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J.G. Sharps has the bar runs to the right and left straight in front of you as you go in. There is seating around the pub and the low ceiling gives it an attractive feel. Round from the left of the bar is a dining area and from the right is more tables and outside courtyard,

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA) , 2016


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real ale:     Deuchars

heavy        Caledonian 80/-, Bellhaven Best, Bellhaven Original, John Smiths                        

lager:        Carling, Stella                                  Guinness

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There are plenty of luxuries; alcohol is the only one I can afford. 


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Ye Old Anchor Inn is a small pleasant local lounge. There is a small serving area which can get congested but plenty of seating around the sides.


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heavy:        Bodingtons, Ember, Tennents, 70/-

lager:          Tennent's,    Staropramen

Cider:         Magners                                       Guinness + ice cold

The Room is a large, long bar. It has had many names and designs but is now very bright - light wood, stainless steel. Low comfy sofas, at front, then bar with lots of standing room followed by tabled area.


heavy:         Bellhaven Best

lager:          Stella, Peronni, Esterella, Hoegarden, Tennent's,    Red Stripe

Cider:         Strongbow                                       Guinness + ice cold

Albert's Bar is a very small and new bar and is now closed. 

The Royal Oak is a very traditional small corner bar.  Some seating but mainly standing around the serving area.


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McAulay's bar is a small bar with lounge style seating around the side.


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real ale:     Lees (Manchester)

heavy        Bellhaven Best, Bellhaven Original, Tartan        

lager:        Tennent's+ cold, Stella

cider:        Strongbow                                                       Guinness+ cold

On the road going out of Largs to Gourock, with the river Clyde on the left there are four Hotels - Brisbane, Queens, Woodhouse and finally Willowbank. As these are on the coast, they can take advantage of the view across the river and have the space to offer gardens for outside seating. These hotels do not offer real ale or even an extensive range of lagers. Their bus trips and wedding celebrations give them a captive audience.

The Brisbane  House Hotel is a large hotel almost in the main town. It offers restuarnt and bar food, and lots on entertainment. Looking for Party Nights and weddings to boost its takings.


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heavy        Tartan, John Smiths            

lager:        1664, Heineken, Fosters+cold,

cider;         Strongbow                             Guinness + ice cold

The Queens Hotel close - to be knocked downs and become luxury flats

The Willlowbank Hotel is getting towards the end of Largs, although there are still pelnty of residential properties near to attract custom from, it has bus trips and guests. Very large lounge with picture window which cannot take advantage of the view. There is a dining area and  function room to back


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heavy        Bellhaven Best      

lager:        Tennent's

cider:         Blackthorn                                             Guinness+ cold

Woody's Bar at the Woodhouse Hotel is in small hotel with restuarant, bar meals  and afternoon tea (in Twigs) . The small attractive bar has wooden floor and small tables with comfy seats and serves Woody's ale! Nice comfortable place for locals not wanting the walk to town.

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heavy        Woody's Ale (from Carlsberg)            

lager:        Carlsberg, Poretti


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Charlie Smith's is now The Three Reasons, large open bar on the main road. Plenty of room for standing at bar. It offers meals every day

Good Beer Guide 2013 (CAMRA)

Charlie Smith's served

real ale:      Bountiful

heavy:         Bellhaven Best

lager:          Fosters,Stella, Tennent's

Cider:         Strongbow                                       Guinness + ice cold

Drink and Music


Nancy Wilson -

Drinking Again

Burgandy Makes you think silly things; Bordeaux makes you talk about them, and champagne makes you do them.


Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin

Before turning right at  Nelson St there is a snooker hall and down the alley to the side is the entrance to Potters