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Camra at Lyme Regis


Local real ales are brewed by Palmers   ,  Otter Brewery and The Town Mill brewery in  Lyme Regis itself.

In town Palmer's is available as Devon Gold, Best, Copper Ale and 200 Premium while Otter is represented by Bitter and Ale. The Town Mill brewery is represented by Cobb bitter.

These three pubs are along at the end of Marine Parade. Marine Parade is the promenade that runs along side the beach, which you see in front of you from outside the Rock Point Inn.


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 The Cobb Arms is the pub nearest the actual Cobb. The main doors open onto a roundabout! Large pub with several interconnecting serving areas, two with food and one with pool. Outside tables at side and a bit of a balcony for sitting watching the beach. Pushes the food and keeps salt, pepper etc on tables even in the evening. Yet retains pub feel.

Good Pub Guide 2013


Have a pint here.


real ale: 200 premium, Best, copper and Dorset Gold (all Palmers)

lager: Fosters, Becks Vier

cider: Thatcher's Gold, Gaymers, Blackthorn

Harbour Inn with entrance from road or prom it also has a drinking area on the beach. Balcony on main pub, drinking area inside with restaurant    beyond.

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

Good Pub Guide 2013


One pint here.


real ale: Tribute, Otter Bitter, Otter Ale, Cobb

lager: Carlsberg, Stella, Red Stripe

cider: Thatcher's Gold                                Guinness

The Royal Standard has an entrance from road or prom. Large drinking area on Marine Parade with several serving areas inside and a pub dining part. Pool table in middle for young, school to university angst, locals.

Good Pub Guide 2013


Go for two pints.


real ale: 200 Premium, Best and Copper (all Palmers)

lager: Carlsberg, Stella, Becks

cider: Thatchers gold                                   Guinness

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