Map of places

Craig Stevenson & John Mackay

Craig Stevenson and John Mackay are two gentlemen from East Kilbride who have published books recording their journeys to pubs around Scotland. They travel mainly by bus travelling for free using their bus passes.


Their books are to be found in Waterstones on the 'Humour' shelves rather than the food and drinks shelves

The map below shows the places they have visited in their books.


The Cheap Way Round           circle with square icon

Still Goin'                                  tear drop icon

Goin' Roon The Edge              cocktail glass icon

The Auldest Boozers in Toon   circle with star icon

The Beer Hunters                     circle with half full pint glass    

Mud, Sweat and Beers              maroon circle with cross  

In Aff The Bar                            red circle with tick