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Royal Hotel is another large hotel. It has an 'L' shaped lounge with lots of tables and a small bar at the end. It offers bar meals and has kiddies' playthings in the lounge.

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real ale    : nil; but sells local brewery beers in bottles

heavy       : John Smith, McEwan's 70/-

lager         :  Fosters

cider         :                                                 Guinness

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It does not matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you have plenty of glasses.

Oban is found on the west coast of Scotland in a bay in the Firth of Lorne which is sheltered by the island of Kererra. Oban can be reached by train from Glasgow or Edinburgh or by road entering the town on the A85.

Oban (An t-Oban in Gaelic) is a main ferry terminal for Caledonian-MacBrayne ferries to many islands, including Mull and Coll.

Around Oban are several castles, Dunollie and Dunstaffinage. Oban has a distillery and a museum, and overlooking the town is McCaig's Tower. The port also has many different trips to see wildlife around the coast and nearest islands as well as ferries to further out islands.

The isle of Mull is a popular island to visit with Durat Castle and the picturesque Tobermory. It is also the link to the island of Iona.

The Caledonia Hotel is a large hotel on the bay across from the railway station with outside seating looking across the bay.

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real ale    : nil

heavy        : Caledonia, Bellhaven Best

lager         :San Miguel, Carlsberg

cider         : Gaymers                                                  Guinness

A tour of the pubs (marked with the blue indication points on the map) will start at The Caledonian Hotel immediately opposite the railway station. leave here and turn left and walk around and away from the bay. At the roundabout there is the Royal Hotel on the opposite corner. On leaving here turn right and go around the corner of the hotel onto Aird's place. Along here is Aulay's Bar.

Now walk on and go towards Oban bay. On the waterfront is the Palace Hotel followed by Cuan Mor. Cross over and continue round the bay to the Harbour Bar (Columba Hotel). Further along the bay is The Cellar Bar (Regent Hotel) and then more bars in Oban starting with Coasters.

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Aulay's Bar is covered in hanging baskets in the summer. It is a very popular bar and a lounge. The bar is an attractive old dark wood and mirrors affair. A few bar stools and some tables on an tiled floor, the walls are covered in photos of old ships.

The lounge is less attractive but has softer seating and art deco lights with a smaller serving area.


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real ale    : nil; bottles of Deuchars

heavy         :Caledonia, John Smiths, Bodingtons

lager         :Jeffrey's Lager, Stella,  Tennent's

cider         :Magners, Blackthorn                                                   Guinness

Cuan Mor is a restuarant bar associated with The Oban Bay Brewery. Most of the space is for dining as tables are set with cutlery. There is a large bar with big bar stools/chairs that block off the bar. Not the easiest place to get served if you only want a beer.

They produce  five ales and have three pumps but mostly only one (Ginger Jakey) was on. Did not even have all as bottles. Good food and friendly service at tables.


Have one here (or two if another ison)

real ale    : Ginger Jakey.

heavy         : McEwan's

lager         : 1664, Bier Moretta

cider         : Strongbow                                                   Guinness



Lots of large hotels


Heavy v Bitter


Prices are expensive - basically the more touristy it looks - eg views of the bay and food - the more expensive


Bay views are often obscured by tour buses and camper vans parking in front


No drinking in outside areas after 10pm


In Which English county is the Isle of Purbeck?



The Harbour Inn is the bar of the Columba Hotel. This is a large bar not masquerading as a lounge. Plenty of seating and standing room. Walls have charts of the local costal waters.


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real ale    : nil

heavy       : Ember, Caledonia

lager         :Tennent's, Stella

cider         : Magners                                               Guinness

The Cellar Bar is the bar of the Regent Hotel. Going down three steps takes you to a small attractive bar with about a third taken up by pool table. There are a couple of tables and some bar stools


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real ale    : nil

heavy         : McEwan's 70/-, John Smiths

lager         : 1664, Tennent's, Fosters, Carling

cider         : Strongbow                                                   Guinness




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