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The Merchant Bar is the up-market looking bar of the Bosville Hotel. This is a contemporary boutique hotel with lounge and restaurant The bar counter takes up most of the back wall of the thin room.  There is one table at the back left and some low seating at the back right with a fire on the adjacent side wall. There is not a lot of space between door and the bar counter, but enough for a line of stools and some standing space. To the left of the entry are several dining size tables with a TV on the short left side wall. To the right of the entry are several high tables and stools. Also on right hand wall is entrance to Hotel and restaurant. This is a whisky dominated bar (approx. 115 malts) with knowledgeable  staff. Tourists are often to be found asking advice and tasting different whiskies between them. Dave from Dalry, the barman is knowledgeable  and patient.

Although the whisky display, uniformed bar staff and general ambience suggest up-market bar it is not the dearest for beer.

Have a pint or two here.

Real ale:       Sky Gold; Skye Black; Skye Red (all Skye Brewery)

Heavy:          Innes & Gunn IPA; Orkney Gold; Eilean-Or Golden Ale

Lager:          West4

The Isles bar counter is straight in oppsite the door with only a little space for standing and bar stools. The counter has a thatched roof above it as it tries to create a feeling of being a replica of a Jocobite drinking room. To the left is a dining area with tables packed in with dining staff working hard during the evening. To the right there are some high tables and stools at the windows. The room also opens up with low tables and cushioned seating which are again packed into the room. There is a roaring fire heating the room. The bar also has a beer garden up steps at the rear.

Have a pint here

Real ale:     Sky Gold;  Skye Red

Heavy:        Innes & Gunn Roasted Oak IPA; Coast To Coast IPS (Caledonian); Tetley's

Lager:         Tennent’s; Stella; Hoegarden; Amstel

Strongbow and Dark Fruit        Guinness

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Portree is a village on the Isle of Skye and is also the biggest place on the island. The population of the village is greatly increased by the number of tourists, especially from Europe and America, visiting the island.

The island is known for spectacular scenery, hill and costal walks. There are also many visitor attractions such as Dunvegan Castle and Talisker Distillary. There are boat trips to view wild life, visit St Kilda or travel to the Outer Herbrides.

      Prior to reaching Skye there is Glen Shiel to travel through and Eilean Donnan to visit.

MacNab’s is the bar of The Royal Hotel. Bottom floor of the hotel also has a fancy restaurant and a large pub food dining area through from the bar. This dining area also has a large TV screen. The main bar is through glass doors at the far end. The bar itself is entered from the other corner of the building. This has a pool table in the middle of the large floor area. The servery is at the opposite wall. There is some comfy seating along the window side of the room. There are settles along the curving left side wall with some small tables. To the right of the bar are the doors to the dining area.

Real ale:  Origin; Black Face both Cullin brewery

Heavy:     Ember;  Caledonia Best

Lager:     Tennent’s; Stella; Heverlee

Magners;  Old English (Gaymers)            Guinness


What historic event made Pudding lane famous?



The Pier Hotel has a small one roomed bar. The small counter is on the far wall with seating along window side and far wall. There is a strange mural painted on this far wall. A very pleasant local's pub.

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Heavy:        Ember;  John Smith

Lager:        Tennent’s; Stella4

Ye Olde English         Guinness

On a day trip.

Starting from the main Square, which is the main bus stop and the village car park. Start at The Isles which is in the far left corner of the Square then to the West Highland Bar is opposite the bus stop. After leaving The West Highland bar walk away from the square towards the main road. turn left here and walk along to Mac Nab's Inn (at The Royal Hotel). Exit the bar via the large dining room and exit the hotel at the far corner and cross over the road to a flight of steps taking you down to the harbour. Walk along the harbour to The Pier Hotel.

After leaving The Pier Hotel walk back to the steps but go up the hill instead. At the top of the hill where it meets the main road, look up to your right and see Merchant Bar at the next corner. Walk back down to the town and turn right to find The Tongadale Hotel just along on the left. leaving here and continuing along the main shopping street brings you back to the starting Square.

Real Ale Trail


Four of the pubs sell real ale. These all serve beers brewed in Sky. The Isles, Merchant Bar and West Highland bar serve beer from The Isle of Skye brewery at Uig, while MacNab's Inn serves beer from The Cullin Brewery


Tongadale Hotel is a small hotel on the main shopping road. The bar takes up the right-hand wall. There is plenty of stools and standing area from entrance to bar. To the left of the entrance is a small area with tables and seating.  Through the back from this is the restaurant.

Have a pint here.

Heavy:    Caledonia Best; Ember

Lager:     Tennent’s; Bear Faced (Drygate); Haverlee



Drink and Music

Rev Horton Heat

Martini Time

Have a drink, I'll look better.

West Highland Bar is the bar of The Portree Hotel. Also on outside wall is ‘Antlers Bar and Grill’, however this is in fact a restaurant. The bar is in the right-hand corner of the back wall with two booths opposite it and a TV on the side wall. There is plenty of standing room in front of the bar. The left-hand side of the room has some dining seating and another TV. Beyond this is an arch to enter the restaurant.

Have a pint here

Rea ale:      Sky Gold;  Skye Red

Heavy:        Innes & Gunn Dark Aged Beer;  Bellhaven Best; Mosaic Pale Ale (Adnams)

Lager:        Carlsberg; West4; Three Hop Lager (Caledonian)

Cider :       Somersby             Guinness


All of the pubs are actually linked to hotels. This should be no surprise in a town full of tourists visiting the Isle of Skye.

  All of the bars have restaurants as well as being hotels. Most of the hotel restaurants seem to only take reservations for guests; for the rest of visitors it is first come first seated. This saves empty tables awaiting someone who has booked.

Surprisingly only one, The Isles, has outdoor seating in a beer garden. Equally surprisingly, given the tourist nature of Portree, is that the loud bad language heard in half the places from half drunken men, competing with each other, is worse than anywhere else visited by the website.

Price comparison

All for Skye Red (except Mac Nab's)


The Isles                 £3.95

West Highlend bar   £3.90

The Pier (bottle)       £3.90

The Merchant          £3.95

The Tongagate (bottle)


MacNabs - pint of real ale - Cullin's Origin -        £4.10