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Montrose is a small town on the east coast of Scotland of about 10.000 people. It can be reached by bus via the A92 from Dundee or by train straight to the town centre.

Montrose is reached from the south by a bridge cross a narrow inlet which is the River South Esk. Before it reaches the sea the river forms a 3 mile diameter round basin. The Montrose Basin nature reserve is here with a wide variety of birds and plants, and leisure activities

Beyond the High St the town opens up with many green squares and Montrose FC football park, then the cricket and rugby clubs, followed by several golf clubs and from after these the promenade along the shore looking over the beach.

Nearby are The House of Dun, Montrose Air Station Heritage Centre and Edzell Castle.

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Coming off of the train walk up to the town via crossing a roundabout and out the third exit. Along this road turn up to the left to go to the town centre. On This road is The Picture House and [email protected] now closed. Further up is the High St. and straight across the road(s) past the statue is The Market Arms. Coming out of here turn left and walk along to the end of the High St.

At the end of the High St turn down to the left. At the foot of the hill is The George Hotel and on the opposite corner is Sharkeys. Continue along this road as George St becomes Ferry St. The Caledonian is two corners along and further down at the end of the road is Anchor Bar.

Leaving Anchor Bar walk back up the road turning first right then first left and on this street is The Neptune Bar. It is only recognisable by the red T as it has no name on the wall.

Picture House is an old cinema full of TVs (including giant screen). It is a Bellhaven dining pub with plenty of different types of seating and alcoves.

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Heavy/bitter: Bellhaven best

Lager         : Peroni;  Carling;  Tennent’s;  Stella

Cider         : Strongbow Guinness

A pub doing evening meals is difficult to find. Fortunately, the food in The George is terrific.

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Anchor Bar is one large one room with bar along the left hand side. Stools at bar and seating around dance floor in front of Karaoke There is a large outside seating area which is partially covered to create a smoking den.

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Heavy/bitter           : Caledonian Best; McEwan’s 80/-

Lager         : Tennent’s; Fosters; Carling

Cider         : Strongbow Guinness

The Caledonian looks like a corner pub but actually just stretches up the main street. The corner entrance brings you to a small seating area to the left and a stunning, tall, long wooden serving counter running up to the right.  The counter practically touches the wall leaving very little room to squeeze past the stools. Beyond the bar is a snooker room and beyond that some lounge seating.

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Heavy/bitter      :Caledonia Best; McEwan’s 70/-; Bass

Lager         : Tennent’s;  Stella; Bud

Cider         :Magners Guinness

The Neptune does not have a name on the outside, but it does have a large red T as a clue. A very bright bar with light wood furnishings and floor.  There is a small serving area with couple of tables in front of it. Larger room to right and lounge. Music is loud and so were the locals.

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Heavy/bitter: Tartan; McEwan’s

Lager         : Tennent’s

Cider         : Strongbow Guinness

The Market Arms has a long wooden floored  dark bar running along left hand wall. There is seating opposite the bar. There is a small room immediately  to left of entrance. The counter curls round at the end where the bar opens up to more seating. There are lots of TVs. The outside is usually in that it has two ‘balcony areas either side of the door where smokers can stand. According to various mirrors this was Sunday Mail pub of the Year 2009 and Best Beer Pub in Scotland 2008.

Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013

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Real ale                  : Scapa Special, Island Hopping; 3Bulz

Heavy/bitter            :Caledonian Best; McEwan’s 80/-;

Lager         :Tennent’s; Peroni Fosters; Carling; Haver Lee; Coors Light

Cider         :Strongbow Guinness

Sharkeys is set on a corner making the serving area set back in the room. This creates a large wooden floored standing area with some seating immediately inside the door. There are some booths to the left of the entrance.  Further to the left is a smaller carpeted area with more booths and tables. Serves food and has outside seating through to rear.

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Heavy/bitter :Bellhaven Best

Lager         :Tennent’s; red Stripe; Carling; Peroni; Stella;


Cider         : Guinness

The George Hotel has a restaurant to the right and a bar to the left. the long thin bar is often fully reserved for excellent bar meals which reduces the space. There are some stool at the counter but not a lot of room for standing. The decor is attractive.

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Real ale         :Deuchers; Landlord

Heavy/bitter   :Ember; Caledonia Best

Lager              :Tennent’s;  Stella

Cider              :Magners Guinness

Local Pub Facts

Most bars were small under tenement one roomed pubs swerving their locals.


Strangely two had no name on the outside wall.


Bars are easy to recognise by groups of smokers blocking the doors.


Despite some outward appearances almost all of the bars were smart, clean and looking relatively recently done up.

Real Ale Trail


Only two pubs -The George Hotel and The Market Arms

More Montrose pubs

Drink and Music


Thin Lizzy - Whiskey in the Jar

While beer brings gladness, don't forget

That water only makes you wet.

            H.L. Wilson


Treasure Island


How many sides does a myriagon have?


Steeplejacks Bar