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The George is a large pub. The bar is set back a little giving lots of seating at the front window areas and standing room in front of the bar. There is a lot more seating up to the left. Busy with meals at lunch time.


heavy:         Bellhaven Best + cold, John Smiths, Tartan, McEwans Heavy

lager:          Tennent's + cold, Bud  

Cider:         Strongbow                                       Guinness +cold

The Sheiling is now closed

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Largs is a small town on the river Clyde about 33 miles from Glasgow. It is easily reached by bus or train. A small car ferry leaves Largs to visit the small island of Millport on Great Cumbrie, a small island opposite the town.

Largs may once have been a tourist resort but is now more of a day trip town than visiting for a week, although there are many things to do.  

There are still welcoming hotels for the many bus trips that visit the area. Retirement flats are also big business These and a lot of attractive residential property contribute to a population of around 11,000 people many of whom travel away from Largs for employment.

McCabes is a large corner pub with a hexagonal bar in centre. There is also a large room further back. As with all round bars you have to be at the right arc to get served. Food available


heavy:         Bellhaven Best, Bellhaven Original

lager:          San Miguel, Tennent's+ice cold, Peronni

Cider:         Strongbow                                       Guinness + ice cold


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The Lounge, has no on the road bar front as it is up an old and attractive staircase which opens out on a large  lounge with a square bar on the second floor. There is a restaurant through from the comfortable lounge and a terrace up further stairs. This has been cut out of the roof space and has a view of main street and, to the right, over the river - slippery when wet. You can smoke all day of the Terrace and children are welcome!!


real ale:     Greene King IPA

heavy:         Bellhaven Best, Bellhaven Original

lager:          Stella, Peronni, Erdinger, Tennent's,     Esterella

Cider:         Strongbow                                      Guinness


The train from Glasgow takes you into the station in the centre of Largs. The bus from Greenock or Gourock travels down the  side of the river Clyde on the A8 to Largs and passes some hotels that are open to non-residents and a visit to all hostelries could start with these hotels or you can continue into  the centre of town getting off at the train station on main Street.

Stand and look at the entrance to the station then, on the same side as the station walk left up main Street where you will quickly come to, the now closed  The Sheiling. Leaving here return past the station to find McCabe's on the corner. Walking out of McCabe's continue down Main street then cross over.

There are two pubs across the road. The George is the easier of the two to see but before it there as The Lounge. This is hard to spot as it is not at ground level but on the second floor of the building. Once you see the entrance life is easier. After visiting this and The George cross the road once again to walk along Bath Street to The Waterside.

After The Waterside return to  Main Street but follow it around past the car ferry to the promenade and a low modern building housing The Paddle Steamer (Wetherspoon) pub, The lanes was here but is now closed Lanes Opposite this, across the road are Charlie Smith's now called The Three Reasons, and then  Ye Old Anchor Inn.

After the Old Anchor Inn there is a small Square and in the middle of the side parallel to the road is The Room. After this continue along the main road to find now closed Albert's Bar. Leaving here keep going to the next corner with a red St Columba's church and Nardini's opposite. Turn up this road, Nelson Street, and at the corner find J.G. Sharp's. Turn along the road, Boyd St.,to the right and at the end of the street there is the now closed Royal Oak. leave here by the other door and cross over to go along the next street (Aitken St). This would lead you back to Main St and opposite the station is McAulay's.

Real Ale Trail


Disappointingly few pubs selling real ale. Opposite the station is MacAulay's and further down, towards the river, though hard to find as it is on the second floor of a building so has no pub front, is The Lounge. Cross over the road and go along Bath Street to find The Waterside pub. Come back to Main St and walk around to the pier. Opposite this is The Three Reasons. The final place is along the front from here and turning up at Nelson Street (large church on corner) to reach J.G. Sharp's.

Turning right around the corner from here will, after a right-left turn take you back to the station area.

The Waterside (previously known as The Clachan)  is a lerged roomed pub with a small 'snug' room to the right of the serving area. Seating all around and plenty of standing area.  Food available

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA); not 2016

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real ale:      Ossian (Inveralmond), Landlord

heavy:         Tartan, Bellhaven Best, Bellhaven Original

lager:          Stella, Tennent's

Cider:         Strongbow                                    Guinness + ice cold


Lanes is now closed. Wetherspoons, The Paddle steamer, now in the building

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Sailor -

 A Glass of Champagne



James Lovell

Just down from McCabes is Drouthy Neighbours a new bellhaven pub