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Newton Stewart


The Bruce Hotel has a lounge straight through and turning left from reception - going straight on takes you to the dining area. The lounge has a semi-circular bar round to the left. There is banquette seating and tables around the room. There is a beer garden out to the rear.

Traditional music 3-6pm on Saturday

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Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s;  Stella

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

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 They say that it is better to be poor and happy than rich and miserable, but couldn't some compromise be made, like being moderately wealthy and a little moody.

Newton Stewart is a small town on the river Cree in Dumfries and Galloway. The main town and shopping area is to the west of the river. The town attracts tourists for Galloway Forest park with many nature trails and mountain biking routes.

A few miles away is Wigtown, the Scottish book town with ten second hand book shops and a book festival at the end of September.

Newton Stewart is reached by road from Stranraer or Dumfries or via Ayrshire, going from Girvan to Newton Stewart.

The Crown Hotel  has two rooms now joined to make one large room with half a wall down the middle.  There is a TV in either half room and a juke box – all on.

Traditional music Saturday afternoons, Beer Garden.

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Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s;  Carling

Cider: Strongbow Guinness


The young of which marsupial is also known as an imp?



The Black Horse Hotel main door takes you to a lounge area with a small bar counter in back right hand corner. This is a very attractive room with seating at wooden benches either side of the door, bookcase wallpaper, fire and TV. Low ceiling and subdued lighting gives a very cosy feel.

Has some real ale pump clips on wall but none for sale. Indeed, barman did not seem to know what real ale was.

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Heavy: Bellhaven Best; Greene king IPA

Lager: Tennent’s;  Black horse Lager; Carling

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

The bus should drop you at Dashwood Square in the middle of Newton Stewart. The Star Inn is opposite the square. Follow the road round to the right from the square on the same side as The Star Inn. Walk pass The Black Horse and a bit further on is our starting pub The Bruce Hotel. Slightly further on again is The Crown Hotel. Turn around and now visit The Black Horse then go to The Star Inn by Dashwood Square.

walk down the hill, keeping on the right and go through the town and across the bridge. just across the bridge is The Cree Inn. After here walk up the side of The Cree Inn and bear left. You will see The Creebridge Hotel which can be entered through a path in the wall.

Now go back across the bridge and at the end of it across the road is The Galloway Arms Hotel. Walk back up to the Square and just before you start going up the hill there is The Central Bar.

To leave continue up the hill to the bus stop.

Real Ale Trail


For Real Ale start Galloway Arms, then cross the bridge to The Cree Inn and walk around to The Creebridge House Hotel

The star Inn is now a large one roomed pub. To the right is a pool table area while to the left is the bar against far wall with some tall table seating opposite it. In the corner, in what seems like a shop window is some banquette seating and a couple of tables. TV set is above here.

Half pint here.


Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s;  Carling

Cider: Strongbow Guinness





The Cree Inn is a one level bar with restaurant attached. This lounge bar has a pool table immediately inside the door, then the bar on the back right wall. Whole room is grey and bright red. Opposite the bar (and to right of door) are three tables. The restaurant is through from door at side of bar. There is a large TV on far wall.  Outside seating around to the rear. BT sports

Barman does not know why people drink real ale and says that “90% of sales are vodka”

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Real ale: Foghorn IPA (Port Patrick)

Heavy: John Smiths;  Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s;  Fosters;   Carling

Galloway Arms Hotel has two separate bars. From the hotel entrance and to right of corridor there is a long thin lounge with dining and servery at far end. Banquette seating and small cushioned black chairs. Tables are a dining style. Standing area in front of bar. Connect round the back or more often entered by a door from the street in, what looks like a shop front, is the Tollbooth Bar. This has seating at front then narrows beyond this to a long servery. The room then opens up a little at the back to accommodate a pool table. There is an attempt at railway memorabilia on walls.

Have a pint in each

Real ale:          Galloway Glod (Sulwath)

Heavy: Bellhaven Best; Tennent’s special

Lager: Tennent’s;  Carling;   Stella

Cider: Magners Guinness


Not the most inspiring choice of beer and pubs. The Starr Inn is for sale and The Galloway arms looking for a tenant.

On the other hand The Cree Inn, The Crown Hotel and The Black horse look like money has recently been spent doing them up. Bellhaven Best and Tennent’s lager dominate a largely uninspiring beer choice.

Creebridge House Hotel is set in pleasant grounds with play area for kids. There is a small lounge to right of foyer. This has a large TV and four large round tables. A dining area is beyond the bar counter.

Have a pint here

Real ale: Bellhave IPA; Bellhaven Gold (usually 3)

Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s

The Central Bar is a half attractive old bar. To the right of entrance, an unattractive is a bright area for pool and darts.  To the left is the servery on the back wall with an attractive old wooden gantry and serving counter. This small room narrows to a curved window at end. This area has wooden tables.

Have a pint here

Light: bellhave Light

Heavy: Bellhaven Best; McEwan’s 70/-

Lager: Tennent’s;  House lager

Cider: Strongbow Guinness