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The Royal Bar has booths either side of the door. The servery is on the middle of the right hand side curving round at the end nearest the door. There is tiled flooring from door up to end of the wooden counter. Beyond this is a lounge area with wooden flooring and several booths on each side of the room. Directly opposite the counter is a fire with seating  and small tables to either side of it. There is a nautical theme in the decoration.

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Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Fosters;   Tennent’s;   Red Stripe

Cider: Strongbow + dark Fruits Guinness

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Beer......making you see double and making you think you are single

Come out of the Helensburgh Central station and turn left walking along East Princess St turn right and down Maitland St then left at main road (East Clyde St) and walk on to next corner where there is The Argyll Bar. Leaving here walk back along the main road, cross two roads and see the river on the left. In this next block is The Royal Bar. Continue along and go up second on the left, James St to find The Logie Baird on the right. Return to main road and keep walking along to The Clyde Bar in the middle of the next block. Then further along four blocks is The Commodore.

Time to return to the town. Walk back along and turn up to the left (Glasgow St) to reach West Princess St and walk along through three crossroads to turn down James St at the next junction to The Henry Bell (opposite The Logie Baird). Then back up to West Princess St and across the road on the right is The Ashton. Now return to the station where opposite the entrance is The Station Bar




The Logie Baird is a large bar in a converted cinema and part of The Smith & Jones chain.  The door is in the centre of the building and has dining style tables on a carpeted floor either side of the door. This opens out into a large area with wooden floor and  a mixture of table sizes with considerable standing area near the bar. Low ceiling and low lighting.

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Heavy:          Bitter and Twisted;  Caledonia  Best

Lager:          Tennent’s;  Heverlee;  Schielhallion;  Menabrea

Cider:          Magners Guinness

The Commodore Inn is part of a Travelodge Hotel and as such has food and function driven trade but still manages to cater for the passing or staying drinker.  The entrance is back from the road and there is large beer garden, with views across the water, either side of the door. This can get busy on sunny days. Once inside the servery is in front of you and then curving round to the left.  There is plenty of room for standing around the servery.  The whole area is two  large open plan room, either side of the servery,  with imaginatively placed partitions giving the impression of more intimate smaller rooms. To the right of the servery are areas with small round tables chairs, some armchairs, for sitting and drinking although bar meals can be eaten here.

To the left of the servery is a more planned dining area with a variety of larger sized a tables and chairs. Beyond this is another dining area. There are some large tall tables dotted around the areas. The tables are spread out so that no groups are sitting close together.

The floor around the wooden servery is of stone while the areas either side are carpeted. The ceiling and parts of the decor have old worn wooden beams.

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Real ale:       Lia Fail;  Doombar;  Absoutely Finest Pale Ale (Madness);  Deuchars

Heavy:          Joker

Lager:           Estrella ;  Peroni;  Stella;  Tennent’s;  Carling

Cider:            Cornish Orchard;   Thatcher’s Gold Guinness

The Clyde Bar has the ouside wall painted as a  saltire. The front of the bar looks small but it is large inside. There is a front lounge/bar immediately inside the entrance with colourful banquette seating around both sides. The small servery is in front to the left of the front room. The seating area is narrower but deeper into the room on the right while to the left it is in front of the servery and runs down the along the windows. There are small round tables on either side of the room with the walls and ceiling decorate by newspapers instead of the usual wall paper. Then hung on top of this on the walls and ceiling are autographed pictures of music and film celebrities.

Beyond the front room is a second small servery with a couple of booths opposite it. Further into the pub is third area with the same colourful seating as the front room and also with newspapered walls. The pictures in this room are of Beano and Topper comic front pages. This then opens out into a large dark performance/dance, area with low ceiling, which also has two pool tables.

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Heavy:          Bellhaven best;  East Coast IPA

Lager:           Staroperaman  Stella;  Tennent’s;  Carling

Cider:            Strongbow

The Henry Bell is a large Wethersppoons with dark decor following a Rennie MacIntosh theme of squares and rectangles. There are three distinct areas – the front of the shop around the entrance with dining tables; then the servery along the left wall and a mixture of tall tables and dining sized tables. Beyond this is another large area with dining tables leading to an outside courtyard

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Real ale: Abbot;  Doombar;  RadgieGadgie;  Southern Summit;  Lancaster Black;   SOD

Heavy: John Smith

Lager: Coors;   Stella;   Carling; Tuberg;  San Miguel;  Heiniken;  

                 Tennent’s;   1664;  Innes & Gunn lager;    Devils Backbone

Cider:           Magners;  Thatchers;  Strongbow;Strongbow Dark fruits Guinness


What is the main ingredient of Cullen Skink?


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Helensburgh is a small town on the river Clyde with easy access from Glasgow by train (25 miles).

Helensburgh has gthree stations so access to Glasgow and the towns of the Highlands is easy. It is also the starting place of The John Muir Trail.

John Logie Baird the first man to transmit pictures on TV was born here. Hill House designed by Charles Rennie Macintosh is open to the public.




8 mostly, really nice pubs half of which sell real ale - Ashton, Argyle, Henry Bell and The Commodore.


Best outside seating is The Commodore and it is also the only one that can take advantage of the river views.


Conversation in pubs is often about pensions

The Argyll bar is a three roomed small but excellent bar.  The serving counter is on the left wall serving an area of floor and bar stools. Opposite this is a lounge area with banquette seating and rectangular tables with chairs. The decor is  plush shades of dark green on seating, walls and carpet. Through from the bar is a similarly decorated small room.

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Real ale:              Doombar;    Bowland Gold

Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Coors;   Stella;   Carling

Cider: Strongbow Guinness

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Blackberry Smoke - Yesterday's Wine

The Ashton is a small one roomed bar making use of space to have a small booth area up a few steps on the left hand side and a darts corridor at end of the room. The bar counter curves out of the middle of the right hand wall. This leaves some standing room and a tall table between the counter end and the window. Opposite the counter is some banquette seating and four small tables

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Real ale: Jarl (Fyne Ales);  Bellhaven IPA;  Bellhaven Grand Slam

Heavy: Bellhaven Best

Lager: Tennent’s;   Stella;   Carling

Cider: Thatcher’s;  Strongbow Guinness

The Station Bar is a traditional old bar which has been tastefully modernised but managing to keep a ‘bar’ feel to it. It has light brown banquette seating by the windows either side if the door. The seating continues up the right hand side while the servery starts half way up the left hand side. The old wooden servery is still there and the floor is all wood but the room is bright with light from the windows. There is plenty of standing room around the counter and a couple of stools. 5 TV screens dominate the walls. Through from this room is a small back room with a pool table.

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Heavy:          John Smith

Lager:           Fosters;  Amstel;  Tennent’s;  Red stripe

Cider:            Strongbow ; Strongbow Dark fruits Guinness