A small town on the River Clyde, Gourock was at one time a seaside resort but is now mainly residential. The large shops and shopping centres are in Greenock. However, Gourock has plenty of small specialist gift shops and cafes.
The pubs are all found on the main road running through Gourock

Travel down the M8 from Glasgow, eventually driving along side the south shore of the River Clyde to Inverclyde, which consists of old shipbuilding towns Port Glasgow and Greenock , and the smaller town Gourock.
Gourock is also at the end of a rail line from Glasgow which stops in the middle of the town at the pier. Ferries leave the pier for Dunoon(Dunoon trail) and Kilcreggan

Gourock is lager land - in fact you can have a different keg lager in each of the 11 pubs and still there would be one you have not tried. Most pubs have several lagers and only one heavy. Lots of bars have Tennents Lager and Tennents Lager Ice Cold. You can often find both Guiness and Bellhaven Best in the cold and ice cold versions as well. Why does it need to be even colder - not because of the sun!


Cardwell - Carling
Albert - Fosters
Wherry -Tennents
Montieths - Bud
Darroch - 1664
Victoria -Tennents Ice
Kempock - Carlsberg
Cleats - Stella
Cafe Cont -Weissbraau,
Spinnaker - Peroni
Firth - San Miguel

or try Becks in Cafe or Spinnaker

Travel by train to Gourock but get off at the stop before Gourock called Fort Matilda. Walk towards Gourock (keep river on right) and come to the Cardwell Inn at Cardwell Bay. When leaving, go out the back door of this pub (prettier route) and walk on into Gourock and cross the railway by the footbridge (try not to miss it) to find the Albert on the other side. You can then cross the road from the Albert and walk on to find The Wherry Inn, Monteith's, The Darroch and then The Victoria in reasonably quick succession.
Keep walking on the left pavement to The Kempock (ignore Cleats across the road - for a moment). It is then a longish stroll to The Spinnaker and the Firth, which are practically beside each other.
Now you can cross the road and return to central Gourock, with the Clyde on the left, visiting the Cafe Continental and then Cleats. Coming out of Cleats the station to Glasgow is just around the corner on the pier.

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The Cardwell Inn has a bar at the front with seating and dining areas beyond this. The pub serves food. The back door, through a dining area, takes you out to Cardwell Bay. Always a supply of daily papers.

heavy: John Smiths
lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold, Carling, Carlsberg, Stella
Cider: Strongbow Guinness and Guiness Ice Cold

Albert Hotel is a wood and chrome bar room which makes it a cold, stark place. Small bar area and large beer garden. Coffee machine to give it class

heavy: Tennents70/-
lager: Tennents, Fosters, Carling,
Cider: Strongbow Guinness


How many legal first moves are there in chess?


Old Wherry Tavern

Small, pleasant, one roomed pub below tenement, it has a happy host. Banquette seating and tables all around with tables and chairs, and with standing room in middle.
A pleasant palce for a drink.
As featured in the book "Still Goin' " by Stevenson & Mackay
Have one here
heavy: Tennents 70/-
lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold,
Cider: Strongbow Guinness

Lyon, France

Montieth's (Monty's) - at last a bar that uses an apostrophe!
Small, pleasant two roomed pub, below tenement, with friendly staff. Younger, noiser and busier crowd than Wherry.
One of Scotland's heitage pubs - CAMRA (although changed a little since the book was published)
a regionally important historic interior

heavy: Tennents Special, Bellhaven Best, Old Speckled Hen
lager: Tennents, Bud, Carlsberg, Stella
Cider: Strongbow Guinness and Guiness Ice Cold

I'm not so think and drunk you I am.
  John Squires.

The Darroch

Large bar against the left hand wall searving big standing area. Stools at the bar, with seating and tables around the side. Raised area at back with the comfy sofas. Lots of TVs. Garden for smoking.

heavy: John Smiths, Tartan Special
lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold, Kronenberg 1664, Fosters
Cider: Strongbow Guinness and Guiness Ice Cold

CLOSED Looking for someone to run it

Victoria Bar (the Vic) has an old oval shaped bar with centre gantry. The side door gives a choice of going to the right or left - which takes you to either side of a log thin oval bar. There is some seating at the wall to the right but the left is an all standing side. The front door takes you to the other end of the bar and there is seating to the left. There is another bar (not always open) beyond this seating. Can get very busy due to prices and measures being attractive. Not what it was when privately owned. Only place with light beer on keg!
The restuarnt above, called Fusion, is well worth a visit with excellent food and and a beer 'list' . Five bottled beers from Loch Fyne brewery. Why can the Vic not sell them as well?
One of Scotland's heitage pubs - CAMRA (although now owned by Bellhaven)
a regionally important historic interior
heavy: Bellhaven Best and Ice Cold, Tennents 70/-
light: Tennents 60/-
lager: Tennants and Tennents Ice Cold
Cider: Strongbow Guinness and Guiness Ice Cold

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