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The George & Abbotsford is a two star hotel. The reception takes you to a gift and beer shop, estate agent adverts on the wall, and second hand books for sale. The restuarant/bar meal is staright ahead while the lounge is to the left. The lounge feel is destroyed by the large TV screen over the mantlepiece and the pool table in front of it.  Courtyard area to rear.

Good Pub Guide 2013

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA), 2016

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real ale:     Dark Island, Foxy Blonde (Scottish Borders Brewery), Tyneside                              

                        Blonde,  Northern Light - always 4 guest ales

heavy:         Bellhaven Best

lager:         Stella, Carlsberg

Cider:         Stowford Press                                       Guinness

The Ship Inn has two entrance doors. The left hand side one has bar written above it. Howeever this takes you to the more lounge like side of the pub. This has small tables and a soft chairs, although it is dominated by two large TV screens and has a darts board. The other side of the pub has a pool table and another large TV. this side goes back further to more seating and another smaller TV. It then leads out to a large beer garden.


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real ale :    Deuchars (hidden away at far side of  lounge), Flying Scotsman

heavy:         McEwan's 70/-, John Smiths (+cold)

lager:          McEwan's, Fosters, Heineken, Amstel  

Cider:         Strongbow                                       Guinness + ice cold

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Melrose is a small village, off of the A6091, with a population of about 2,000. It is popular with tourists who visit Melrose Abbey, one of four large Abbeys in the area. This means it has lots of gift shops and small Cafes.


Borders Abbey Walk



Enter The Station Hotel via the bar door which takes you to a small serving area in a split level bar of two rooms. There is a mix of soft chairs and stools, tables and coffee tables, on a wooden floor. There is a restaurant  at the left hand side of the hotel and food is served in the bar.


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heavy:         Bellhaven Best,

lager:          Carlsberg, Tennent's

                                Guinness + ice cold


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Burt's Hotel is the plush (three star) hotel in town. The right  front of the hotel  has the lounge bar while the expensive restaurant  is through to the back of the hotel. The lounge mainly caters for excellent bar meals although there is good space at the bar for drinking.

Good Pub Guide 2013

Good Beer Guide 2016 (CAMRA)

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real ale:     Landlord, Deuchars, Foxy Blonde (Scottish Borders Brewery)

heavy:         Bellhaven Best

lager:         Carlsberg, San Miguel

Cider:         Addlestone                                       Guinness

All of the drinking venues are on, or just off, the one street. At the roundabout at the top of the High Street (strictly speaking Market Place) is the Ship Inn. Leaving here cross over the road and walk down the left side of the High Street. Just around the first corner is The Station Hotel.

Continue down the High Street and find in quick succession, all on the left, Burt's Hotel, The George and Abbotsford Hotel and the King's Arms.

A short walk further down the hill brings you to The Greenyards, home of Melrose Rugby Football Club.

Beware of the word 'Bar' on or above a door as this  is the lounge.

Real Ale Trail


Four out of the five pubs sell real ale. These are all in a line on the High   Street or just of it and easily seen. The Ship Inn is at the top of the Market Square beside the roundabout. Walking down from this is Burt's Hotel, closely followed by The George & Abbotsford. Then, almost immediately  The Kings Arms.

Ignore the word bar above or on the door


The King's Arms has two entrances, the left is reception and restaurant The right, labelled bar, is the  drinking area and is more than a bar but not quite a lounge. There are not many tables but bar meals are available at them.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)


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real ale:     usually 3 real ales eg

                   Deuchars, Adnams New Zealand Pale Ale,

                        Landlord, Cockerhoop, Equinox (Everads)

heavy:        Bellhaven Best, John Smiths cold

lager:         Tennent's cold, Carlsberg, Stella

Cider:        Strongbow                                    Guinness

The Greenyards is the ground of the Melrose rugby football club where the bar is open on match days.



heavy:        John Smiths cold

lager:         Heineken, Fosters

Cider:        Strongbow                                     Guinness



Have a drink, I'll look better.

Have a drink, I'll look better.