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Inverness      2. Across The River







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Inverness is a city of 58,000 people in the north of Scotland. It is found at the mouth of the river Ness and is where The Caledonian Canal, which connects the east and west coasts of Scotland starts. It is easily reached by road (A9 from the south) and rail. The city termed the Gateway to the Highlands as most tourists going to the Highlands pass through the city.

The city centre is quite compact with several areas pedestrian only and a large shopping centre. The city is dominated by Inverness castle which is used as a courthouse.

Places to visit include;  Culloden battlefield; Inverness Museum and Art Gallery; Loch Ness (monster);  the Caledonian Canal and visit the Titanic!

The city is easily accessed by train to the centre of the city.


2. Across the River (6 + 2pubs)

Cross the traffic bridge over the River Ness and stop at the Glenalbyn pub on the corner. Turn left and walk along the river side. This passes the restaurant/bar of the premier Inn called Thyme  (not visited) and keep walking passed a cpouple of footbridges to reach The Waterfront just before the flyover bridge. Retrace your steps and go up the Celt Street on the right to find The Thistle on the next corner. Come out of here and turn left at the corner and walk along King Street running parallel to the river. This takes you back to the road that came over the bridge. As you get to it you find Tarry Ile. Continuing up the main road away from the river you can find nellie dean's (not visited).

Going back towards the river cross over and follow the river bank up river. On the right, opposite the castle is The Columba Hotel and then this is followed by The Palace Hotel.


Other trails


1. Around the Castle (8 pubs)

This starts at the traffic bridge across the river and takes you along the river bank in front of the castle then around the Castle and back to the Bridge. This is the most attractive and relaxing of the trails.


3. City Centre (10 pubs)

These 10 pubs reflect what you would expect to find in a city centre with a mixture of music venues, one roomed pubs, cocktail bars and food places - some try to fit more than one description.

Glenalbyn is a two roomed bar. The 'Lounge' door leads to a tiled floor room with a pool table in it. The 'Bar' door leads to a carpeted lounge area with tiled floor closer to the small bar. One of the few where keg Heavy has three choices.


Have half here


Heavy       :Caledonian 80/-; John Smith; McEwan's Export

lager         :Amstel; Fosters; Heineken

cider         : Strongbow            


The Waterfront is an attractive dining bar far from the tourist area. Mainly dining tables although lots of bar stools suggest bar can be well used.


Have one here


real ale    : Highland Pale Ale (Cairngorm)

heavy        :  John Smith; McEwan's 80/-

lager         :  1664; Fosters; Amstel

cider         : Strongbow                                                                                                      


The Thistle has four hand pumps for decoration only. Lino floor - what happened to Inverness wood! Not open at lunchtime Mon-Fri. Well off tourist track. Obviously offended by no smoking law!


heavy        : Bellhaven Best; John Smith

lager         : Carling, Tennent's; Stella; Bud


Guinness; Bellhaven Black

Tarry Ile is a locals' bar. With five going to smoke at doorway there was a lot of smoke blown into pub. However, it does the job you expect.

Have a half pint


heavy        : John Smith

lager         : Tennent's; Stella; Amstel

cider         : Magners; Strongbow                                                  Guinness

Palace Hotel is a Best Western Hotel.  It has a square island bar. Comfy seats to front and dining/TV area to rear. Lounge space can be taken up by tourists awaiting their bus.


Have one here


real ale   : no pump clip - claimed to be Red Cullin


heavy        : John Smith

lager         :  Fosters;

cider          :Strongbow                                                  Guinness

Columba Hotel has a large lounge called McNabs. this is a large airy bistro with lots of space. Tables to right of bar an opposite bar geared for eating. Some relaxing armchairs to left of bar. Plenty of space outside looking across the river.


Have a half here



heavy        : Bass

lager         : Peroni; Hoegarden

cider         : Strongbow                                                  Guinness

Premier Inn with the integrated Thyme restuarant/bar appears between these pubs.

Nellie Deans given 6/10 and is top of the charts on for Inverness pubs




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Drink and Music


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