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Remember while wandering the streets in search of refreshment keep a look out for paintings in the trompe-l'oeil style which are painted on some bricked up windows and alley walls.

Some examples of Knaresborough trompe-l'oeil similar to the one shown below.

What common drink was first named "Esteemed Brain Tonic and Intellectual Beverage"?


John Smith's cask is the favoured real ale.

Most pubs in market place do food.

Three Samuel Smith's pubs keep alive the lounge and public bar design.

Most pubs have beer gardens, but this often just means some tables in a back area which have plant pots.

Crawl 2 continued
After leaving The World's End walk up hill and come to the Great Western Hotel, The Dower House, on the left. Beware as the lights/junctions on this road are not pedestrian friendly. After the hotel continue uphill and turn right up the High Street (walk on a bit to cross the road, then go back to the High St.)
At the top of the hill on the left side there is The Borough Baliff. Leaving here there is a few minutes walk across a cross roads and down a hill to The Marquis of Granby Inn.
After here cross the raod and make your way back up to the cross roads and cross to find The Board Inn. Keeping left the So!Barandeats takes in both sides of the next junction. Just down the second street, Silver St is Hart Sports Bar. Return to the High st (this could be via the Sports Bar's outside seating area) and continue down on the left. At the next street corner turn left and find The Groves.
Lerave The Groves and continue down hill to find Carriages. Turn left after Carriages and down the hill is the station or a return trip to The Mitre.

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Dower House Hotel is Best Wester Restuarant and Spa hotel. One of the few with an actual graden for sitting in.
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bitter :Pedigree
lager :Becks, Peroni
cider :Thatchers Guinness

The Borough Bailiff is a Sammuel Smith's pub. The lane has an entrance to a large public bar. (Car park and outside seating up the lane as well). The High St door has a corridor which has the lounge bar to the right; a sitting room to the left and a very large room full of sofas straight ahead.

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real ale : Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Bitter
Bitter : Soverign
lager :Taddy lager, Alpine, Original Organic
cider : Cheddar Valley Extra stout

The Crown Inn

Wetherspoon's pub with extensive outside seating to rear

Marquis of Granby Inn is a multi roomed pub. The corridor from the door gives a sitting area to the right; a bar to the left and a larger lounge straight on. The latter two having the same serving area. Lovely looking bar.

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real ale : Samuel Smiths Old Brewery Bitter
Bitter : Soverign
lager :Taddy lager, Alpine, Original organic
cider : Cheddar Valley Extra stout

The Board Inn has a small bar serving a tradition layout for an L shaped room, of seating around windows and walls with small round tables and stools. With floor tiled near bar and carpeted at seatss Has Sky and darts. Outside seating at back
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real ale :John Smith's cask
bitter :John Smiths; Worthington Cream Flow
lager :Carling, Fosters Stella, Coors
cider : Guinness

So! Bar and Eats is a stylish modern wine bar-diner popular with families during the day and at the weekend. It has a sofa area, dining tables are and some tall tables in middle of bar.
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real ale : Blond Witch (Moorhouse) Old Peculiar; Golden Pippen; Yankee (Roosters)
bitter :John Smiths
lager : Leffe; Peroni, Bud; Becks; Heineken; Stella; Stella 4
cider : Guinness

Hart Sports Bar is a large multi area pub. The largest area has a large TV and modern alcove seating with small table and stools. There is a pool table before the bar. At the L shaped bar there is a standing area on one side and a small tables on the other. Beyond the bar are two couched areas with the one closer to the window on the higher of the two levels. There is an outside area behind the bar
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real ale :Deuchers; Theakstons Best
bitter :John Smiths
lager :Fosters; Heineken; 1664
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Orange Grove ( was called The Groves) has a central bar with seating to each side and around the windows in front of the bar. Through from the left is an outside area
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real ale :Golden XPA (Caledonian); John Smiths
bitter :John Smiths +ice cold
lager :Fosters; 1664, Heineken
cider : Strongbow Guinness

Guinness was the first alcoholic drink advertised on British TV. It was the tenth advert on 22/9/1955 (Gibbs toothpaste was the first advert).

Carriages is a restuarnt wine bar with a pretty outside garden. The main door opens to a small dark room with wooden tables and candles. There are dining areas to either side of the bar and access to the garden, with some sheltered tables, straight though.
Have a half here

bitter :John Smiths
lager :Fosters, Heineken, Amstel; 1664, Bier Moretti
cider : Symmonds Guinness

Beer......making you see double and making you think you are single

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