Penzance 2

Local Breweries beers on sale include :
Cornish Crown - One Hop Grain (4.1% pale ale), SPA (4.8% special pale ale), Golden Crown (4% golden ale), Causeway (4.1% dark amber bitter), IPA (5.5%), St Michael's (4% light amber bitter)

St Austell - Tribute (4.2% Pale Ale), Proper Job (4.5% IPA), Korev (4.8% Cornish Lager), HSD (5% strong ale), Cornish Best (3.5% Best bitter)

Real Ale Trail

Most pubs sell real ale - only The Seven sisters and The Cornish Barn do not.

28 pubs in a long trail for a lengthy visit - shorter trails for shorter visits indicated later

After The Farmer’s Arms and then across the road and up The Fountain Tavern. Walk back down and past The London Inn and cross over the road and go right and set back from the road is The White Lion. Continue on this road away from the town and at a cross roads there is The First and Last Inn.
You now need to head down hill to the promenade and this is your longest walk without a pub. Continue along out of time and turn down Trewithen Road, fourth right turn along although the other three are unfortunately dead ends. Head down this road which joins Alexandra Road and keep going down until just before the Promenade is Alexandra Inn.
Now turn left and head back into town along the promenade. Turn left after the amusement arcade andup a few steps is Bath Inn. Continue along promenade and The Queens appears quite soon and then after that is The Lugger Inn. Go round the corner after this and along a few steps is The Navy. Now back and along the prom where the outdoor swimming pool is on the shore side and opposite it and back a little is the art deco Yacht Inn.
Continue along and the prom ends and round the corner to four possible pubs. The Dolphin Tavern is on the corner, opposite it is The Bridge Bar along a little is The Boatshed and just up from The Dolphin is The Dock Inn. After The Dock Inn we have to walk back up to the town via this street, Chapel St. Not long going up is Admiral Benbow and opposite it The Cornish Barn and up a bit, The Turks Head. Continuing up and on the right is Union Hotel and then on the left is The Globe.
Turn left here to The Seven Sisters, then wander back to The Globe and continue up and turn right into main shopping road. Here on the right is The Tremenheere and down a little further is The Star Inn. Continue down this hill and back to the train station etc.

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The Fountain Tavern has outside seating to front and side. Once inside there are round tables to the left and then the servery fills the rest of the left side wall. Opposite the servery towards the back is some banquette seating and round tables. The right hand wall has a fireplace with some tall tables. Beyond the bar area there is a seating area laid out as a dining room. family and dog friends but just outside the tourist walk.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Tribute; Atlantic; Sun Chaser
Keg: John Smith
Lager: Carling; Fosters; 1664
Cider: Thatcher’s Gold; Stowford press; Addlestone

Penzance Pub short crawl

For a short pub crawl just visit the pubs shown by the red Icons on the map.

9 to visit
The Lamp and Whistle
The Crown
The Star Inn
Union Hotel
The Turks Head
Admiral Benbow
The Lugger Inn
The Yacht Inn
The Dock
The First and Last would be a 10th if you can get there after 5.30 on a week day

The White Lion is a pleasant one roomed pub with the servery beginning half way along the right hand side. Banquette seating is around the room with small tables and stools. Lots of standing room around right hand side of servery. Unpretentious and off of tourist radar but family friendly with loud 70s music and outside seating by pavement.
Have a pint here
Real ale: Directors ; Young’s Special
Keg: John Smith
Lager: 1664; Fosters; Carling; Sharp’s Pilsner
Cider: Thatcher’s Gold; Strongbow; Strongbow
Cloudy Apple; Strongbow Dark Fruit Guinness

I drink so much that the last time I gave a urine sample it had an olive in it.

Rodney Dangerfield

First and Last Inn is a traditional separate bar and lounge pub. Left takes you to the small bar and right to the larger lounge. The servery has a small counter in each room and the lounge has a further area with dining tables beyond the seating by the counter. The small bar has 4 tables with seating. There is outside seating along the front of the building. Family friendly with some games available in the bar.
Have a pint here
Does no open until 5pm on weekdays
Real ale: Tribute; Atlantic
Lager: Carling; Grolsh
Cider: Stowford Press


On which British river is Eel Pie Island?

The Alexandra Inn is a single roomed bar with a pool room beyond it. Servery is on wall opposite the windows and has lots of stools. Seating is along the window side with some tables in middle of room. There is a garden to the rear and food is offered.
Have a half pint
Does not open until 3pm weekdays
Real ale: Sharp’s Own
Lager: Sharp’s pilsner; Carling; Grolsch
Cider: Rattler Guinness

Bath Inn is a large and the initial impression is of a food lead pub but in fact food is only available at lunch time. However families are welcome especially in the large garden which has five large tables and canopies amid stone and flower containers with an grassy area with more tables further on. The main entrance offers a small bar to the right and a far larger room to the left. The servery covers both and curves further round in the larger room. This larger room has a TV and pool. Seating in both rooms is barrel chairs around small round tables. More cheerful locals than tourists despite being close to the prom.
Have a pint here
Closes between 3 and 5.30
Real ale: Original; Sea Fury (both Sharps); Arthur (Tintagel);
‘Fraid Not (Exeter)
Keg: Wolf Rock; Worthington; Caffrey’s
Lager: Coors; Carling; Stella; Carlsberg
Cider: Thatcher’s Gold; Rattler Guinness



The Queens is a large hotel on the promenade. The bar is to the left after the entrance and quite a bit along. It is a typical large hotel bar for drinks before or after eating. The servery is against the wall and there are 4 small tables with sofas for sitting.
Have a half pint
Real ale: Tribute
Keg: Tetley’s
Lager: Bud; San Miguel; Carlsberg
Cider: Somersby; Cornish Gold Guinness

The Lugger Inn is a hotel and restaurant with limited seating alongside the servery and on stools by the counter. However, it does have a tremendous amount of outside seating to the front of the building which is packed at weekends. A relaxing blue and white colour scheme and pleasant servery for sitting at. Lots of food availableand children welcome – a bouncy castle can appear in front of hotel at weekends
Have a pint here
Real ale: Doom Bar; Atlantic
Keg: Helter Skelter; Wolf rock
Lager: Sharps pilsner; Staroperaman; Grolsch; Carling
Cider: Rattler; Rekorder; Sharp’s Orchard

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