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From The Rowan Tree Hotel continue along George St and turn up first left to find The Balmoral Inn (bar of The Balmoral Hotel). Go back to George st and continue along the road passing the Cuan Mor (or stopping again) and turn right up Argyle St. Turn left at the end of this short street and walk down to the Woodside Hotel bar Walk around, passing the Woodside Hotel Lounge (The Creel) and keep walking along the curve of the road keeping to your left. Along side the river is The Lorne Bar. Turn left and walk along to the main road and turn left. The Lochavullin is along this road on the left.
Cross over and return towards the town eventually reaching the roundabout where The Royal Hotel was. Cross over to reach Shore St and walk down this road passing the pub McCaig's Return (we will return). Follow the road round and walk along to The Kelvin Hotel. Leave here and return to McCaig's Return. On exiting this pub there is a small and short alley opposite it. This takes you to the clock tower outside the station.
However, there are two places to visit between the station and the pier. Almost next to each other is The Olive Garden and Sloans at the Waterfront restuarant and bar. This leaves you next to the station.

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Balmoral Inn (bar of the Balmoral hotel) is a small square bar. Bar stools and 5 tables. Backpacker's hotel and local's bar.

Have a half pint here

real ale :nil
heavy : McEwan's Export, Caledonia
lager :Tennent's, Stella
cider :Magners Guinness

Drink and Music

Trace Adkins -
Hold My Beer

Woodside Hotel; bar and Creel lounge. Lovely wee bar and larger roomy lounge connected via a corridor. Small but attractive public bar with some tables and bar stools. The lounge, Creel, is a large room with tables around it. The lounge opens out to a large with patio. Bar meals are served in the lounge.

Have one in the bar and one in the Creel

real ale :Old Speckled Hen, Moorland Original Bitter
heavy : MeEwan's Export, Bellhaven Best
lager :Tennent's, Carling Stella,
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Lorne is a large old fashioned oval bar with a marble top and brass columns with lights on top. there are large tables all around the bar and good food is served. There are two outside areas through to the back right. One is sheltered by a solid plastic awning and has a TV while beyond this are more conventional tables and umbrellas.

Have two here
real ale : Deuchars, Oban Brewery offering (not on)
heavy :Caledonia
lager :Carlsberg, Tennent's, Budvar, Stella
cider : Magners Guinness

The Lochavullin is a back to bak lounge and bar. The bar is to the right. neither makes any attempt to attract tourists. Both are in need of brightening up to mathch the outside.

Have half pint here

real ale :nil
heavy :Bellhaven Best, McEwan's Export
lager :Tennent's, Carling
cider :Strongbow Guinness

Which Shania Twain hit was used in the 1999 film Notting Hill?


The Kelvin Hotel does not make itself noticable but is worth visiting. The bar caters for the hotel clientele - books, games, Wii, TV and pool. Close to the bar are tables and chairs while the pool is at the far end.
Have one here

real ale :nil
heavy :Bodingtons
lager :Tennent's, 1664
cider :Strongbow Guinness


Mexico City

McCaig's Return is brightly coloured on the outside. Bright exterior does not follow you inside. It has been opened up to bring together bar and lounge areas but is dominated by the bar and it's customers. so that the lounge seating seems to hide in the right hand fron quarter. Pool and darts to back at right with drinking area to the left. They do food at lunchtime and live music at weekends.
Have half pint here

real ale : nil
heavy :Caledonia, Ember
lager :Tennent's, Stella
cider :Magners Guinness

Sloans at the Waterfront is a large bar and resturant on the pier entered down an alley leading towards the station. There is sheltered outside seating. The bar is modern and has MTV playing loudly on 4 TVs. Claimed real ale went on on Thursday nights for weekend - not on at 10pm on Thursday!

Have one here

real ale :three pumps but not serving
bitter :John Smiths
lager :1664, Fosters,Heineken
cider : Strongbow Guinness


The Olive Garden is mainly a good Italian restuarant. It is on the pier entrance doors at the waterside and at the station. There is outsdie seating at both the pier and the station ends. A small area beside the bar has comfy seats and a TV. Pleasent for late night quiet pint and glass of wine.

Have half pint here

real ale :bottles from Orkney Brewery
heavy : Bellhaven best
lager :san Miguel
cider : Magners

I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety
Henry V

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