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Find Coasters, still in the main town, further along the bay. After here there is a walk along the Corran Esplanade passed the Alexandra Hotel (only residents) and St Columba's Cathedral to three hotels The Lancaster, The Oban Bay and The Queen's in quick succession. Visit The Oban Bay first, then walk on to The Queen's and return to The Lancaster. Now return to the town where instead of going along the bay go along the next road up. At the roundabout there is a the small Victoria Crescent in front of you. The right hand side ofthe building has Markie Dan's.
Leaving here walk back along to Coasters and turn up the side street beside it. Cross over the road and go a little up the hill the find O'Donnell's. Leaving here return down the hill and turn left to go along George St to The Tartan Tavern  and opposite it The Rowan Tree Hotel (Steakhouse). Continue to walk back into the centre to reach  even more pubs in Oban starting with the Balmoral Inn.

Coasters is a small but busy bar overlooking the bay. The seating area inside is up a few steps so that the view from the windows is not interrupted by cars. This attractive bar offers food. It's position and claims to be a wine bar allows it to be busy and dear for beer.

Have pint here

real ale :Highlander (Fyne ales)
heavy : Bellhaven Best; John Smith
lager :Coor's Light; Carling, Tennent's
cider :Strongbow Guinness

Drink and Music

The Who -
Old Red Wine

Oban Bay Hotel is a large luxury hotel. A conservatory lounge, with comfy chairs and tables, has been built onto the front to offer views of the bay while protected from the weather. There are also small outside patios to either side of this for good weather and smokers. Around the bar serving area are armchaitrs and table. Does bar meals.

Have a pint here

real ale :has pump for Fyne Ales but none were on.
heavy : Bodingtons
lager :Stella 4
cider : Magners Guinness

Queen's Hotel is a large hotel and part of Best Western. A small bar has a lot of tables for dining in front of it and to the right hand side is a selection of sofas to relax on. All a bit functional.

Have a half pint here

real ale :nil (sells bottles of Oban Brewey beer)
heavy : Bodingtons, Ember
lager :Tennent's, Stella

Which memeber of Deep Purple played with Screaming Lord Sutch?


The Lancaster Hotel claims lounge and Cocktail bars. There is a small lounge to the right of the entrance with no beer dispensers - remember a time when a cool cocktail bar meant no beer. Backing onto this there is a bar which could supply beer. This bar can be approached up the side of the hotel (spotted by the large red letter T, and is called The Lanny (get it!). This is a pool table with a bar around it. Small serving area backing the lounge, the bar has wood plank walls, loud music and bar stools at bar at at mirror. It had run out of heavy (bitter)!
Have half pint here
real ale :nil
bitter : Ember
lager :Bud, Tennent's
cider :Magners Guinness

Markie Dan's is a basement bar in an old building and the room has original features and big old ornated booths that have to be manouvered into. the bar is quite dark and offers food, pool, large TV and loud rock music. There is an outside patio looking over the bay but views are not the best as this is a basement bar.

Have one here

real ale : McCaig's Folly (Mull Brewery)
bitter : McEwan's 70/-
lager :1664, Fosters, Amstel
cider :Strongbow Guinness

O' Donnell's is an Irish theme bar which has very little Irish showing in the bar. This is again a dark basement bar with wooden spars to give that closed in feel.
There is an upstairs chic eveneing only part called Paparazzi
Have one here

bitter :Bellhaven Best
lager :Carlsberg, San Miguel and San Miguel Premium
cider :Strongbow Guinness

Tartan Tavern is a traditional under tenement small bar which was unfortunately undergoing a complete restoration during the visit

The Rowan Tree Hotel seems like a steakhouse restuarant with hotel rooms on top of it. The tables are all set but there is room at the bar. There is an interesting train layout which travels above customer;s heads. There is a small outside patio at the steps leading into the hotel.
Have half pint here

real ale :Deuchars
heavy : Caledonia,
lager :Stella
cider : Blackthorn Guinness

Real Ale Trail

There are only a few real ale pubs in Oban. This is partly due to the number of hotels as hotels seldom go to the trouble of having real ale. Six places served real ale with another two having hand pumps but nothing available.
From the station walk along the waterfront to reach the Cuan Mor (The Oban Brewery). Then continue along the waterfront to Coasters. You could walk further round to the Oban Bay Hotel to see if its on. Walking on from Coasters, just before the roundabout is Victoria Crescent and Markie Dan's. Walk back to Coasters and up the side street to turn right and find The Rowan Tree Hotel. Continue along George St passing the Cuan Mor (or stopping again) and turn right up Argyle St. Turn left at the end of this short street and walk down to the Woodside Hotel bar Walk around, passing the Woodside Hotel Lounge (The Creel) and keep walking along the curve of the road keeping to your left. Along side the river is The Lorne Bar. back at the station you could chance Sloans at the Waterfront bar on the pier to see if any of the three handpumps is serving.



Local brews
Argyll Breweries trades under Oban Brewery and Isle of Mull Brewing Co.
Oban Brews several ales - Skinny Blonde, Fair Puggled, Kilt Lifter, Skelpt Lug and Ginger Jakey.
Isle of Mull brews are Island pale Ales, Gallion Gold, Red Monk of Iona and Terror of Tobermory.
Also on sale in the area are beers from Fyne Ales. They brew Avalanche, Highlander, Maverick, Piper's Gold and Vital Spark

I would give all my fame for a pot of ale and safety
Henry V

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