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The Bridge Inn is almost a one roomed pub. There is a central bar with stools and seating and tables around the walls. Accessed either side of the bar is a small room with dart board and a couple of chairs. Also known as ‘The Trust’.  Borders CAMRA Pub of the Year runner up 2014

CAMRA Good Beer Guide 2013-

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real ale   : 3 Sisters;, Spitfire; Autumn red (Caledonian); Deuchars

heavy     :  McEwan’s 70/-; Caledonia Best

Light       : Tennent’s

lager       :  Heverlee; Tennent’s

Cider      : Manners Olde English Guinness

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The Park Hotel is a large hotel specialising in hotel business. It has a large lounge and small bar.

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heavy     :  Caledonia Best

lager       :  Tennent’s

Starting the trail

The bus will drop you at the top of the High St and, in general, the better pubs are further down the High St. This trail will take you down the left hand side of the road then back up on the right hand side. Just up and heading out of Peebles from the bus stop is The Park Hotel.  

Continue back down the High St to reach The County Inn and next door to it is the Tontine Hotel. Down at the foot of the High St crossing over to the left of the roundabout and before the bridge is The Bridge Inn. Walking back past the roundabout but not over the bridge is The Courthouse. Now walk over the bridge and around and staying on the main road there is the Neidpath Inn at the top of the hill.

Now return to the High St and walk up the staying on the left. There is the Crown Hotel (opposite The Tontine). Continue up the street and turn left into Northgate. Across on the right is The Central Bar and a little further on is The Cross Keys.  Return to the High St and walk upwards and on the next corner is our last pub The Green Tree Hotel. The bus stop is opposite here.

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County Inn is a Bellhaven food place, though it is not as big as some of these food/bar places, with salt, pepper and lots of menus on table. However, of this style of place it is an excellent good example. To the left of the entrance is a small seating area (termed The Snug). Deeper into the main room is an L-shaped bar serving a large beamed room with stone walls. This has mainly tall tables and stools with a raised area containing dining tables. There is no feeling of a dining room. Off of the main room is another seating area (The Library). There are several TVs dotted around for sports. Regular quiz on Thursday evenings.

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real ale   : Lia Fail; Ossian; County Ale;  Abbot;  Herok and Howells Tantallon Sunrise

heavy       :  Bellhaven Best

lager        :  Tennetnt’s; Stella;  Innis & Gunn

Cider       :  Strongbow      Guinness

The Court House is now closed

The Tontine is a large old stylish hotel in the centre of the High St. It has a large restaurant and small bistro using the same menu. To the right of the entrance is a large seating area with many sofas and armchairs to sink into. On entering reception is to the left and further up to the left is a small bar with some stools and five low tables to the right. More a place to wait until your meal is ready  as the comfy area is far nicer to sit and drink in.

Town Hotel of the Year 2014

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real ale   : Clipper IPA (Broughton)

heavy      : Caledonia Best; Mad Merlin (Broughton)

lager       : Tennent’s;  St Mungos

Cider        :Mortimer’s Orchard


Being a small town in the Scottish Borders that caters for locals and tourists there is a variety of drinking establishments from specialist hotels to corners bars.

There are few pubs in Peebles that are only bars.

There are a couple up-market Hotels offering dining/wedding opportunities.

There are also two smaller hotels offering public bar and restaurant.

As you would expect Bellhaven and JD Wotherspoon have their menu on tables + food deals places -  both actually very nice.  Almost all of the bars and the smaller hotels offer Sky sports etc. As they all strive to offer food and/or sports on TV there is a shortage of lounge places for the older couple or for people wanting to meet to couple.


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Peebles is a small town of nearly 9,000 people set in the Scottish Borders. The town is 53 miles from Glasgow and 23 miles from Edinburgh with no railway or Motorway access from either. Best public transport route is train to Edinburgh and then bus to Peebles.

In 2005 Peebles was rated as the best town in Scotland (2nd in Britain) for its range of independent shops. It has lacks major chain stores - not even a WH Smiths.While in 2014 Creative Scotland called Peebles the most creative place (of its size) in Scotland, it has lots of coffee shops, Galleries and fancy goods shops.

Peebles town, with its independent shops and bars, has a strong community feeling. Big enough to have one of everything: secondary school, swimming pool, sports centre, Rugby team, Theatre,  Cricket team, Castle (Neidpath)! but small enough to retain a community feeling.

Peebles is a gateway to the Scottish Borders with its many market towns, Abbeys and magnificent countryside.

John Buchan was born here and Sir Walter Scott's house Abbotsford is close by.

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