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Kempock Bar is another tiny tenament bar with friendly staff. The novelty here is that there is no Guiness. Banquette seating to left and tables in middle.A very friendly locals pub with some bottled beers. Not as large as it looks. Claims to have the best juke box in  the west of scotland

As featured in the book "Still Goin' " by Stevenson & Mackay

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heavy:    Bellhaven Best

lager:    Tennents ,  Carlsberg

Cider:    Strongbow                                  

Occasionally bottles of brown beer (although not all staff know this)

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Cleats Barroom has a large curved bar with raised seating area at each end. Lots of seating and space to stand. Picture window overlooks the river just at the pier.

Basement bar downstairs.

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heavy: Bellhaven Best; Tennents 70/-;  Joker

lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold,   Stella

Cider: Strongbow  , Magners                                Guinness

Cafe Continental is a brilliant bar diner with excellent food and a range of beers. Unfortunately no Real Ale (bottled Deuchars). Seating area at back has beautiful views across the river and of steamers coming into Gourock pier. Bar comfortable to sit at, although front area can feel chilly.  Quiz nights and live music. Prices make it like Glasgow.


heavy: Bellhaven Best    (bottled Deuchars & Bitter & Twisted)

lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold, Becks, Weissbraau, Stella,                            

            Original Bud and Budweisser, Estella, Peronni, West 4

                                Guinness and Guinness Ice Cold

The Spinnaker Hotel is the only place in town with Real Ale. The website suggested three are available, but only a poor Greene King was on. However, at a Christmas visit three ales were on. A really nice hotel with three seating rooms all overlooking the river. There is a small patio to front and side. Actual bar counter has a lovely feel to it, very pleasant to sit at and well stocked. Coffee machine and good pub grub.



Real ale: not stocking real ale anymore

Lager:     Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold, Peroni, Stella, Bud, Becks

Heavy:    Yardarm;  East coast pale ale;   Bellhaven Best and Bellhaven Best Ice Cold

Cider:      Blackthorn                                Guinness and Ice Cold

Buckley's Firth Hotel is real lager land even to the extent of the heavy pump being hard to see. Large patio with views across the Clyde.  Inside there is a lower area set out for meals during the day and with large windows looking across the river. Small stage like area for DJs and quiz-master. Up a few steps is a seating and a long bar.              


heavy: Tennents 70/-

lager: Tennents and Tennents Ice Cold, San Miguel, Carlsberg, Stella, Peroni

Cider: Magners, Gayners                          Guiness and Guiness Ice Cold


             LAGER CRAWL


Cardwell    - Carling


Wherry       -Tennents

Montieths   - Bud

Darroch     - 1664

Victoria       -Tennents Ice Cold      

Kempock    - Carlsberg

Cleats         - Stella

Cafe Cont   - Weissbraau or Becks

Spinnaker   - Peroni or Becks


Which expression comes from a stable owner who rented out horses and who obliged his customers to take the horse nearest the door?




The rest of the pubs in Gourock are past the station and along the main road, still keeping the river Clyde on your right. Most of these pubs are able to make use of the views across the river.



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Joe Nichols -

Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Of

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