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Richmond (Yorkshire) 1

Richmond, Yorkshire, a historic market town in the heart of North Yorkshire

4 miles from Scotch corner where the A66 and A1 meet.


The predominant real ales in Richmond come from the two breweries in Masham, Black Sheep and Theakstons. 

Richmond pubs can be split mainly into two groups; those around the square (6) and those off the square (8) and The Holly Hill Inn a little bit away from the centre of town (but worth the visit).

Black Sheep is the beer of choice in many of the pubs although almost everywhere as in the past.

There are thirteen pubs, two clubs and unfortunately one closed pub awaiting a new landlord. Almost all pubs serve real ale although the clubs do not.

This circular route can be started at any pub.

The two clubs on the route; The Cricket Club and the Comrades Club have varied opening hours, otherwise the rest are open all day. Avoiding The Holly Hill Inn (a shame to miss it) and/or the Ship reduces the length, distance and time. spent.

The Market place is easy to find and in the top left corner is The Talbot Hotel (the Richmond Hotel now a coffee shop). Going down the Market Place is The Bishop Blaize and almost next door The Golden Lion and then down to The Town Hall Hotel

Walking down to the corner of the Market Square turn right to begin the walk to The Holly Hill Inn. Turn right into New St and continue along it until able to turn down Bridge St, which as suggested, takes you across a bridge and up a hill. The hill curves round and at the top on the right is The Holly tree Inn.

Retracing your steps takes you back to the Market square and across on the other side of the square is The Castle Tavern. Go down the Market place and turn left and just as you reach the next junction is the micropub Number 29.

Continue along this road and at the end of it is The Ship which is currently closed. From the ship go up the stairs to the road and turn left walking down to the Ralph Fitz Randal . Rather than risk the Ship being closed you could walk up the junction after No. 29 (Dundas St) and turn left at the roundabout to find the Ralph Fitz Randal (Wetherspoons). Leaving here and looking across the next roundabout there is The Turf Hotel.

Up from The Turf is The Fleece which is now a hotel. However, following the road round on and passed the junction on the left is The Richmondshire Cricket Club. Walk back down to the main road and continue along to the right (Victoria Rd), turning left at the junction and left again into the tree lined Newbiggin which has, hidden behind trees across the street, The Buck Hotel. Further along, on other side is the Comrades Club followed by The Unicorn.

At this corner go straight across and walk along to The Black Lion. Leaving here walk on to the market square and turn left and the large King's Head Hotel is at the next road leaving the square.

The Talbot Hotel has windows either side of the entrance door. To the right is a small seating area close by the servery which is a square wooden counter coming from the right.  Opposite the counter is a larger opened out room with three tables, stools and comfy chairs. Beyond the servery is an area with tall tables and then a carpeted area with tables and soft seating  and banquette  seating around the rear window. Six TVs and music playing. Lighting is subdued with only a little natural light from the front windows. The rear room is much brighter. Low prices

Have a half pint here.

real ale: Hobgoblin Gold;  Landlord

keg:      John Smiths; Shipyard

lager:    San Miguel; Stella; Fosters;  Carling;  Carlsberg;  Coors

cider:    Magners                     Guinness

The Bishop Blaize has an entrance in middle of the building. The room to the left has seating around the room although dominated by a pool table. The room to the right has banquette seating around the window. Then some standing area before the servery which is on the right wall. When standing at servery counter there is not much room for passing between customer and left hand wall. Beyond the servery the room opens out into a large dining area up a few steps.

Have a pint here.

real ale: Wainwright Golden

keg:      John Smiths

lager:    Fosters;  Carling;  Birra Moretti; Coors

cider:    Flat Tyre Cloudy Cider                     Guinness

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      “Drinking beer doesn't make you fat, it makes you lean....

Against bars, tables, chairs, and poles


Constance Markievicz (1918) – refused to take her seat


What is the real name of then American Rap star Eminem?




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Billy Joel

Piano man

The Golden Lion is a small pub with a beer patio to the rear. It has probably been a two roomed pub at some point but is now been opened up. Round to the right is the bar area and to the left hand side is the lounge. The bar area has the servery on back wall. The room has tables and chairs with some banquette seating around the window area. The floor is laminated and there are some wooden barrels as tables for standing customers and a TV on wall. The right hand wall and ceiling have exposed beams. The carpeted lounge area has banquette seating around the window and some small tables in centre of room. There is also a darts board and a DJ corner. There is a large outside seating area through to the back of the pub.

Have a half pint here.

real ale: Hobgoblin;  Wainwright Golden

keg:      Banks

lager:    Stella;  Carlsberg;  Fosters

cider:    Strongbow                     Guinness

Sherlock’s dog friendly pubs.


Richmond is an excellent place for dogs with most pubs allowing dogs in and several allowing humans to eat with their dogs. Particularly great welcomes (and treats) in Holly Hill Inn, The Black Lion, the King’s Head and The Castle Tavern.

The Town Hall has a large outside table area looking across the square. The centre door leads to a large pub with low ceiling and subdued lighting from wall mounted lights and lamps. To the right is a large room with dining style tables. There is plenty of standing room around the servery. To the left is the servery with some seating along the window side. To the left of the servery there is access to a small side room, in the corner of the building, which has tall tables. This small room then continues up to the right behind the servery and along the outside wall with more tall tables then again dining style tables on a slightly raised bit.

Have a half pint here

keg:       Maltsmiths IPA;  John Smith;  Laguna Daytime

lager:    Amstel;  Fosters;  1664

cider:    Strongbow;  Strongbow Dark Fruit                  Guinness

What's in a name?

                              The Bishop Blaize


The patron saint of wool-combers was Bishop Blaize. The Fleece, outside the market place, also harks back to the wool industry.


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Richmond two

The Holly Hill Inn is across the river and up a steep hill but well worth the visit. It has outside patio seating to the right and there are picnic tables in the field beside the car park. Once in the entrance there are two doors to choose from; one labelled Restaurant & Snug and the other Bar.

The Restaurant & Snug door takes you to a small seating area beside a small curved servery. Through in the far right corner is a large restaurant laid out as a banqueting hall with beams and large tables. There is access to a large grassy area with tables from the restaurant.

The Bar door leads to a two roomed lounge area. There is seating around the walls and window with the servery on the back wall. To the left of servery there are a few steps up to another seating area, overlooks the room below. This has seven dining style tables, TV and dart board and shares a chimney with the lower room. Thin brown ceiling beams and a cream décor.

Have a pint here.

real ale: Black Sheep;  Landlord;  Moutere (Wensleydale); Flower Power (St Austell)

keg:      John Smiths

lager:    Stella;  Carling;  San Miguel

cider:    Thatchers                     Guinness

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