Linlithgow lies off of the M9 from Edinburgh going North. It is also accessed by the Edinburgh-Glasgow rail line. Between the High Street and the motorway lies the picturesque Linlithgow Loch.

There are few large shops on the High Street with larger stores found a little bit beyond each end of the High Street. Therefore the High Street has many old buildings on it. North off of the middle of the High Street and sitting by the Loch is Linlithgow Palace. This was the birthplace of James V and of Mary Queen of Scots, although most people remember only Mary Queen of Scotts. Next to the Palace is St Michael's church.

Linlithgow has a black dog pictured on its coat of arms. This is from a story of a black greyhound which took food to it's master when he was imprisoned on an island on the Loch.

A tour of the ten pubs (marked with the blue indication points on the map) will begin at the railway station and take us up the High Street, visiting 5, then back down again via the other 5. Just at the corner of the High Street is the first - Platform 3. Walk up the High Street staying on the left pavement (away from the roundabout) and miss the first pub (Old Post Office) and stop at The Four Mary's. Move up the street to reach The Footballer & Cricketer's Arms. Staying on this side of the High Street walk on towards The Crown Arms. Walk on upwards, missing The Lithgae Arms, until at the cross roads and diagonally opposite are two pubs The Black Bitch Tavern and The West Port Hotel. Visit the West Port Hotel first and that is the five going up the High Street. The Black Bitch Tavern should be the first on the return journey. Next then is back to The Lithgae Arms. Cross the road and walk on to reach The Swan Tavern. It is then a long walk back to The Auld Hole I' Th' Wa' just over the hill. Finally The Old Post Office is visted before returning to Platform 3 and then the train.


All of the pubs are on the main road through the town.
Some pubs are very popular while other similar pubs nearby are almost empty.

Quite a few of the pubs are a single room wide, making them narrow, and do not go back very far making them small and usually friendly.

What sport uses the heaviest ball?

Platform 3 is found close to the railway station. It makes good use of its narrow confines with a compact bar that does not take away to much drinking area. It is very popular and always has a buzz about it. There is a train close to the roof going backwards and forwards. (a larger similar train detail is found in The Rowan Tree in Oban). There is also a large rubber duck collection.
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013
Featured in Bob Steel's Edinburgh Pub Walks
Have a pint or two

real ale : Stewart's No 3, Nessie, Deuchers
heavy : McEwan's
lager :Tennent's, Stella,
cider : Magners Guinness

The Four Mary's is an award winning pub with a bar at the front of the pub and a dining area to the rear. The drinking area is not as big as the outside gives the imopression.
Forth Valley Camra Pub of the Year 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1993, 1994, 2000, 2005, 2009;
Good Pub Guide 2013; Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013
Featured in Bob Steel's Edinburgh Pub Walks
Have two pints here

real ale : 4 Mary's (brewed by Bellhave); Deuchars; Bellhaven 80/-; St Andrew's; Bitter & Twisted; Schiehallion; Thrappledowser
heavy : Bellhaven Best
lager : Stella; Carling
cider : Strongbow Guinness

It does not matter if your glass is half full or half empty if you have plenty of glasses.

The Football & Cricketer's Arms is a two roomed pub with the left hand side having a circular bar with not a lot of room around it. The second room has lounge style small tables and cushioned wall benches. The English of the name seems wrong

Have pint here
real ale : nil
heavy :McEwan's 70?-; McEwan's Export, Tartan; Bellhaven Best
lager : Stella, Carling
cider :Magners, Blackthorn
Bellhaven Black, Guinness


Tasmanian devil

Drink and Music

Aaron Pritchett - Hold My Beer While I kiss Your Girlfriend

The Crown Arms is a small one roomed pub. It always seems busy and loud with conversation. It has a real fire blazing .
One of Scotland's heitage pubs - CAMRA (although changed a little since the book was published)

Have a pint here

heavy :Bellhaven best; McEwan's, John Smith
lager : Tennent's
cider : Strongbow Guiness

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