Inverness 3. City centre crawl

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3. City Centre (12 pubs)

This crawl was to take in bars off of Academy St but starts and finshes with a bar at either end.
Come out of the railway station and cross the road, Academy St, at the lights to the left, then walk up to the next corner which has Bar One on it. Leaving Bar One go down the lane to the right (Baron Taylor's St) to The Eagle and then past two bookmakers to The Keg. Continue down this street crosing over Drummond St and at the end, where it meets Church St is Lauders.
Leaving Lauders turn right along Church St and turn right up Union St. On the left hand side there is MacCallums and then Gunsmiths. Retrace your steps back to Church St and continue along it. Finding The Auctioneers and then on the next corner The Room. Diaganally opposite this is Hootenanny. Then back on the right hand side ther is The King's Highway.
Go to the end of Church St and turn Right then right again to find yourself back on Academy St. On the right side is Blackfriars. You can now continue up Academy St to return to the railway station. However you will see The Exchange accross the road before you get to the station. There is also The Ash and The Filling Station just after the railway Station.

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Bar One is a cocktail-tapas-coffee bar where beer is not the priority. However, it is quite stylish and very comfortable. Room at front leading to searving area and more seating. Shame about wanting paid before pouring, withlarge head, drink! Previously called The Moray

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heavy : Bellhaven Best
lager : Carlsberg; Peroni
cider : Strongbow

The Eagle is a small bar with 5 booths at front and bar at back right with some stools. Usual wood dominated decor. Locals rather than tourists.
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Heavy :Bellhaven Best
lager :Tennent's; Carlsberg; Stella, carling
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The Keg is a one roomed bar with brick wall decor. Mixture of tables sizes. Busy with locals
Have a half here
heavy : Bellhaven Best, John Smith
lager : Tennent's; 1664; carlsberg
cider : Strongbow Guinness

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Lauders is bigger than it looks. It has a long thin bar area with a back room.

real ale : one pump - off
heavy : John Smiths
lager : Carling; Tennent's
cider : Strongbow

MacCallums is a dark one roomed bar with performance area at front and bar at back. Music at weekends. Advertises The Gelliens.
Friendly staff.
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heavy : John Smiths
lager :Stella , Tennent's, Fosters
cider : Strongbow

Gunsmiths is a Karaoke and music bar. Long and thin with a few steps leading down at the end and some steps leading up to seating and balcony area overlooking bar. Music memorabilia on walls. DJ area. Evening venue.

Have half here

heavy :?
lager : 1664; Tennent's; Fosters;
cider : Strongbow Guiness

The Auctioneers believes it offers something for everyone. It is large enough to try. The front area is for dining. Then move through to long bar and large area with tables and a performance/dancing area. Booths on far side each with on TV set. At back is a raised area up a few steps with more seating. Large TV. Friendly staff. Windows covered in oposters offering meal deals.
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heavy : Bellhaven Best;
lager : Peroni; Tennent's; Carling; Fosters; Stella
cider: :Strongbow Guinness

The Room is a large room part of which, opposite the bar, is raised a little. This is a food venue with music some evenings. Gents is covered in Rolling Stone magazine covers!
Have half here
Real ale : Lia fail.
heavy : John Smith; McEwan's Export
lager :St Mungos; Fosters; Tennent's; Stella;
cider : Strongbow

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Hootenany has three music rooms and two bars. In the main room the bar is in the right hand corner. Lots of seating and slightly raised area at windows. Friendly staff
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real ale : Black isle beers - Red Kite; Porter
and Heather Honey beer
heavy : McEwan's 80/-;
lager : Fosters; Black Isle Blonde
cider : Strongbow Guinness

The King's Highway is a large Wotherspoons. Basically one big room with pillars and a long bar. Part of an Hotel.
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013
Have one here
real ale : Abott; Highland PA (Cairngorm);
Sunseeker and Deuchers (both
Caledonian); Bob (Wickwar)
heavy : Bellhaven Best; John Smith
lager :Fosters; Tennent's; Carlsberg;
Heiniken; 1664; Amstel
cider : Thatchers Gold

Blackfriars is a large wooden floored pub. The left hand side is set out for permormers while the right hand side houses the bar serving area. Regular music nights. Also ceilidh and quizes.
Good Beer Guide (CAMRA) 2013
visited by The Auldest Boozers in Toon

Have one here
real ale :Caille Golden XPA; Ligght Ness; Sunseeker (Caledonian) Elixer (Everards)beers - Red Kite; Porter
heavy : Caledonian 80/-;
lager : Heiniken; Fosters; 1664
cider : Thistly Cider ; Strongbow Guinness

Other trails

1. Around the Castle (8 pubs)
This starts at the traffic bridge across the river and takes you along the river bank in front of the castle then around te Castle and back to the Bridge. This is the most attractive and relaxing of the trails.

2. Across the river (6 pubs)
Starting again at the bridge only on the opposite side it is the shortest and one with the widest quality of pubs

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