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Castle Inn (formerly Castle vaults) is very much a local's pub. It makes good use of being on a Y junction creating nice spaces. Bar has lots of stools but awkward to pass by to get to the seating around to the right. this has a wooden floor and banquette seating with seven tables. There is also seating and tables in the carpeted area to the left of servery. Dogs welcomed.

Closed Monday; 4pm opening during week except market day which is Wedenesday(12am)

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real ale    : Blonde (Saltaire)

bitter         :John Smith

lager         : Fosters, Birra Moretta;  13 Hop house

cider         : Aspall                                          Guinness

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Beer......making you see double and making you think you are single

An ELEVEN pub journey.

Start at The Mitre right beside the railway station then walk up the hill on the other side of the tracks via a subway under the tracks beside the level crossing. At the top of this hill look right to visit Six Poor Folk and The Castle Inn, two very different hostelries side by side. Leave here and back-track, passing the road you came up, and continue along to turn right into the Market Square. The next six pubs are all close together.

On the right-hand side of the Square, just before the cross is Blind Jack's. After here move to the other side of the cross to find The Royal Oak opposite it. Leaving The Royal Oak turn left and as you leave the Square you have The Market Tavern on the corner. Further along this road (Castlegate) as it turns left into Castle Yard is The Cross Keys.

Out of The Cross Keys turn right and go along Cheapside until you reach a main road. Turn right down Gracious St and you should see The George & Dragon across the road. Further down hill, on the same side is The Wellington. Now cross over (no pavement) and go to the bottom of the hill, a slight walk, where a bridge will cross the River Nidd. Just before the bridge across the road is The Half Moon and on the other side of the bridge and across the road is Mother Shipton Inn (formerly The Dropping Well Inn).

It is now time to return to The Mitre either back up the hill and through the town or a pleasant walk along the river and under the railway viaduct. Walk along Waterside, opposite The Half Moon towards the Railway viaduct - it takes a few minutes to actually be a riverside walk. There are two flights of stairs that take you up to Knaresborough Castle and The Cross Keys/ Castle Vaults area or you can walk past the viaduct and find a sloping road coming from your right. Take this back up to The Mitre and the station.

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Mark Twain

Blind Jack's looks and feels old. It has two small rooms on the lower floor and room upstairs. Bar has been refloored which means you tower over staff and counter seems low. Bare walls and wooden floor and furniture. It is home to Knaresborough's own micro-brewery. It opens at 5pm midweek except Wednesday (market day) when it is midday.

Good Pub Guide 2013; Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) -  2019


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real ale     : Roosters IPA;  Charnwood Rainbow Fox;  Hot Fuzz (Wild Childe); Session mini IPA (Brass castle);  Perky Porter (Glutenus Minimus (York);  Mary Jane (Ilkley)

bitter         :Redwell IPA

lager         :Erdinger;  Flensburger; Left handed Gun;  Schodderhofer

cider        : Caplets Rd.

Market Tavern is an attractive one roomed pub stretching from tables at front to booths at side opposite bar to pool at back. It advertises casks ales and has three pumps, but did not have any because they went off and "we are a lager pub" then one appeared another day! Food. Music at weekends. B & B.

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real ale     :John Smith Cask

bitter         :John Smith

lager         : Fosters; Heineken; Carling

cider         : Strongbow                                                   Guinness

The Royal Oak has a lounge/dining room to the right and public bar with alcove to the left. Both are served from same bar. There is extensive outdoor seating around floor pots and summer house. Across car park is the hotels rooms and food.

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real ale      :Boltmaker (£3.90);  Landlord,

bitter         :John Smith

lager         :Fosters; 1664;  Coorscider         : Strongbow                                              Guinness

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Knaresborough is a small market down (pop.14,000) found by road and rail between Harrogate and York. The town is mainly situated above the banks of the River Nidd with steep roads, lanes and stairs leading down to the waterside where boats can be hired and many cafes visited. There is the remains of Knaresborough Castle overlooking the river and across to one of the oldest tourist attraction in Britain - Mother Shipton's Cave. Two road bridges cross the river and between them, also crossing the river, is a viaduct carrying the train service.

Old Mother Shipton is famous for her prophesises one of which says that when the top bridge falls down three times the world will end. It has fallen twice which is why the pub at the bridge is called The World's End

While wandering the streets in search of refreshment keep a look out for paintings in the trompe-l'oeil style which are painted on some bricked-up windows and alley walls (examples)



Most pubs in market place do food during the day. Less availability for evening meals


Opening times can vary.


The Cross Keys and Castle Inn do not open until 4pm midweek, while Blind Jack's does not open until 5pm. The exception is market day (Wednesday) when all 3 open at midday.


Half Moon opens at 5pm midweek, but 4pm on Friday.

The Mitre has a split level bar to the right  and a dining area to the left. There is outdoor seating opposite the station and a larger patio area around to the side. It is of the Market Tavern chain. There is a downstairs function room. Also offers accommodation  and good food.

Good Pub Guide 2013; Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) -  2019

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real ale      : Chop and Change (Vocation);  Christopher (Great Sneck);  Hawksheads Pale;  Expresso Martini;  Boltmaker;  Modern Way (Roosters)

IPA           :  Velocity (Saltaire);  

lager         :Veltins;  45 Degrees;  Amstel;  Leffe

cider         :Aspall                                                   Yorkshire Blackout

Drink and Music


Blackberry Smoke - Yesterday's Wine

Six Poor Folk is a modern cafe-bar-restaurant.The servery is on the far wall just inside the door. This has three stools but is not really a sitting at the bar place as passing by is awkward. Down to the right is the main sitting area with comfy seats in front of the fire. opposite this are three tables along banquette seating. There are also some tables along the side windows. To the left of the servery is stairs to more seating upstairs and there is a door to the outside seating area which is sheltered, heated and partially covered.

have a pint here

real ale     : Modern Way (£3.90, Roosters);  Weirrd (£4.40, Electric Bear); Boltmaker (£3.70);  Plum Porter (Harrogate)

IPA           : Life and Death (Vocation)

lager         : Weihenstephaner;  Veltins

cider          : Yorkshire Cider

Sherlock's favourite pubs for dogs

A very good town for dog friendliness - lots of pubs let me in.


The Worlds End (no apostrophe, yikes!), Mother Shipton Inn and The Mitre do not mind me at meals.


Treats are to be had at Six Poor Folk, Worlds End, Old Royal Oak and Mother Shipton while The Groves and The Cross Keys supplied water.


Best cuddles and ear rubs are in Ye Old Royal Oak.