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Keswick is a small market town of about 5,000 in the Lake district. It is the most popular destination for tourists in the North lakes and has many hotels, pubs, restaurants and shops. The shops are not just lake district equipment shops, although there are plenty of these. There are plenty of speciality shops, including a Harry Potter one, for browsing in. The particular lake associated is Derwentwater . There is also The Theatre by the Lake here with a resident company putting on 9-10 shows a year. The Pencil Museum is well worth a look, being more interesting than it sounds.

Pub info

All places offer food for most of the day and many let in dogs. Prices are reaching the £4 mark occasionally but can be as low as £3.40. There is a mixture of hotels, pubs and café/bar/bistro. Surprisingly the modern café/bars are not the dearest for beer although some have only one hand pump and this low turnover means quality is not always great. Obviously, the hotels offer accommodation but many of the smaller places also have rooms to rent.

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Drink and Music
Pee Wee Herman- Tequila

TThere are two trails (1) is the lower town (green icons) and the other (2) is higher (red icons) up. These are purely arbitrary designations for the purpose of the trails and not a local designationof areas.
You can come by bus or car and follow the signs to the town centre, a mere minute away from anywhere, and find your self in the pedestrianised area where a casual glance around will allow you to see a pub and allow you to orientate you to a trail.
Once in the pedestrianised area look up the street and see Moot Hall in the middle of it. Walk up past here to the left and discover The Royal Oak. Leaving The Royal Oak turn up left and walk up until near the lights there is The Lakes bar and bistro. Continue on across the lights to The Keswick Park Hotel.
Now return down the way you came only turning left at the corner where The George is. Up a little and across the street is The Square Orange.
Continue up the hill and turn right down Derwent St and turn right at the bottom, walking along to The Wainwright. Leaving here walk down the road opposite. First go to the Magnolia Belgium Beer Cafe on the left hand side then cross over and up a little is 26.
Leave 26 by the rear exit which takes you out to a car park which you can walk around to the right and find the rear entrance to 18/20 Cellar Bar. (Alternatively just walk back up the hill and turn left.) Once in here you leave by going up the stairs and turning left out of the front entrance. At the next corner there is Lake Road Inn to the left and up from it at the corner is Dog and Gun

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I love to sing and I love to drink scotch. Most people would rather hear me drink scotch.

George Burns

The Royal Oak
The centre entrance takes you down a tiled centre isle with the servery at the end of it. To the right and left of the isle there is a variety of dining style tables, large and small, and chairs around the windows and walls. There are fires on each side wall. There are some low tables with comfortable chairs and stools. The walls are cream with green lower wood. Partitioned off from the main seating area is the servery against the back wall. This has a shelve and stool area against the portioned wall. The servery is brown wood panelling and has lots of standing area in front of it.
There is a special pooch corner for dog of the month to win a free dinner; human food is also excellent.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: K4 new World IPA; Lunar Glow (Beer Studio) ; Wainwright Golden
Lager: Birra Moretti; estrella; Prevha
Cider: Rusted wheel; (Westons); Aspall; Mortimer’s Orchard Guinness

The Lakes Bar and Bistro seems more bistro than bar as most of the tables beyond the front area are set out for dining. A double shopfront window makes the room light and airy. The attractive servery is on the right hand wall with some stools. The front area has a couple of low tables and sofas. There is some tall seating beside a shelf area along the window side.
Have a half pint here.
Real ale: Hobgoblin; Marston’s EPA
Bitter: Shipyard;Watsteiner
Lager: Estrella; Fosters; Peroni
Cider: Kingston Press

The Keswick Park Hotel has a decent sized outside patio. The small bar can be accessed through the hotel or by a side door. The servery is on the back wall and the room has a sofa and low table with four tall chairs against a ledge along the window. Beyond the servery room is a room with lots of dining tables down the sides.
Have a half pint
Keswick park hotel
Real ale: La’al Yang (Keswick)
Bitter: Cameron’s steamer
Lager: Cruzcampo
Cider: Appleshed Guinness

The George Hotel
Once in the door there is seating to both sides. To the left there is more of a snug room feel to the space while to the right there are tables and chairs. The servery is to the rear right and up a step. The whole room has a low ceiling with beams and low lighting and dark wood. There is a large standing area in front of the servery. There is a large restaurant to the rear.
Have a pint here
Real ale: Wainwright Golden; SneckLifter; Jenning’s Bitter;
Cocker Hoop; Cumberland; Brakspear
Bitter: Shipyard; Cumberland cream
Lager: Fosters; Birra Moretti; Stella4

The Square Orange designed with the aim of being a continental offering. It serves food (pizzas and tapas) beer, coffee, cake and wines. The beers include real ale and continental lagers. Wednesdays are live music evenings. The small servery is on the centre of the left wall. The dark wooden servery looks old and has an attractive old gantry behind it. Eclectic mix of tables and chairs crushed together although not oppressively so, as it is quite a relaxing place. Though how old school desks at to the charm! There is bench seating outside of the shop window. Dogs are welcome. Loads of blackboards (school again) giving lots of information so be careful not to miss something.
Have a pint here.
Real ale: Rydal pale ale (Tirelessly); Nut Brown (Carlisle) £3.60
Lager: Leffe; Erdinger; San Miguel; Birra Moretti
Cider: Aspall



Sweet William

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