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The Old Mill Inn has a lot of outside seating along the lane at the front of the building. Further seating on raised decking overlooks a waterwheel and allows entrance to the bar.

The room is L-shaped with a L-shaped servery with fonts on both legs of the counter.  The left side of the room has the longer leg and offers comfy seating and is the food ordering area. This widens out at the end with a large TV screen. The shorter leg has dining style seating in the centre and booths against the wall. The far wall has a fireplace in the middle and beyond this is further dining seating with booths to the left and tables and chairs to the right.

It is popular for good food in the evening with very efficient and polite service.

Real Ale guide (CAMRA) 2016

Have a pint or two here Real ale: Corncrake;  Landlord; Head East (Strathbraan)

          Strathbraan Brewery also brews Due South, Look West and True North)  

Heavy (bitter): Bellhave Best;  Yardbird;  Dead Pony Club

Lager: Peroni;  Tennent’s;  St Mungo

Cider: Aspall Suffolk Guinness

Drummond’s is a small pub with extensive outside seating in front, on decking to left of it and going down the hill behind it. Inside there is a small bar to the left and dining seating all around two seating areas.

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Heavy (bitter):  St Andrew’s Ale;  Bellhaven Best

Lager:           Carling;  Tennent’s

Cider:           Strongbow Guinness

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Pitlochry is a small Scottish town situated in Perthshire. It is off of the A9 to Inverness and also has a railway station. It is an old Victorian town with about 3,000 people; however, the population swells with tourists most of the year attracted to its many hotels, lots of B & Bs and as day trippers. It is a centre for hill walking and country pursuits.

Places around town to visit include the fish ladder at the hydroelectric power station , Blair Atholl Whisky Distillery  and Edradiour Distillery . There is also the Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Further afield are the castles Blair Castle and Castle Menzies

Macnab’s is the bar of Scotland’s Hotel. It is entered by a door on the far corner of the hotel. The room is long and this with the servery along the long back wall.  Cushioned wall seating with tables is along the opposite wall. Servery does not stretch to far end of room where it widens to offer more seating and TV area.

Have a half pint

Heavy (bitter): Ossian;  Bellhaven Best

Lager: Peroni;  Tennent’s

Cider:            Aspall Suffolk Guinness


How many blackberries were baked in a pie in the nursery rhyme?



The Coach House is the bar connected to Fisher's Hotel. There is a large seating area between road and building. The Coach House is the bar connected to Fisher's Hotel. There is a large seating area between road and building. Entrance to bar takes you to a large room with the bar counter against the far wall. This is large and has a lot of space behind it to accommodate lots of staff. There are pool tables to the left of entrance. Large TV behind bar and several others dotted along the walls. There is plenty of standing room. Tables are along the wall to right of entrance leading to an area with booths at far end. Music at weekends

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Real ale:   Old Hoppy Hen;  Old Golden Hen

Heavy (bitter): Bellhaven best

Lager: Heverlee;  Tennent’s

Cider: Magners Guinness

On a day trip.

Leaving the station, turn right away from the road and walk along a path running alongside the railway line until you reach a public garden beside a small tunnel leading under the railway line. Turn down this road and find Drummond’s at the next corner. Now walk back up, through the tunnel and onto the main road running through Pitlochry. Cross the road here.

Walk up until and turn right at the first junction onto Bonnethill Rd. The large  building up on the right is Scotland’s Hotel which has Macnab’s Bar at the next corner.

Return to the main road and walk upwards the bus stops then cross over to The Coach House (the bar of Fisher’s Hotel).

Back across the road from The Coach House there is a lane leading off from the pavement follow this round to The Old Mill Inn. Leaving her, continue along the lane which will take you back to the main road. Continue up this road, under the canopy, to McKay’s Hotel on the next block.  Further up the raod is The Auld Smithy Inn.

If you feel like a longer walk the Golf Bar is 500yds up the road running up along-side The Auld Smithy.  The road back to the station is opposite McKay’s Hotel.

Real Ale Trail


Four of the pubs sell real ale. These are all in a line on the main street or just of it and easily seen. These are The Coach House and across from it The Old Mill Inn. Further up the main street are McKay's Hotel and the Auld Smithy Inn


McKay’s Hotel has a narrow walled outside seating area, either side of the entrance, which it makes the best off by using different sizes of tables and styles of seating to sit a lot of drinkers along side the main road. Inside the pub is large and open plan with several distinct drinking/seating areas. There is dining style seating to the immediate left with a large TV.  Further through from this is the hotel reception and some more quiet seating. To the right  of the entrance is a large area with couches and low tables, and large windows  going up the side.  In the middle of the room is the servery to the right, a large standing area and further dining seating opposite it, again with a large TV. Just beyond the bar and up a step is a small area with some tall tables and stools. Through from this is a large dining room which can operate as a function room with its own bar. This also has a pool table in the far corner and a large TV. Good food.

Music is on most Thursday to Sunday nights

Have a pint or two here

Real ale: Fair Maid;  Bellhaven 80/-;  Golden bay; St Andrew’s Ale;  Ossian

Heavy (bitter): Bellhaven best

Lager: 1664;  Ben-y-Vrackie Lager (Bellhaven);  Heineken

Cider: Bellhaven Black Stout

The Auld Smithy Inn is an L-shaped one room restaurant pub with two different outside seating areas. There is a front garden with six tables and large umbrellas. There is also a rear courtyard up the side of the building. The front door leads to a room with tables to left and some tables in booths to the right. The servery is on the far left hand wall.  Further round is the back door to the rear courtyard. Busy with food in early evening

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Real ale: Red Macgregor

Heavy (bitter): Bellhaven Best

Lager: The Auld Smithy Inn Lager

Cider: Strongbow Guinness


Melton Mowbray

Have a drink, I'll look better.

Golf Bar is the bar of the local golf club which welcomes non-members as customers for food and drink. From the road you see the back of the club house as the front of bar overlooks the golf course.

It has a large open plan room with a large square servery coming out of the back wall. The furnishings are light wood with a far and side wall of glass looking over the course. Doors lead to decking with outside seating. The right hand side has some sofas in front of a TV. Offers food

Have a pint here

Heavy (bitter): Bellhaven Best

Lager: 1664;  Ben-y-Vrackie;  One Point Two Lager (both Bellhaven – the 1.2 refers to the percentage of alcohol)

Cider: Strongbow Guinness