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The London Inn can be heard before it is seen. Loud 60/70’s music floods out of the rear outside seating area and out of the front door. Entering takes you to the bar with servery on back wall further down the side on the right is a lounge room with one table and two armchairs. Continuing on is the large outside area with four large tables on sloping concreted area. The servery serves the bar in front room and through a smaller space the lounge next door. The bar has three small tables with two stools each on well-worn wooden floor.  Bands and Sunday Karaoke are advertised.  The loud music drowns out customer swearing.

Have a half pint

Real ale: Doom Bar (off)

Keg:             John Smiths

Lager:           Carling;  1664;  Fosters

Cider:           Symonds Founders; Strongbow Dark fruit; Thatcher’s Gold

The Longboat is a hotel with a large pub comfortable part ,garden and separate restaurant.  Although doing food the pub area has plenty of space between tables. This ‘traditional Cornish pub’ has four computer stations forming an internet cafe at the far end of the bar. From the entrance the restaurant is on the left and the pub part straight ahead with seating round to the right. A sign says wait to be seated but walking past the cakes on the counter gets access to bar area which is not as food dominated as suggested.  The servery zig-zags along the left hand wall and where this narrows the room are bar stools and sofas. Beyond this is the internet cafe and a small dining room to the left which has an entrance to a small outside seating area.

Meals available all day and child and dog friendly

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Real ale: Dirty Rucker (Wadsworth);  Tiger (Everards);  Tribute

Lager: Fosters;  Heiniken;  1664

Cider: Strongbow;  Strongbow Cloudy apple;  Symond’s          

                             Founders Guinness

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Penzance  is a town on the coast of Cornwall at Mounts Bay on the English Channel with about 21,000 folk, although this will rise in the holiday season as Penzance has one of the mildest climates in Britain.

Penzance can be reached by train or driven to by motorway to Exeter and then the A30.

Places to visit close by are Land’s End, St Michael’s Mount and an Art Deco outdoor swimming pool. There are also many beaches, other interesting towns like St Ives and Falmouth , and the ferry to the Scilly Isles.  Polldark was filmed in Cornwall and many German tourists visit because a popular serial in German is filmed here.

Perversely, house prices are high and so is unemployment. Traditional employment has not been replaced and many houses are second homes or rented to holiday makers.

The Lamp and Whistle is a wonderfully interesting little corner pub. The servery is on the back wall with four tables and seating around the windows to right and left of door. The wood work making the servery front and walls is, on close inspection, salvaged wood from chairs and tables while the ceiling  is covered in framed paintings. All around the room and ceiniling are interesting items to promote discussion. Modern stools line the counter. there is outside seating by the side of the pub

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Real ale: Phoenix;  Tettnanger Deutsch Ale (Harbour ales)

Keg: London Pale Ale (Meantime); Red Hook IPA

Lager: Piston Head;  Erdinger;  Estrella;  Brooklyn

Cider: South West Orchard



What river flows into Lake Geneva at Geneva?      




The Crown  is the brewery tap for Cornish Crown ales. It is a tyraditional  corner pub which has been tastefully done up with seating along front and steeply down one with and the entrance at the corner. There is seating by round black tables to left by window and against the left wall. The servery is on the wall opposite the door. Through from a door to left of servery is a small lounge with couches. You can bring your own food with Music on Mondays and Quiz on Tuesday.

In CAMRA Good Beer Guide

historic pub interior of some regional importance

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Real ale: SPA;  Causeway;  Porter ;  One Hop Grain (all Cornish Crown ales)

Keg: Helter Skelter

Lager: Dortmunder Union; Carling

Cider: South West Orchard Guinness

28 pubs in a long trail for a lengthy visit - shorter trails for shorter visits indicated later


    Come out of the train station, or from bus station and main car park walk towards the train station, the walk up the hill and follow the road around to the right and cross over the road. It is easy to see The Longboat and along to the right is the One And All. Walk up the road in-between these pubs and curls to the left to The Lamp and Whistle. Continue up this road and cross over and just beyond the parking spaces is The Crown. Now walk on up Bread St and when it reaches the pedestrianised area on the right corner will be The London Inn.

