into the tree lined Newbiggin which has, hidden behind trees across the street, The Buck Hotel. Further along, on other side is the Comrades Club followed by The Unicorn.

At this corner go straight across and walk along to The Black Lion. Leaving here walk on to the market square and turn left and the large King's Head Hotel is at the next road leaving the square.

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The Turf Hotel  has, in the right door, a large bar and, in the left door, a large lounge. Bote have outside seating in front of their particular door from the style of each it is easy to see the lounge from the bar. The bar is a large room with servery on left hand wall. Tall tables line the window side. pool table in middle of wooden floor with TVs on left wall and by the servery.

The lounge has a carpeted seating area to the left with brick feature wall and fireplace in middle and banquette seating around sides. To the right of entrance is the servery in the left hand corner. Some seating is arranged by the window to the right. At the left of servery are a few steps up to another room with banquette seating along either side and fireplace in far wall.

Have a pint here.

real ale: Boltmaker;  Doombar

keg:      John Smiths;  Maltsmiths IPA

lager:    Amstel; Fosters;  Birra Moretti

cider:    Strongbow dasrk Fruit;  Strongbow Cloudy Apple                     Guinness

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