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Macdonald Marine Hotel is spa hotel looking over a golf course out to the mouth of the river Forth. The seating is couches and armchairs with lots of space between them for privacy. The drink offered is a bitter and a lager. There is a selection of bottled lager but no local Scottish bottled beer.

Half a half pint

Bitter:     Bellhaven Best

Lager:    Estrellla

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North Berwick is a small town north 25 miles East of Edinburgh and easily accessed by bus or train from there. The town has lots to interest every member of the family. There are interesting small shops, lots of cafes and restaurants  and a few pubs. Golf courses, beaches and castles (Dirleton Castle and Tantallon Castle). Several islands lie off of the coast here, including Bass Rock with a colony of gannets, and they can be visited by boat trips.

There is also The Scottish Seabirds Centre, The Costal Communities Museum and Archerfield Walled garden.

Nether Abbey Hotel is an old hotel with a very modern makeover. Visible from the car park is the traditional front door and the modern extension, which houses the bar, at the right-hand side. There is a dining area inside the main door and walking through this and down a few steps is the bar counter. The bar with the extension has standing room and lots of tables in. The design and light are contemporary and very stylish.

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2016

Have a pint or two here

Real ale:  Joker;  Thrappledouser;  Bellahve IPA

Bitter :     Joker;  Bellhaven

Lager:      Erdinger;  Tennent’s:  Peroni;  William’s Draught Lager; Urquell

Cider:      Stowford Press            Guinness


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The Auld Hoose is a large two roomed pub with a nice looking back bar. The bar area is to the right of the main door where the bar counter takes up one side. Paddled settle and small tables are opposite the bar and these are heated with a real fire. Plenty of tables, stools at bar and standing room. The left-hand side has more tables and chairs and a large TV screen which tends to dominate the room.

Featured in Scotland's True Heritage Pubs

Have a pint or two here

Real:  Bitter & Twisted;  One Stop Hop

Bitter:  East Coast Pale Ale; Bellhaven Best; McEwan’s 70/-

Lager:  Tennent’s;  Stella; San Miguel;  St Mungo

Cider:  Strongbow

 Reached easily by train or bus from Edinburgh.


A slow start has a wander to the two large hotels on the trail. Leaving the train station walk down the hill and cross over continuing down a curving road towards the sea. Eventually this straightens  out to present The Marine Hotel. The poorest beer bar on the trail, it has the best views of the places visited. Leave here and walk back to the last junction, a crossroads. Here you will notice that a road and a lane lead off to the right. Take the lane, Ware Rd, and at the top turn right to find The Nether Abbey Hotel.

On leaving the hotel turn left and walk back towards the station. Passing by the station area keep walking until a Y junction is reached. Take the left-hand fork and walk on past the golf course into the main town where The Auld Hoose will appear on the right.

Exiting here, turn right and continue along the road turning right at the crossroads, into Quality Street. Walk up to Zitto's Wine Bar on the left then at the end of Quality St cross over to The Ship.

Now walk back down Quality St turning left into High St. Not far along is The County Hotel, then a bit further along The Golfer's Rest, quickly followed by Herringbone.

You can now walk on and return to the station.

Real Ale Trail


For Real Ale start at The Nether Abbey Hotel, then The Auld Hoose, The Ship, The County Hotel and The Golfer's Rest

Zitto is a small Italian restaurant and wine bar with limited space for merely drinking at the bar.

Plenty of intimate tables and pavement seating. Formerly The Dalrymple Arms.

Have a half pint

Bitter; Bellhave Best

Lager: Peroni; Tennent’s

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