   Coming out of here go up to the right and find The Farmer’s Arms and then across the road and up The Fountain Tavern. Walk back down and past The London Inn and cross over the road and go right and set back from the road is The White Lion.  Continue on this road away from the town and at a cross roads there is The First and Last Inn.

   You now need to head down hill to the promenade and this is your longest walk without a pub. Continue along out of time and turn down Trewithen Road, fourth right turn along although the other three are unfortunately dead ends. Head down this road which joins Alexandra Road and keep going down until just before the Promenade is Alexandra Inn.  

   Now turn left and head back into town along the promenade. Turn left after the amusement arcade and up a few steps is Bath Inn. Continue along promenade and The Queens appears quite soon and then after that is The Lugger Inn. Go round the corner after this and along a few steps is The Navy. Now back and along the prom where the outdoor swimming pool is on the shore side and opposite it and back a little is the art deco Yacht Inn.

   Continue along and the prom ends and round the corner to four possible pubs. The Dolphin Tavern is on the corner, opposite it is The Bridge Bar along a little is The Boatshed and just up from The Dolphin is The Dock Inn. After The Dock Inn we have to walk back up to the town via this street, Chapel St. Not long going up is Admiral Benbow and opposite it The Cornish Barn and up a bit, The Turks Head. Continuing up and on the right is Union Hotel and then on the left is The Globe.

   Turn left here to The Seven Sisters, then wander back to The Globe and continue up and turn right into main shopping road. Here on the right is The Tremenheere and down a little further is The Star Inn. Continue down this hill and back to the train station etc.

Real Ale Trail


Most pubs sell real ale - only The Seven sisters and The Cornish Barn do not.


The Farmer’s Arms  is a locals’ pub  Through the door the servery is on the right with some seating before it at the window.  To the left, an up a step, is a cleared area with small bench seating at both ends and far end also has a couched area , however, the main part of the room  is empty for music performance , planned or impromptu. Low ceiling with beams and some horse brasses the main decoration is posters of past and future performances. Further on from the servery on the right is a narrow area with bench with cushion seating.  Couple of tables for sitting outside watching the shoppers.

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Real ale: Betty Stogs (Skinner’s);  Landlord

Keg: John Smiths

Lager:     Fosters;  Heineken;  1664;  Stella

Cider:     Somersby;  Symond’s Founders     Guinness




Drink and Music

Rev Horton Heat

Martini Time

Have a drink,

I'll look better.

One and All is the first pub in Penzance from Exeter. It has outside patio seating either side of entrance. Inside there is seating to right and left with the servery on the left wall. Beyond the servery and up some steps is a pool area. The pub is family and dog friendly but offers no food. Large TVs show sport. St George’s flags and shamrocks cut out from furniture.  The opened out nature of the pub is shown by the pillar in middle of room. green wood to dado followed by white walls.

Have a pint here.

Real ale: Phoenix

Keg: Tetley’s;  

Lager: Coors; Carling;  Grolsch;  13 Hop House;  Stella

Cider: Thatcher’s Gold ;  Natch Guinness

Penzance Pub notes

The pubs in Penzance, as befits a small seaside town, are a mix of ones that you might only expect locals in and those who attract tourists and locals. There are no flash expensive tourist traps as no pub could exist in the darker months if they aimed only at tourists. Some of the pubs outside the town centre do not open until late afternoon or even early evening.  Most pubs are child and dog friendly; although perhaps one or two your dog/children would not want to take advantage of. Food is available in a lot of the pubs but by no means all.


Beer prices are quite competitive with Tribute at £4.00 in a food led pub the most expensive and special offer of £3.00 the least. However, wine prices were cheaper than expected as Penzance not chasing the youth wine and cocktail market.

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