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Lyme Regis

Lyme Regis is a seaside resort in Dorset practically on the Devon border. Off of the A35 from Dorchester to Axminster.

An interesting resort with beach and fossils. The town has lots of specialist shops. There are quite a few selling  fossils and coloured stones. Hard to believe they can all make enough to survive. How many fossils would a person need in the home?

The beach and town are at the bottom of a steep hill and going anywhere but the prom requires a climb. It is, though, a lovely little resort from a week or weekend.

Surrounding area has plenty of attractions. A visit to the Donkey Sanctuary at Sidmouth is a great experience.

Camra at Lyme Regis


From the Mariners to the Cobb is all down hill and all pubs are in between. Or from the Cobb to the Mariners it is all up hill. The emphasis, here, is on steep. The main street (Silver Street) splits at the top and The Mariners Hotel is up the right-hand fork.


I start at the Mariners as it is the only pub without real ale so we get it over with quickly. Coming down from the Mariners is The Nags Head. Further down as you reach the main road is The Volunteer Inn Walking down hill still and on the left is The Royal Lion Hotel. 

Continuing down (nearly onto the flat) the road goes round and to The Pilot Boat Inn.  On the narrow road first left after the Pilot, a short walk brings you to The Ship. Return toThe Pilot and across the road is The Rock Point. A stroll along Marine Parade to the beach and harbour brings in quick succession The Royal Standard, The Harbour and finally The Cobb.

The Cobb is called after the stone structure running out into the sea to form a protective barrier for the harbour. This is the real Cobb – think French Lieutenant’s Woman and Persuasion

The Ship is the hardest to find as it is off of the main road. It is a pleasant, small bar used by locals and others wanting peace. Pool room


Worth a pint or two


real ale: Premium, Copper Ale and best (all Palmers)

lager: Carlsberg, 1664

cider: Thatcher's Gold                     Guinness

The Royal Lion Hotel is the old, (build 1601) well established hotel in town which can look a little faded. However, the lounge is comfortable for sitting in and/or eating. The bar is not a comfortable for sitting at.

Have a pint


real ale: Cobb (local) Otter bitter, Butcombe bitter

lager: Becks  Stella

cider: Ashton's press                                   Guinness

The Nags Head is my personal favourite in town. Two large serving areas, pool room and beer garden with views. Music at weekend.


Two here please.


real ale: Ruddles, London Pride, Otter Ale, Sark Lark

lager: Carlsberg, San Miguel, Carling

cider: Thatcher's Gold                     Guinness

The Mariners Hotel and it is a hotel - restaurant, comfy seating, coffee tables etc. The only place in town with no real ale. Lovely garden with view over town. Restaurant and bar meal areas. Very 'hotel' attractive inside


Have a half pint


real ale: nil


The Volunteer Inn is the pub where real ale seems to be promoted  the most and changed  regularly. Dining to left, beer to right. Locals can be noisy and getting to bar can be awkward as it is usually busy.

Good Pub Guide 2013


Must have two here.


real ale: Tribute, Ruby (Yeovil ales) ,Broadgauge bitter

lager: Carlsberg, Stella, 1664

cider: at least 4                                    Guinness

The Pilot Boat Inn is very nice but at times of the day it is more restuarant (good food) than bar. It serves food quite late. There are front and rear serving areas but both concentrate on meals, as well as outside tables at the side. You can sit at the bar but customers are always ordering food. Salt, pepper, menu etc are always on the table. Very nice at bottom bar between meal times.

Good Pub Guide 2013


Have a pint or two


real ale: Premium, Copper Ale and Best (all Palmers)

lager: Carlsberg, Heineken

cider: Thatcher's Gold                     Guinness

The Rock Point Inn is all bright wood and chrome, and noisy. It is a free house with large drinking area with pub food. Seating outside overlooking sea. Several semi-circular sets of fonts each with own small  TV  under pumps. There are several larger TV screens. Attracts the young and noisy. Rooms available. Loves dogs.


Well worth a pint


real ale: Doombar, 6X, Sharp's Special

keg: Toby bitter

lager: Carlsberg, Stella, San Miguel

cider: Orchards, Strongbow                                    Guinness

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Local real ales are brewed by Palmers   ,  Otter Brewery and The Town Mill brewery in  Lyme Regis itself.

In town Palmer's is available as Devon Gold, Best, Copper Ale and 200 Premium while Otter is represented by Bitter and Ale. The Town Mill brewery is represented by Cobb bitter.

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'Twas a woman who drove me to drink, and I never had the courtesy to thank her for it


W. C. Fields


Love means never having to say your sorry


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Drink and Music


Toby Kieth

(1,562) Beers Ago

Lyme Regis was one of The Times' top 30 places to retire to in Britain 2013

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